6 thoughts on “In between past and future

  1. Hmmmm well I got the feeling that you are not sure of where you are going and you are worried that you might be just swapping one set of less-green grass for another, if that makes sense? and you are looking towards others to help you in making up your mind about things one way or the other? Have no idea why but this is what struck me the most about this. :-S


  2. I noticed the “tourist” aspect, which IS your North Node. You are to see things like a “travel journalist.” Also, the phrase, “a stranger in a strange land” came to mind (same theme) i definitely agree with “I know this has to to with my fear of what lies ahead. Where I am going to go, how will I do financially, and becoming a single parent again.” But, the clue is to think of it like a new “adventure” and go into it without preconceptions. imho


  3. You guys!! So much good info you both gave me. There is truth in both your insights. The “tourist” I totally forgot Jen! Thanks for reminding me. Its funny, because I always tell the kids this is our new adventure, but I guess somehow I don’t believe it yet. Going to to that now! 🙂


  4. My friend on twitter left me the following interp. Really good one too:

    @Kimishly It’s exactly what you said. The past was stormy since this part of your life is over and the events from the past are forcing you to make a decision for your future which is why it was all ragey storm like. The island itself is your fear of moving forward. the feelings you experienced (no warmth, tight closed off) are your emotions of moving forward, the fear of having to start your life all over again and the resistance you have towards it. However meeting up with your friend shows you that it’s not going to be too difficult since you have people who love you and are willing to help out emotionally,


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