Today I introduce Christiana Kanaki she lives in Greece.   She is a wonderful mother of 2 teens, seeking and growing, like you and I on this marvelous place we call earth.  She describes herself as a woman in love, married, Mom, Daughter thinking and meditating.  She loves reading, writing, Pilates, walking, knitting and she’s a Reiki Practitioner.

Christiana came to me a few months ago with this amazing dream!  I really felt different when I interpreted her dream and believe this may be a premonition into other worlds.  Read on and let me know what you think in the comment section.


Throughout my life there have been dreams (places or situations) that repeat themselves. For example, I remember when I was a child I used to visit a certain place of public toilets that pretty much looked like a labyrinth and that made me extremely nervous, as they had no doors on either the showers, nor the toilets! This particular place disappeared from my dreams, to my relief, but I cannot remember exactly when.

 Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. –Arundhati Roy

Then, it was the flying and floating dream! I used to amaze people (known and unknown) on the ground with my loops and low flights! I loved it so much, but it also stopped… Now I can have such flights in my meditations.

And recently, I use to see myself visiting this “shop” which is multi-storey. It could be an outlet, cause I had the feeling I was looking for low-priced and good quality. I used to take the stairs, but yesterday, I took the elevator!

From outside, I had the feeling that the building was renovated… no obvious changes, but it was like I knew there was work done inside and was wondering if it was finished. So I took the elevator with other unknown people. The elevator became transparent and as it went upwards we soon reached a level with huge tubes like the ones for ventilation, only much bigger, that were forming like a net… I realized these tubes were partly covered by a steaming liquid, opaque, whitish with green hue, that was just bellow us. The elevator cabin started to swing and our feet were touching/going into this liquid. I felt no panic and the swinging felt like a nice surprise.

The feeling of the liquid itself, was something I cannot describe!!! It was warm and rejuvenating, relaxing and detoxifying, an instant spa!!!

It was like this was a free test of it for us, and we could soon use a full bath in it… The walls of the building were transparent, too (I remember saying that “This is not finished, yet!”) and I had the impression that it was an extraterrestrial scenery!!!

I saw myself siting with the rest of the people on sofas, around a transparent room, and suddenly I saw an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen for years, but we keep touch through FB or phone. He looked different than in real life but I knew it was him, with his family, and one of my nephews who run to me.

This friend, represents to me the practical mind, that believes only what he sees, who would probably make fun of my spirituality, but in good faith… I mean he would never do it to hurt me …

The Interpretation

Christiana, I must tell you I have this “gut” feeling that this is not a “normal” dream.. not in a bad sense, but I think you did experience some sort of foresight. Either you’ve just seen some parts of our future, or you spirit has experience something which already exists in another dimension. Your dream does tell you that you have woken up from the “veil that you are under” (note:  Christiana was feeling like she was under a veil before this dream) and experiencing some shift of consciousness. Almost like you were experiencing what our spirit can experience without our body… like a quantum leap of some kind. The liquid was soothing and “greenish” meaning healing, growth, change… comfort “well-being” bliss!! You explored through “transparency” nothing was hidden there. All masks where OFF! The elevator instead of the stairs is a huge LEAP of faith in my book.. making the trip easier and more comfortable. The fact that you cannot find words to describe the experience, is what leads me to believe that there are no words because it was a unique experience!!! Your friend doesn’t go there to challenge your beliefs.. He remains present, reminding you to do the same!

I want to thank Christiana for giving me permission to publish her dream.

For information on dream interpretation and readings click here

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