5 thoughts on “The Crossover – By Jackie Jeffery

  1. Death should not be feared.
    The fear of pain is to be expected, but pain is temporary and it can not harm the human soul.
    The fear of loss is understood, but those that still live, will carry your light with them wherever they go and it will help light their path, especially on the darkest nights.
    The fear of the unknown is our greatest fear, but just as the 9 months in your mother’s womb prepared you for this life, so is this life preparation for the next. So the day you die, it is not the end of you, but only your birth into the next life. It will be your birthday into Heaven.

    We are born from Spirit into life, which leads to death in the spirit. And when we die in life, we are reborn again into Spirit… only as a brighter, more enlightened soul.

    Fear is the enemy of joy.
    Your spirit is light, fear is darkness.
    Darkness has no part in light… rejoice in the passing of light from the night.


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