Not giving up

I posted this in the Cedrika Provencher Group this evening….

It will be three weeks Cedrika is missing tomorrow.

I’ve been spending many late nights up looking on the net for clues. Lord knows what I can find, however, I surely do not want to give up.

The news is getting scarce, and I surely do not want people to forget, that somewhere out there there is an almost 10 year old girl (aug.29th is her birthday) afraid and alone.

I knew from the moment I started this group that we can, as a collective, find a way to find her.

Since I started Cedrika Provencher Group, a dozen or more groups have popped up on Facebook… Some with over 8,000, members.. However, if the members in these groups are not active… whats the point in joining.

I cannot e-mail everyone with updates anymore since we are over the 1000 limit.. so if you wish to have personal updates.. Please message me your e-mail address, and we can surely work together to keep things rolling.

I am definately not giving up.. and I am still lighting candles.

She’s alive, and we’ll find her..

Love and blessings


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