Introspection with Kelly

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
Lao Tzu

Yesterday I posted a dream submitted to me by Kelly Beavesdorf (@kellybeav) on Twitter.  You can see her bio and dream plus the interpretation here.

Once I have interpreted a dream, my clients usually send me an email or message so we can discuss whether the meaning resonates with them, or if we still have some work to do.  If a client experiences an “AHA” moment, this means there is truth to the interpretation.  However, there are times when I am off, due to lack of background or just I wasn’t in the zone that day.  Which means I am dedicated to work with the client to get to the bottom of the dream.

The following is Kelly’s email to me after she received my interpretation:

The leachy plants representing me opening a can of worm, exposing my dreams and deep honest soul desires to others is a dead on yes! I have a hard time explaining Reiki to people not because I don’t know what it is or how it works…its because I’m nervous about how much information to give to people before they get turned off. I’ve noticed that I rarely tell people what I’m pursuing in my life ( like going to massage therapy school in the fall is a current example). I “forget” or “minimize” my goals or current projects in my mind telling myself what I’m doing isn’t as important as what other people are doing. I’m not sure how or who or where I picked up this thought pattern….BUT I have noticed it’s existence lately. As a matter of fact I didn’t go to a holistic convention last weekend because my new nephew was born & I decided to help my sister-in-law out instead of going to the convention. I thought to myself “Alice (a Facebook/twitter friend) won’t even notice I’m not there… I was totally wrong and pleasantly surprised. I was shocked that she wrote that she missed me…”Really someone I’ve never met in person missed me and on top of that looked forward to meeting me…HOLY CRAP I’m loved!” Another signal that I got came from my two long time friends telling me how proud they are of me, they admire how brave & ambitious I am for pursuing my dreams & flowing my heart. They even tell/brag about me to other people they know. I don’t think I”ve ever heard that before…it feels like the first time to me. Maybe I’m becoming more open to receiving these messages now?!

These are 5 of the big major things that help me get through each and every single day:

  1. I am truly happy and in bliss when I’m talking to my friend about astrology, Reiki, and other holistic topics.
  2. I love reading/talking about what it’s like on the “other side” and I love meditating about it too. Communicating with the spirit world in general is the biggest high for me.
  3. I love practicing Reiki and learning new energy healing techniques.
  4. I love driving (fast…on the open road) listening to music loudly, and singing at the top of my lungs.
  5. I love traveling, even if it’s through daydreaming or meditation. I wonder what is would be like or if I’ve ever experienced Astral Travel…its a goal!

I will admit that I wholeheartedly daydream about my life with a husband/boyfriend and send him lots of love. My inner nay-sayer mocks me for telling anyone that, but ignoring the nay-saying is a big part of healing…right?! YUP!

The identity is true especially physically. I lost a lot of weight this year. I honestly didn’t change my eating habits or excercise more…I  should be eating more (not skipping meals) and have a balanced diet. I need to excercise because I feel weak…not much strength. The doctor told me I’m healthy, people say I look great…I don’t feel great on the inside. My body looks different and feels different now, I don’t have to wear clothes that hide my stomach!!!

Thank you for your interpretation! I know moving out will help me move forward in my life towards my goals…yes it is pretty scary to think about. The money part scares me the most…as it does most people. Once I get some more research done and planning ironed out things will be a lot clearer I bet! Thank you so much for reminding me to be gentle & loving to myself during this process. You are a big blessing in my life Kim 🙂




2 thoughts on “Introspection with Kelly

  1. ignore the naysayers! I love ‘hearing’ the strength behind Kelly’s words, as well as the joyous surprise at how other’s see her work. Brava, to Kelly and you Kim. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you, because when you are brave enough to do what you love, the rest of us see that and take strength in it, and bolster ourselves to do the same.


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