I’ve been raking my brain this past month since I’ve been on sick leave.  How do I take care of myself so I can be a better mom, gilfriend, friend, daughter.. etc..  I’ve been having trouble giving myself credit for the things I have accomplished, thus creating more anxiety inside myself.

To tell you the truth. I feel stuck.  I feel I’ve taken many steps backwards, like a truck backing up all I hear right now is beep beep beep. (watch out!)  As much as I put my gears in forward motion it doesn’t seem to work.    I’m focusing on the things I have not done instead of focusing on the things I’ve done to make things right for myself. 

I’ve set up goals, vision boards, dreams, and intents, yet I feel like my mind is blank and devoid of creativity.  I know what I have to do, and I’ve done it.. but it’s not enough.  Why am I here?  I ask myself in this present moment and time.  Spiritually I know there is a reason, and deep inside I know the answer, so why am I letting myself been run by a backwards motion.  Or.. the question is:  “Am I really going backwards?”

Maybe I’m perceiving it that way because of the lack I feel which I have not felt in years. 

As I watch the world go through the motions, I’m also going along with it.  As I watch the Olympians be the best they can be, I’m inspired to the point of feeling like I’ve failed.  I’ve failed myself.  I didn’t listen to the warning signs, nor the quest of my soul.  The urges and desires of my spirit, and I can only take it from here.  I can only allow myself to be inspired to get up, get dressed and be the best ME I can be!  Sounds cliché, I know.  Yet it’s the only venue I can give.

So as I approach this next day the Universe has given me.  I am reminded that only I can  make the best of things.. and Yes.. as the title of my URL explains:  The Best is Yet to come!! I know!



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