Zakaphorian Dreams – The Interpretation

There are times when in a dark place in life, one can manifest signs or people in waking dreams. For example, I was at a huge crossroads in my life. Just got fired from my job and was contemplating this ridiculous idea of going to University to get a Teaching degree. I was 25 at the time, and had no money. I couldn’t see how getting in University, after working 8 years in insurance, would be possible. All I had was a High School Diploma. Then one night, I was watching Late Night With David Letterman (on an American Channel/I live in Canada) and all of a sudden the screen went dark, and this add appeared: “Concordia University, Real Education for the Real World” the screen returned black and it was back to David!!! I was in SHOCK!! I had never experienced that sort of “sign” in my life. I took it quite seriously and 4 years later that I had my  Teaching Degree specializing Early Childhood education.

This is a good example of what is happening in this dream, however, it seems to take it quite further. I have never experienced this before (with a person on t.v. who is real). I did some research on Zak, but most importantly his tats. On his arm he has the celtic cross. See meaning here On his wrist he has a tattoo which he declines to talk about because it represents his “dark side” and he said something about Dracula.

The Tatoo on his back is of a gargoyle or winged demon. Those horns were really wingtips as you describe.

Before you started having dreams about “Zak” you mentioned asking God to take care of your Soul Mate. I am assuming this Soul Mate also has the list of characteristics you wrote in your journal about the man you want to attract? Am I correct? If so, “Zak” seems to be the representation of this guy.. , but most importantly, Zak is also the representation of all those qualities in YOU!! If you get what I mean. People in our dreams, like in real life, are also a mirror of ourselves.. You can create, in you, what is in Zak.. Whatever depression you were going through Zak was sent to help you through it. Meaning.. You can also count on yourself for comfort too!! Yet I also have a hunch it goes deeper than that… However, since I do not know you personally it makes this interpritation a bit more challenging.

Ok.. So.. The part where Zak manifests on tv excites me too. I get the shivers. Spirit can come to you in many ways: Radio, tv, songs, billboards, friends, poems.. Animals etc… When spirit or angels or God wants to tell you something and one is very tired (depression) he goes at it with a bang. (I’m speaking from my intuition here). Maybe Zak is a Soul Mate in a past life, I guess Jennifer can touch on that subject more deeply. However, what I know for sure, that if you look at the dreams, and the tat meanings all relate to a spiritual path with God. He’s the rock and the support you need in this life: Your faith in God! Zak is the manifestation of all the support, strength, and love you need.. Zak also has a dark side, which, does not come through in your dreams except for the “term” intimidating. Maybe, you know, with Zak around, nothing can hurt you! Do you see that?

Here is Jennifer Shelton’s Astral Chart Intepretation:

The only strong past life connection that I see is his Saturn to your sun. You’ve been obsessed with him before, also, from afar. I sense that maybe he was a leader in your community or tribe or clan; perhaps you tried to do something to win his approval, to get him to notice you. (And, you may have been a male in that incarnation.)

Something about what he does and who he is – you want to be. He’s your golden shadow. And, with that Saturn being conjunct your present North Node, figuring out how to bring out that Shadow in  yourself will help you to evolve and fulfill this life’s purpose.  See what you like about him – and work to cultivate that in yourself.

I see the Saturn sun opposition (strong) and a more minor aspect between his Jupiter and your Mercury, which reinforces that interpretation I had about Saturn, as does the more minor aspect between your sun and his Pluto. To be a karmic connection, it needs to be an outer planet aspecting a personal planet.


6 thoughts on “Zakaphorian Dreams – The Interpretation

  1. Thank you so very much Kim, and I understand what you are saying. Thank you also for not minimizing this experience as a “crush” or “silly”. I appreciate your time and the way you respected this, because to me this dream manifesting itself on t.v. was life changing. It feels symbolic just like you stated above (refering to the Celtic Cross).
    I do have dreams with “Zak” in them still, maybe once I find or become secure within myself “Zak” will disappear from my dreams.
    I’ve been researching this on an astrological level too. I’ll keep you posted on the finding Jennifer and I come up with.
    Seriously thank you from the bottom of my newly opened heart and soul!! (big hugs of graditude to you Kim!!)


  2. Hi Kim, I did some digging to find out the meaning behind Zak’s wrist tattoo related to Dracula…or Count Vlad [the Impaler]. Here is the blurb:
    “Dracula was a member of The Order of the Dragon, a group of Slavic rulers and warlords who were sworn to uphold the Christian faith by fighting off the advancing Turks of the Muslim Ottoman Empire. …The Order’s emblem was a Dragon, wings extended, hanging on a cross. From 1453 onward, Count Vlad II wore the emblem of the order and his coinage bore the dragon symbol. …The Cross design shows two dragons guarding each others back while forming the symbol of the Cross. A stance designed to be Protective and Guarding of one’s back. Wear this unusual pendant to enhance Protective guidance in one’s this website that pretty much sums up the meaning.”

