Mind doodles

All day I have had this urge to write…but I have not a clue about. 

As I look at this blank page.. I feel my fingers type, backspace, type… backspace again.

Almost like a few steps forward then a few steps back.

What is this urge I have?  Creativity is on my mind.

I want to make stuff.

I want to say stuff.

I want to write something so amazing it blows my mind.

I want to connect.

I want to creep up on all the divine possibilities that are in front of me..

I want to grab them and make them mine!

I want to talk, write, dance and sing.

I want more friends whom I can play with.. dance with.. talk with… hang out with… create with..

I want to play…. Play would be fun wouldn’t it?  Its been so long since I’ve been to a movie, concert or bowling alley!

I want to breathe in deep and long.

I want to sing out loud an amazing song!

These words I write are coming straight from my spirit to my fingers. I am not even censoring them as I type (now that I’ve stopped backspacing..)

Will I post this, oh YES!  Just because there is a tingling in my stomach that is telling me to do so.

So post I will.. I hope you don’t mind…




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