Face In – Workin’ On It

How do the geese know when to fly to the sun? Who tells them the seasons? How do we, humans, know when it is time to move on? As with the migrant birds, so surely with us, there is a voice within, if only we would listen to it, that tells us so certainly when to go forth into the unknown.–Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

I introduced you to Mel here on Wednesday.  After “Facing Off” with herself in yesterday’s dream post here, Mel goes deep inside to discover what still needs to be cleared to continue on this amazing self-exploratory journey she is on.  As you will see, she is experiencing a “shift” in consciousness.. and things are about to get a lot better! 

The Dream

Last night I dreamed that we bought a house (this is what we are gearing towards in our life living in Italy has been a way for us to save all our spare money so we will have a deposit so to buy a house in the UK.) and as I went into it for the first time I went to go upstairs but I noticed the first part of the staircase going up was really narrow. I remember thinking that I hadn’t noticed this when we bought it. I managed to get upstairs to the first level and I realised the upstairs was bigger than I remembered and the old occupants had left a lot of their stuff. Some of this stuff would be useful but I also felt resentful that they had left their junk that we would have to spend time clearing it out. I then went through a door and there was a shop there! It was a builder’s merchants full of men and the smell of sweat and sawdust and oil and brick. I remembered that we had bought this too and they were our tenants. They didn’t really want me there so I just carried on.

I noticed they were going outside in my garden to smoke cigarettes.  I made a note in my head to look up in the contract to see if I could stop them. Then went up another level to even more rooms, and our bedrooms and realised there was even more stuff to clear out. I noticed the lady had left clothes in the wardrobe and I liked some of it and I noticed she had loads of projects like hand-made bags etc that she had made a lot of but never sold that I felt I could do something with. I met my partner upstairs, clearing things out and I mentioned that we would need to hire a skip to get rid of everything so we could start afresh and he said we couldn’t afford that as we’d sunk all of our money into the house so we might want to keep all the old furniture for a while before we stripped out the house and then found we couldn’t furnish it. I remember feeling frustrated at this for the reason that even when we get a new start there are still things we have to put up with.

The Interpretation

Remember the other day when you cried after de-cluttering your room? This is the part where you are de-cluttering your soul.  I love this dream. So representative of the process you are going through. It still amazes me how dreams work!!

New House: This house represents the new you, your essence, the “new phase” you are shifting to. The upper part of the house is usually where your thoughts lie. The narrow staircase reminds me “narrow minded” or the parts of all of us that is like so. So that you hadn’t noticed the “narrow staircase” makes me think of “today” in life, you are “opening up” to new things. Being surprised of how big it is up there, is also you realizing that things are bigger than they seem.. The old occupants stuff represent all the past hurts and regrets you may experience (resentment). In the dream you are angry about “the stuff” you didn’t notice before, you are opening up, and you understand you must spend time clearing out the clutter in your mind which still resides there. Also, you notice the hand-made bags, those you see as useful, and I presume these represent the “tools” you can go to today to continue on your journey.

You enter another part of your mind you open that door and see: They are building something! Hard work, sweat.. *you are building something* Smoking cigarettes we know is bad,.. So what is it that you are doing that you know is bad for you? You really want to take charge of this now.. Smoking in the garden could represent something bad in a good place. Here I feel the procrastination part of you. Or it could be someone or something hurting your “sacred space”. You want to “look that up” before you stop them, instead of saying; “Hey guys, put those smokes out, this is my garden and you are not allowed to smoke here” Get it?

Rising up into your house, you dig deeper and see you still have stuff to clear out.. All the different memories are stored in those bedrooms… different things to look at and clear out. Oh and you discover stuff that you like (like you are doing now) you know what you and what you don’t want at this time in your life.. You are sifting through piece by piece.. Take what you like (like good memories ) and leave the rest.

The end of the dream is so CLEAR! The money you sunk in to your house , to me, represents the energy you put into YOU!!  If you have to take a break once and awhile until you “bank” more energy is quite alright!  Yes, there is still work to be done, it’s a process, you are frustrated with this.. Yet all this work is SO worth it.. So in the meantime keep your old furniture, choose to be happy, work with it until another new phase comes along and you can furnish it with all the love and kindness you wish.. J

Mel’s Response

Spot on I would say! Love the bit about the procrastination. This is the thing that I know is bad for me and yet it’s still here with me. I even need to go and check (read about it) how to get rid of that!

Your Turn

As I was reviewing this dream, I noticed I may have missed a few things in the interpretation.  So, my question to you is, what do you think I missed? Test out your intuition today and leave Mel and I a comment with your interpretation.

Stay tuned Monday for dream #3 while Mel is stuck at the cash in a grocery store anticipating her next move! 

Have a good weekend, and Happy Fall Equinox 2011!!

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