God analogy

My brilliant friend reminded me in her blog post today about our oneness with the Universe, and how we all fit together.  I made a comment on her blog about how I would explain God (the Universe, The Universal Conciousness whatever it may be you call it), to my children when they were teeny tiny little souls.  She deemed my idea BRILLIANT! So I wanted to share it here with you. 
When my children were little, they used to ask me “Mom what is God? (or the Universal Conciousness, or whatever you may call it.. my kids call it God)

“You see this oil I just poured in this cold pot of water. This is our souls, or pieces of God floating separately. When the water starts heating, our souls start blending together to create ONE. Sometimes one little tiny piece takes longer to connect than the others. This I my concept of the Universe”My kids loved this analogy and understood completely.


I really do feel connected.. whether with my family or virtual friends.  It amazes me how I ”feel” those not close to me as if they were there.. as if I knew them before …  No questions asked.. . I’m enjoying this brilliant experience!


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