Walking down the mountain – I listen!

It has been weeks since I last wrote here. I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for however, I have so much I want to write about that my brain has been juggling too much that one thing couldn’t end up on paper (or on screen). I had two full weeks of solitude (well almost) since my son has been gone to camp… I could have written many posts… yet instead I have been observing, reviewing and decluttering my life. I’ve been also taking the time to let myself be inspired by great women and men writers and bloggers who take center stage and lead the life of their dreams by remaining true to their being.


I am an observer, which is how I learn. I watch, I listen, and I take it all in. Once the information I gather is integrated, I can continue on my journey as a blogger/writer. You see this blog has many subjects: gratitude, parenting, spirituality, self-help. When I check out my stats, many of you come here for parenting advice. That is why I am on a quest. A quest to narrow down my blog to one subject or two yet remain true to my being. I cannot see myself writing three different blogs, I want one and only one and I want to be consistent. I know I have a voice. I know it is in there somewhere waiting to listen to what you have to say.


See how I said that? My voice wants to listen to you… How does that make sense? I think I know what I’m talking about. Jennifer knows!


Writing on many subjects keeps me sane. I know I would get bored of writing only parenting posts, but I do not want to be too random either. I want balance. So please be patient with me as I discover my “blogger self”.


I enjoy writing very much. I enjoy sharing my stories; however, a very wise woman is telling me to listen to you and report back! So… here I go listening.. Listening.. Listening.. Getting ready to tell YOUR stories…



Kim the reporter… J


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