What is family really? Thus the question at dinner last night.

We started discussing the meaning of family, and why, at times we feel let down by those we spent most of our life with: bloodlines.

In today’s society, where mom’s and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles are far away… Who is our family really?

We concluded, that there are, in rare instances today.. families whom stay close and celebrate every single event. Grandparents live nearby, helping take care of the little ones, birthdays are always celebrated, and extended family is important!

On the other hand, the growing reality, in my opinion, is families are further and further apart, and friends become the “new families” of today.

For instance, my children consider my best friend their aunt, and she has always been there at every event, birthday and holiday. My brother and father, are not part of my children’s lives, and I had to come to the conclusion, despite my excpectations, that they never will.

So look around at your table this Thanksgiving, and be grateful for those sitting down with you… for those whom are there.. are.. in fact, family!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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