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I am recently looking into different types of dreams.   Lately I have received requests to interpret dreams which are taking me into another realm of dream interpretation.  In order to increase my knowledge and to give better feedback, your experiences and answers will be truly helpful.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, would you please be so kind (no obligation) as to comment below your experience.  You can also drop me an email:  @

Thank you for taking the time to answer my poll:

Before answering ponder this from:  Manchester Paranormal

What is a Visitation Dream?

Simply stated, a visitation dream is a dream in which a paranormal entity interacts or communicates with a person. Most visitation dreams are the result of a deceased human being. Some claims involve angelic or demonic entities – albeit much less common.


17 thoughts on “Mystical Dream Poll

  1. Before I found out I was pregnant, I had a “man” come to me in my dream. I remember him being radiant and glowing. We were standing on a dock. He was much taller than me, I remember touching his face and saying thank you. Thank you so much. I believe I could have felt to my knees in gratitude I was so grateful to him. I woke up not knowing what it was that I was grateful for and the next day I found out I was pregnant. >smiles<


  2. I often dream of ghosts, death, fighting, loving, war, Fighting, death, werewolves, zombies, have died in many dreams, work. My dreams are so vivid I am writing them out as short stories. Figuring if it was good enough for Poe it’s good enough for me.


    • Thomas,

      Your dreaming mind is amazing! I would love to read some of those stories.

      Thanks for sharing

      and yes.. you are right.. Poe did it .. so can you!!


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  4. After my mother died, I had a series of visitation dreams. At first, she looked as sickly as she had at death. She refused to acknowledge she had died and got angry with me (even to the point of walking away) when I tried to tell her that she had. In the first few dreams, I questioned reality… thinking along the lines of: ‘well, she’s here; did we just imagine that she died?’ I think it’s because her presence was very strong. There was no doubt it was her; there was no ‘sorta’ about it. Gradually, she got ‘healthier’ in the dreams and it became natural to see her.

    Interestingly, my oldest daughter (who I think has some psychic abilities) had a dream the same night as my youngest sister (who very much doesn’t demonstrate any such abilities). My sister was disappointed because she hadn’t had any kind of dream connection with our mother. In my sister’s dream, she was desperately seeking a way to talk to mom. My daughter dreamed that same night that the phone rang in our kitchen; she answered it and then held the phone out to me, saying “It’s grandma Judie; she wants to talk to Juline.” *goosebumps, huh?* 😀


    • What amazing stories! I have the “goosies” everywhere!

      Thank you so much for coming here and sharing this. These things will help me so much in future interpretations.

      Keep em’ coming!


  5. My sister appears in my dreams often. She committed suicide in 1997. Shortly after she died, I dreamed about her a lot, and she would always be really sleepy and tired, falling asleep, unable to keep up with whatever I was doing, or she would be running away and none of us could catch up to her.

    I remember the first dream where that changed — we were in a house that she said was her new home, we talked for a long time. Nowadays, all these years later, I still dream about her occasionally, and I usually find myself saying something like “Where have you been? We’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

    I also clicked on “Angel”, though it was more like a more highly evolved female being. We were sitting together on top of a mesa in the desert, crystal blue sky above and windy. She was telling me secrets about the nature of reality — I can’t remember the details, except for words like “loopholes” and “doorways”.


    • These dreams always give me goosebumps. I love the way spirits seems to filter themselves into our dreams to give us comfort.

      I’ve had the “where have you been?” dream with my X who comitted suicide.. or I would often ask: “aren’t you supposed to be dead?”

      THanks for sharing Daniel.


  6. I am having many past life dreams at the present, have remembered my past in many dreams, see the future in some of my dreams, I have been visited by angels and have seen them while awake as well, I have seen ancestors who have gone before in my dreams and often am guided as to what to do and say to others to help them. The more I embrace the gifts being given the more they are happening than ever before. Not sure I have met my twin soul as of yet and I know my actual identical twin is not my twin soul. I have not met my soul mate but I have been guided away from certain people in dreams to protect me from harm.

    As you expand your gift Kim you will find things come so much more naturally and your intuition will soar.



  7. I have had numerous dreams of this nature. A few months after my father died dreams started where I could see him happy and healthy- running and laughing. (he had been in an accident when I was 12 and lived in pain the rest of his life. He died in his 80’s).
    There is another dream where I got up from where I was sleeping-looked back and could see myself in bed- then my uncle came in to get the ‘awake’ me to escort me to heaven. I walked with him past my crying parents. The rest I would rather tell you privately.
    There are more.


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