    This seems to tie into to the theme of protector, religious/spiritual quest theme happening in the dream and tattoo meaning. Maybe this will help re-enforce your interpertation.


  3. Thanks Kelly!

    I really do think ‘protection, faith and self-love’ are the themes of these dreams.

    The links all tie together, and the manifestation of “Zak” reinforces this. “Zak”, in real life, may and I say MAY be totally different from who he portrays on television (even though its reality based tv, its still tv), Although he’s not playing a part, he must portray himself in his best light (or darkness).

    So, thanks for this, your research reinforces the interp beautifully.



  4. Hey Kim and all her readers: I’m going to talk about my ScareFest exprience meeting Zak:
    I did have fun, it was emotionally similar to preparing for , doing , and completing a half marathon. I sent my intention to just be present, listen to my inner guide, and not let my ego to take over. Here it goes: I saw Zak twice, made eye contact once. The first time I was in line with Erica. The line was short, people ahead of me were droping out of line. I think I waited less than 5 minutes to see him. I asked him to sign my book. He asked who he should make it out to (something like that) I ‘m Kelly with a “y”. he signed it, left it on the table for me to pick up. I asked for a photo with him, he did it. What I remember the most was his energy…he was tired, drained, and done being there. He didn’t seem interested at all (which was a let down). I understand, it was the last day and it was lunch time. I just saw how robotic he was, he wanted a break BAD!! The girl behind me was trying so hard to get his attention, gave him her card, asked if he knew someone she knows. He told her he knows a lot of people , while he was putting on his back pack to leave. I suggested I take their picture together. He was cool with it…so I did. I honestly felt empathy for this total stranger in line behind me…it was like “I’ve been there felt that.”
    The first encounter was a let down for me…even though I could read him like a well read book. My inner guide wasn’t satisfied with this encounter.
    I had the thought to fill him up with Reiki…as I walked away. I sent it his higher self (his soul, higher being..what ever you wanna call it) some Reiki. Let me back track a quick second this is important to note especially since I am sensitive to energy thanks to being a Reiki practioner. When we got our picture taken we got in close obviously. My heart started to pounded and my face started to twitch involuntary. It was like a spasm. Once the picture was over and he moved away the pounding stopped along with the face twitching.
    2nd encounter happened after I took a several minutes to sit down outside the convention area to think and listen. I felt like something wasn’t right. I didn’t want to go home feeling disappointed or like I had unfinished business. After a good reality check talk with my friend Erica I decided to go back to see how long his line was or if he was even back from his break. The line was 10 times longer and I just thought that i wasn’t going to stand in that long line if he wasn’t there. I walked around to make sure he was there…He was. He looked better. I was just standing there staring at him and Erica said I was probly going to creep him out and that I needed to figure out if I wanted to go back in line or not. I knew Erica wanted to leave and I didn’t think he would remember what I wanted to tell him if I verbalized it. I was stuck again…Erica suggested I write him a note. So I did…we found a garbage can in front of him on the other side of him line. I grabed his book took out paper and asked my self what the hell should I write. I just started with the date….it flowed from there. My hand writting looked nothing like it usually does especially towards the end. i was in this meditative zone even though I was surrounded by a lot of people. I Thanked him for following his unique path in life and being true to himself. I told him how he just appeared in my life at the darkest point and helped me by encouraging me to live out my destiny in the same way. I told him that I know my path has something to do with Reiki, astrology, and helping others. I signed it Love and Light Kelly with a “y”. I put in one of my Reiki Cards with my contact information on it. Folded it up, shot it some Reiki, and stood there thinking about how to get this to him. I asked the security guard if he could hand it to Zak for me because I had to leave ( I was thinking about Erica’s needs…not mine- I regret that somewhat). The security guard said sure, got Zak’s attention. He said this is from her and pointed to me. Zak and I made eye contact…he said thanks. I told him I wanted to share that with him earlier, but i knew he just wanted a break. That short amount of time our eyes connected for 2 sentences was awesome. His eyes seemed to be intensely blue…just intense. My heart was pounding just like it did when we were getting out picture taken earlier. I felt like I had just completed my mission…I told Erica ” I’m done now, we can go home.”
    On the walk back to the car I was smiling and crying just like I do after completing a half marathon…I even asked Erica “so where is my medal?” She understood exactly what I ment (we have done races in the past and plan on doing more in the future). I’m a big metaphor person, it helps me understand emotions. If I can relate logically a feeling I have to an event in my life where I felt similar or exactly the same I can process my emotions much easier. Erica said my medal would be an email response back from Zak, because what I wrote would spark anyones curosity.
    Thank you for letting me share this with you. With lots of Love & Light,
    Kelly…(with a “y”) Beversdorf


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