Friendship Matters

Last month I blogged about my son’s bullies and his attempt to “fit in”.  I don’t know if my prayers helped, or if he started using the tools I gave him, or maybe both, but there is definitely an improvement in his life.

A couple of weeks ago my son called and said: “Mom, can I stay at Vincent’s to do my homework?”  I said:  “Vincent, who is Vincent?”  He replies:  “He’s in my class.. Can I stay?”  I said sure.  I hung up a bit confused not knowing who this new friend was however, I decided to trust and see what happens.

The next week, my son leaves me a note:  “Gone to Tom’s I’ll be back for supper”.  “Tom’s?”  I said to my boyfriend, “wasn’t he the one William punched last year?”  again, I trusted the process.  As the days progressed, Tom and Vincent were over at my house a couple of times, playing video games or outside playing swords.  They were all heroes trying to save the world…. all boys a left behind for one reason or another and  found each other. 

With this process came independence.  He was taking off on his bike, leaving me notes like:  “Gone to the lake with my friends.. I’ll be safe.. don’t worry”  Don’t worry??? Now that my son has this new-found independence and is riding around town going by the water.. How does a mom not worry? So I gave him a new set of guidelines and again.. I trusted the process.  I mean.. My son was coming home happy!  He even said to me the other night before falling asleep:  “Mom, I got this feeling”  “What feeling?” I said, hoping it wasn’t another sad moment for him.  He replied with a huge smile:  “My heart feels big, I feel happy”.. I replied:  “You are feeling joy my son!! Great joy!”…

My best friend and I took my son to Dairy Queen because he did his weekly reading and we had a deal.  He asked if his friends could come.. I thought “how can I refuse?” So along came the friends… As I sat there watching my son interacting with them (all 4 of them) I sighed a sigh of relief and thought to myself:  “My son is sitting at the round table with his circle of friends”  🙂

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