Tornadoes, Elevators and Daniel Craig? Go!

Introducing Julie Seibert, the owner of Reawaken Your Brilliance    a Web TV Radio/Talk show available online.  You must check her out.  She came to me with a dream last month really thinking she was crazy! However, most dreams do not make sense until we really look at them. I invite you to take a look.

The Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was in Miami (never have been, knew that was where I was). Was with a younger man. Liked him, but I was much older, We were at his condo. We are walking down and there is an area where you can eat that is glass right against the ocean. I see the waves are starting to look menacing. We go up towards the elevator. My intutiion says dont go. I can see a twister forming in the ocean. We punch #s and go up and up and all the way to the top which isn’t where he lives and then suddenly start going down and stopping. I think I am going to die, get stuck (I have a fear of enclosed places. When I am very stressed I don;t like being trapped in elevators, etc.). We go down very fast and I see water leaking in the elevator. I think we are being swallowed by ocean.

We get out of the elevator and the waves are coming after us. My friend is worried about me–he thinks I’m going to die, but for some strange reason I know even though I am about to get pummeled I am going to be okay. So, get gulped up by the water and am okay. Then I see that twister again. And the guy is like what is a twister and I am like that thing and point to it….It then starts to come towards us, so we run by the elevator and hide from it. It is like a person–looking for us and does a little dance until it finds me and starts to come after me and then I wake up.

Now, what is interesting is that the night before I had this dream and I am with Daniel Craig. We are in a room and I say hold my hand I’m scared. He does and is very gentle with me. He is filming an independent movie and we have become close. Some movie stuff and then we are hiding from others. Then the next thing we remember we are rock climbing and I get stuck on this area. The only way I can see is up and I am afraid. And stuck. But then all of sudden he shows me how to get around. I can climb down towards him and get around the tall rock.

Yesterday, I went to the bank about refi as I need to. The guy had coloring like Daniel, so I thought that was help from my guardian angel., But, in the dream I really thought Daniel represented my soulmate. And it was a message, he is coming and he will help you–just feel very alone now, wanting someone.

What I thought was interesting was this feeling of hope the night before and then last night, this dream. I should also add I have been depressed for about two weeks–but it is like a fog that desended upon me and is starting to lift./ Have been depressed in the past, but for the most part have worked through that, so this was very surprising.

The Interpretation

I believe, as does Carl Jung, dreams are a mirror of our subconscious  mind thus, mirror what we go through no matter how crazy the dreams seem.  The symbols in the dream are usually what they mean to you. I rarely go to a book, but will on occasion research for reference.  Also, there are also “roles” in your dreams.  The Id, The Ego and The Superego.  Those 3 roles often represent a part of you.

The id:  The child – wishes, desires, playfull and sometimes seem spoiled.
The Ego:  yourself in the dream
The Superego:  Parental, morality, judgement etc.

Recurring Dream from my Childhood by Caleb Lin

I often refer to my intuition and to similar dreams I have had or interpreted in the past. All this put together is called mapping.  I map out your dream, with all the symbols, meanings, roles etc.. and then to put them together like a puzzle. So here it goes.

I am going to start with the Daniel Craig dream since it came first.

You tell me that Daniel Craig represents your Soulmate to you. I have no doubt in my mind that he does.  However, I also think he represents a part of you which is NOT the id or ego, but the Protector.  I had someone have a very similar dream about a celeb (see dream here) whom she believes is her soul mate.  This soul mate is there to tell you that you can have all these qualities that you love in this person in yourself.  You have taken yourself to the bank, and asked for refinance and I think your intuition is dead on where you know you  will get the help needed but maybe not in the way that may be obvious.

You see with Daniel you ask for help!! You ask him to hold your hand.  Yet you say you are hiding from others and that he’s filming an independent movie!  Which makes me wonder Julie, are you hiding this refi thing from some friends or some family?  If this refi doesn’t work out.. Have you thought of asking for help?  Do you see that language.. INDEPENDENT .. Daniel totally represents that independent /self-employed person.  So keep an open mind when it comes to asking for help from outside sources!

I know too well this feeling of climbing then feeling stuck.  I love that all you could see is up (prayers) and then get help to come down (answer to prayers) You had faith in Daniel and he guided you down.  Have faith in yourself, others and the Universe.  They will also guide you down, so that you can finally feel grounded.

Dream 2

It is obvious both dreams are connected.  Like I said in our email exchange, both involve men, feeling stuck and help.  I also see a common theme of getting up or down or away from something.  Your depression and anxiety are represented by the bad weather and the tornado.  In my life, anxiety is often represented by storms and tornadoes in my dreams.  So since you’ve been feeling the veil slowly coming off in waking life, the gentle Daniel Craig dream shows this.

Starting off in sunny Miami is a great way to start a dream.  Although you only can know what significance Miami is to you!  To me it’s a familiar and popular vacation spot and wher many flock to visit during the winter.  I also think of CSI or MIAMI vice when I think of Miami.. So ask youself what Miami means to you.

You are with a younger guy, who again represents a part of you, but this time NOT the protector.. I think he’s the ID.  The younger side of you.  This guy is attentive but not as attentive as Daniel.  In this dream you bypass your instincts by going to towards the glass restaurant.. I had to look this one up.. Rooms surrounded by glass may mean you are putting an invisible barrier around you.. (could be that veil) or it could mean you need clarity or a combo of both.

What I see here in all that chaos.. Going up then down fast.. Waves tornadoes, feeling stuck.. Etc.. This is your anxiety. The thing you fear is chasing you.  What is that fear?  What is it you need to acknowledge in your life right now?  Could it be fearing the loss of control if you lose your house?  Or something in that manner?  Again, do you need to ASK for help here Julie in this situation?

Is seems to me that you are in great distress at this part of your dream.. Which leads me to believe that this is affecting you in your daily life right now.. Feeling stuck, choked, can’t breathe!

The fact that you come around in your dream and KNOW you are going to be ok.. Is self-comforting.  Because, truthfully, you know deep down that no matter what happens .. Everything IS going to be ok.  You have that tool at your disposal.

THE ELEVATOR:  Going up the elevator may represent your success and how you feel you’ve accomplished in life, going down can represent feeling grounded.. Coming down for awhile to assess the situation you are in.

Have you been contemplating a change in the way you do your show?  Have you been looking for new sources of income?

The fact the tornadoish person is chasing you at the end of your dream leads me to believe that maybe, you are hard on youself.  I think that particular tornado is like a bully!  Trying to put you down.. You know all that negative self talk we do? ..

In conclusion, I think both dreams are connected, that you have listened to your wise self / soul mate Daniel Craig.  You may need to reassess your situation with the refi (have a plan B) if it doesn’t work out.

Continue to be kind, loving and gentle with yourself.  Be Daniel Craig.. Hold your own hand and go!

A “Shout Out” from Julie Seibert

I have to give a huge shout out to Kim Larocque for an amazing dream reading/interpretation. Right off the bat she noticed patterns of what my dreams were trying to tell me. She then asked what certain symbols meant for me before giving me my final analysis! I was BLOWN AWAY. I have been hiding needing a refinancing of my home (I’m embarrassed) and was afraid to ask for help…She nailed that, among other things. What I really appreciated was her encouragement and gentle way of explaining what the dream was about and what I needed to pay attention to….


4 thoughts on “Tornadoes, Elevators and Daniel Craig? Go!

    • Thanks! It already keeps getting better…and I did get the refi…I needed to relax and TRUST the process….my big goal for this year, trust, faith & balance!


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