The Colorful Scarf

Introducing Sylvia van Bruggen , author and creator of Playful Creativity. Sylvia’s mission is to aid in bringing out the playful side in all of us.  She also has her own Tarot Deck and creates poems which delights the soul.  Sylvia wrote a special story for me entitled The Bright Pink Backpack.  A gift I will always remember.

In her Manifesto she writes:

You were born to play. You were born to create every single day, dream up your life in a grand and magnificent way.

Sylvia came to me with this short, yet very insightful dream last week.   I was so excited when she told me I could post it here for you:

The Dream

I was on my way to my mothers house (as I am now too LOL). It was a very long journey, even bought ice cream from a stand next to the road.

Then when the bus arrived in my moms village, the bus took another road and I got off in front of an Indian store. It was very colorful and sitar music was on loud. I bought a belly dance scarf and put it on.

Then I walked along the water to the original bus stop. My mother and my sister were there, walking with their heads hanging and sad.

They must have heard my scarf because they looked up suddenly and waved 🙂

A bit of *mapping  

*Note on Mapping:  This is the first step in interpreting a dream.  I look at the important symbols.

  • Mom’s house : Body and spirit.. (motherly)
  • Long journey:  spiritual
  • Ice cream = reward
  • Bus at village: Transportation … takes a different route
  • Indian store: Colorful music LOUD!
  • Belly dance scarf: Play
  • Water to bus stop: inner journey
  • Mom / sister: hanging heads and sad/Superego
  • Scarf woke them up and they waved:  acknowledgement

The Interpretation

Childhood home.. Going back to your childhood home Sylvia, after such a long journey, makes me think of the journey you have made.. do arrive to your creative loving self.. Ice-Cream.. makes your inner child happy, thus this is a good sign that you are totally listening and loving yourself at this time.

The bus seems to be taking a detour… a stop over.. Just like in life we take the time to stop and try different directions. This place you are stopping at is lively full of color and music.. again a very good sign.. that you are heading in the right direction with your Workshop. The scarf may represent, according to Dreammoods, that you are learning to differentiate mind from body… I think this makes sense but in a way where play is important for your soul despite what your mind is sometimes thinking.

The fact that your mother and sister (female superego) are sad.. Is that your id (playful soul) may be disappointing your adult self or your adult self may not totally 100% believe this (your project or your playtime) is good. However, I think you are on the right track and I know for a fact that it is normal to doubt ourselves unconsciously once and awhile.

What Sylvia had to say:

Wow that is fantastic!!! I keep getting these ego messages that my quest is just stupid and I need to start behaving myself, time to get that out of my life .

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