Define consistance…

I know I have not been consistent with my writing.  Speaking of consistance I’m a sucker for not being so…

Although things are better, much better than last year, I still have these waves of panic coming up every once and awhile.  For some reason, these waves keep me from being consistant in my day to day life, and like catch 22’s always work lack of consistance creates anxiety in me.

Admittedly so… I still need lots of work!  My lack of concentration affects me, and even as I write I am having trouble continuing my train of thought.  Yet I must continue because my love for writing diminishes my anxiety.  Did I ever tell you I kept a diary for 25 years then stopped completely?  I just don’t know why.  Maybe I was bored of writing the same darn things all the time, yet, writing helps me put things into perspective.

Last year, when my son was being continuously bullied, writing helped me help him through it.  Today, he has a handful of peers and is part of the group.  Bullying is NOT a problem for my son anymore.  I am so proud of him. He’s worked so hard. 

Now, I must work on me.  Really?  It has been too many years of neglect on my part.

ME!!! I am!

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