Tequila, the ring, and a chair by a pond – Part III Megan’s Response

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Megan was kind enough to send me an email giving me detailed feedback of my interpretation.  She also blogged about how the interp cleared up some things which you can find here.   You can find the dream posted here and my interpretation poste here.

Megan’s Response

“In the beginning of the dream you resist going to Paris, making up excuses not to go with this group… Paris to you is a cold, touristy place, and a place like anywhere else, so going there in your dream was not important to YOU yet important to others! Right? So I am wondering here, what is it in your life right now, that you are saying NO to because you are standing up for yourself?

Right now I am saying no to getting a real job. I am acting as though everyone around me is secretly thinking – her car just got repossessed and she said she couldn’t do anything about it and yet she refuses to go out and get a job. I am at a huge conflict with this internally right now. Because my Inner Compass is telling me to keep doing what I’m doing so strongly – I refuse to go out and merge with the rest of the herd. It is very scary trusting that voice sometimes.

“… as you leave this group with the dude…you leave your only way of communicating with those you left behind. Leaving you vulnerable and scared.. Out of the loop.. Not knowing.. Disconnected.. Paranoid, like something really bad is going to happen: I feel deep rooted fear in your life right now.”

I feel as though by making this choice to listen to that voice, others might disapprove and abandon me. Others who I felt truly backed me up. My husband in particular. At which point, I can’t help but ask myself, what am I sacrificing to pursue this dream and is it worth it? My answer is still, yes.

“Also, I see in this dream that you are carrying BAGGAGE, lots of it, enough that is takes you long to gather it up and continue on your path every time. So, my question to you is: What baggage are you carrying in this life? That is slowing you down? What still needs to be let go? …”

I think the baggage I am carrying is this mentality. Walking on eggshells for others, afraid I’m wrong or that I’ll disappoint. Or that all of this magic I believe is a hoax and I’ll be laughed at and discredited for believing so strongly.

I see there are two things here you let go willingly!! YES! .. Your dream helped you with this.

1. You let go of Tequila.. I think Tequila represents regret, and self-sabotage! Have you made intentions of letting this go lately? Or maybe you are doing this unconsciously. If not.. Its time to let go of any regret, fears which will lead to self sabotage. Also, the fights with B.. What are the issues about? What are you NOT saying to B in real life that you cannot say without the Tequila? I think letting go of the Tequila in your dream will help with communication with him from now on!

Self-sabotage definitely stands out for me here. Yes. I have. Specifically in my money conversations and relationships. The Mister and I recently ‘fought’ about money. Where for one moment he doubted what it is that I am doing in the world and literally in a matter of seconds came back to reality. It was the strangest thing. It was as if someone else was speaking through him. Shook me up a little bit and kind of created all this worry about whether what I am doing is what I am suppose to be doing or now.

2. The ring: Rings usually mean commitment and loyalty. Do you feel that you need to let go of some of the commitments that you made? Would letting them go make you feel “unloyal”? Because if so, give yourself permission to do so if its not calling you anymore. The fact that you let these go after you went down a narrow steep path leads me to believe that the journey of letting go is scary, and may be mixed with some narrow mindedness (resistance)… (which we all have).. Maybe open up to the idea of letting something go that no longer serves you.. The fact that you went down to do this leads me to believe this is deep rooted!

Commitment and loyalty make me think that I really was concerned that The Mister had lost his loyalty to our lifestyle. And also, if I were to change the way I live and the things I do, I would consider myself disloyal to The Universe that I have so strongly believed in before. Scary. Yes. This is all very accurate.

“The good news is both the pond and the chair mean: That you need some quiet time to yourself.. .a time to reflect on this situation going on in your life, to contemplate to relax. I think whatever is is that is tormenting you, scaring you right NOW, can be resolved with some good old fashioned reflection and meditation.”

>deep sigh< That feels good. The Mister is out of town until tomorrow. So I think I will take today to go within and listen. Heal. Let go.

FATHER (parental figure) is angry because you unleashed a secret. Warning ! Warning ! You get scared of this part of you.. You are hiding from this part of you that holds a secret of some sort. Does everyone in your real family know exactly what you do for a living? Do you hide your real talents from them? Do you feel like if everyone or some knew the Real MEGAN MONIQUE LEWIS HARNER.. They would judge you? I will ask this question but don’t feel insulted.. Is Brian supportive of all that you do? Or does he think (or someone in your life think) You should go out and get a “real job” ???

Not really, no. I know most everyone has seen my website. But no one in my family is Woo Woo like me – so I don’t think they get it in it’s entirety. My Dad has asked me about it several times and I always explain it fully, but I think it scares him more than he wants to understand it. I know that he would love for me to get a real job. But he doesn’t ever pressure me about it. B. is supportive with the exception of the brief moment I mentioned earlier.

“Because you feel hurried, misplaced, unwanted, disliked, scared, threatened etc.. Seems to me someone is your real life or YOU are putting pressure on yourself..and judging yourself.. STOP THAT!!! Because in the end you are singing happily in your choir.. But again.. You meet dissaproval…”

I think that I am the one putting all the pressure and disapproval on myself through the eyes of others without them actually saying anything about it. Kind of silly, huh?

“North Node (except from northnodeastology.com)

Your Aries North Node Soul wants to find its courage. It wants to be excited, to explore, and even to be stressed out– if that’s what it will take to bring forth the independent and courageous side of you! Courage is the high road for Aries, and it’s what we do each time we step up the plate and “show up” whether we feel like it or not. Courage is what we need to have to survive and to be a pioneer. You are the natural survivor, pioneer, entrepreneur and sacred warrior of the zodiac.”

Courage, I really like that. It calls to me.

Thank you for pointing this out and for the entire interpretation! I am so grateful. This has definitely cleared somethings up for me.


To know more about Megan Monique you can visit her website.   You can also follow her on Twitter @meganmonique and Facebook If I Were A Rainbow   Stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!! I know she will love it! Her birthday is on Sunday the 18th of September!

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