Money Money Money

I really feel I am at a standstill sometimes.  I cannot seem to move forward fast enough.  I guess not fast enough for me.  The title of my blog, is, in fact, an admission of faith, a glimpse of hope, a message of truth. 

As I spiral through the events of my life (upwards I must admit) there are times when I feel I’m going downwards.  I constantly have to remind myself of the growth which has taken place in my life, and the hard work it took to get where I am.  However, right now, at this moment, I am at a financial standstill.  Healthwise I’m getting better.   As a parent of 2 children I always learning and know I am doing better than I did yesterday.  As a girlfriend and partner I know relationships take much work and I continue on the path of respectfulness and love.  As a daughter.. Well I keep in touch with my parents and let them know I am there and nurture the relationships I cherish.  As a friend.. I’m kind compassionate and caring… As a Teacher I am constantly creating bonds with my students and keep myself fresh and creative.  As a friend to myself, much work still needs to be done, and I truly think finances have something to do with it.

I have never been good at keeping a buget.  In my twenties, I ruined my credit and now at 44 years old, my name is dust.  I’ve worked hard at paying back my debt… but still to this day, I live paycheck to paycheck and I am getting frustrated.  I’ve read The Secret , trying to practice all the Laws of Manifestation and short of being temporarily out of cash, I’m broke!

The Secret tells you to chant every day: “I am so happy and grateful money comes to me in increasing quatities through multiple sources, on a continous basis. Amen”  It doesn’t mean you recite this and sit on your laurels and hope for money to come from the sky!! You work.. Which I do.  You move forward.. Which I do.  You remain grateful for what you have.  Which I do.  You help and love others. Which I do.  You love yourself.  Which I am constantly working on!! (lol) 

Why am I sharing this personal information with you?  Well I know I am not the only one desperately trying to keep up with payments, buy children clothes, afford the dentist (which is impossible here), buy glasses for your child, pay the mortgage, food, etc.. and I am sure, if we keep each other company.. things will get better.  Right?

Right!  I may whine sometimes, and its normal.  I really do try to remain positive and thankful for every single day I have here on this earth.  My spirit, altough a bit tattered right now, shines with knowing that the “Best Is Yet to Come” and maybe, just maybe, I’ve experienced the best without even knowing it.

As my spirit grows here on earth. I will remain the me God put me here to be… Money or not.  I am human, and in the end.  It really never mattered whether I have a designer home, all that matters as I do my best with what I have and go with it!

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