I Grasp!

“Do not be afraid of tomorrow; for God is already there.”  

~Author Unknown

Writing candidly about my depression has been a release for me.  I am able to share, not only my successes, but the journey of recovery while I’m ‘in it’!  In other words, the good, the bad and the darn ugly!

Yesterday, I had a long conversation with God in my journal.  I told him all my worries, and finally asked God to take them!  I can’t carry the burden alone.. I wont.. I refuse to feel crushed by the thoughts which run through my mind.

So in the end of our “conversation”  God told me

“Let me take care of this Kim.  Relax.  Take a walk. Go forth.”  

So.. go forth I went.. this was yesterday..

This morning.. inspiration came in the form of poetry:

I Grasp!

Waking up at 5 am;

Soaked in raging waters;

searching frantically for a lifeboat.

Finding comfort in shallow waters

My feet are on the sandy shore.

I breathe.

Silence is calling me;

I hear the distance

Quiet, crackling, a song!

Intricate details emerge all around me..

Light, texture, beauty come forth.

I am aware!

The presence surrounds me

for a fleeting moment.

I grasp on so tight my fingers hurt..

bathing in silence.

Raging waters emerge anew…

Yet I walk..

knowing I can


the presence fo the Universe will come to me


and again….

and again..

5 thoughts on “I Grasp!

  1. Love that you are being true to you and to others too and walking through this journey with faith knowing what you learn in and through it will make you stronger in the end!

    Blessings to you as you go forth and through to the otherside.

    I too have battled depression and I learned many lessons to strengthen me in and through that time.

    Fabulous poem thanks for sharing



  2. Beautifully written poem Kim! I, too, suffer from depression and over the years have learned a few things about what works for me. This is an incredible series you’ve been running on a very important topic and I know it helps others when you share your story. Kudos to you!!


    • How I love to hear that Syda! Thanks for sharing that I am not alone. I think there are more people opening up to me about depression and this HELPS me so much!



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