Manifestation.. sometimes its just that easy!

I woke up this morning all groggy and whatnot.. I quickly reminded myself before falling asleep last night that I had to set my intention before getting up.. sooo…

I said: “Today I am going to have a great day with the “grade 5 class from hell” everyone is talking about!”

No no no.. that wont work… rewind and restart: “Today I am going to have a great day with the kids, they are calm, responsable and helpful children”

Thats it. I Got up .. got dressed… got my son up (almost .. he was still in bed when I left) and went to class. I met their teacher as she was picking up her pencil case to go to her meeting. She said: “Have a nice day.. but.. hmm… they are, or can be.. well.. kinda “bad”!

I quickly changed that sentence in my head and repeated the intention I made early in the morning before I left…

Well guess what?

I had an amazing morning with the kids. They worked so well they finished their work ahead of time.. so after recess I allowed them to play quiet games, read or draw. One student said to me: “I don’t know why.. but usually our class is bad with subs..” Then turning to her friend she says: “Don’t you agree she is the best sub we had all year?”

I smiled… and chuckled.. they didn’t even have a clue.


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