Lets try this again..

I’ve been wanting to keep a blog for a long time now.  As you can see, I started to write and stopped.  It’s as if my love for writing had stopped.. or is it the fact that I got caught up in the hoopla of 140 characters or less in the social media?

I would have to admit short and sweet was appealing for awhile, however, my fingers long for some actual debate with myself or others.  My opinions remain locked up inside myself, which in turn, creates a plethora of “stuff” desperately wanting to come out.

Yes, you heard me right in the last paragraph.. I said debate with myself.  I tend to do that often, decision making in my brain, pro’s and con’s bouncing in my mind like a game of ping pong.  I was born to write, as I have filled 25 years worth of diaries, which, I have stopped also.

So.. why here you ask?  Well without always rambling about my daily tasks, I thought I could start writing about things which interest me and also elaborate on my research on ADHD.  My son has ADHD and we are working on a year of non medication.  I have put him on OMEGA 3’s and so far so good.  Now I am not saying to take your child off medication, however, we have because the medications he had tried led to some fearful unwanted effects… AND  my mother instinct told me so!!

So.. I hope you come back to read about my musings and research.  I would love to share my findings with you… or if only to write to myself and debate here without having to keep it all in my head.

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