Magic In the Backyard – Kellie Elmore

 I am genuinely honored to introduce to you Kellie Elmore, Author of the up and coming book:  Magic In the Backyard.    This is not a dream interpretation, but an interview I had with her this past week.  Kellie and I met online about 2 years ago.  I have always been drawn to her website , which shares the same title as her book, for its beauty and prose.  So get comfortable, grab a cuppa, and enjoy the show!

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About Kellie

Kellie Elmore is a writer who knows no bounds. She believes self-expression is most beautiful in its pure, raw and unedited form. “No rules, just write” is her motto.

Kellie finds inspiration in nature and in the humble surroundings of her “backyard” – Southeast Tennessee. Through poetry and prose, Kellie writes freely about cherished and magical moments as well as tragic losses. Her goal is to take readers back, rekindle a memory or elicit a feeling. Charles Bukowski wrote, “If it doesn’t burst out of you, don’t do it.” Kellie agrees and states, “If it were not for my pen, I would explode! Writing is my happy pill.”  Join Kellie as she writes her way through life’s journey – magic in the backyard…

Magic in the Backyard by Kellie Elmore will be released in April of 2012 via Winter Goose Publishing.

The Interview

Here we go…

KL:  Describe yourself in 5 words.

KE:  Sensitive, Loving, Funny, Silly and Weird

KI:  What do you do when you are not writing?

KE:  I’m always writing! lol But I enjoy playing with photography. I have really been experimenting with it here lately and have actually snapped some pretty neat shots I am pretty proud of.

KL:  Where does your creativity come from?

KE:  That would be life in general. Everything around me gives me something to write about. Especially people. I love watching people, how they interact and try to figure out why they say or do certain things and then I build scenes and characters from what I come up with.

KL:  Can you tell us about any challenges getting your first book published?

KE:  Actually, there were not many challenges at all except getting up the courage to submit my work in the first place. (Rejection scares me.) But, once Winter Goose Publishing graciously accepted my work and we began the whole process, it has went pretty smoothly.

KL:  Would you change anything about your experience?

KE:  Oh, not at all. I am having a blast with all of this! Can’t you tell?

KL:  Can you tell us about your upcoming book?

KE:  My book is titled Magic in the Backyard and it consists of prose and poetry. It is made up of primarily stories about growing up here in East Tennessee and the experiences both emotional and spiritual, that I have lived. Inspired by love, loss, nature and a wellspring of memories, I have literally put my heart to paper for this collection.

KL:  Can you share a little of your current work with us?

KE:  Sure! One of my more recent pieces that has received quite the reviews by my readers is titled “My Porch Swing is a Time Machine” and it is a really great example of the kind of prose you will find in the book…

in the silence of the afternoon

when the sun is just laying down to rest

giving shadow to the pecan tree in the yard

that blows a sweet wave of

cool air across my shoulders

and the town is crawling home from

their business and loafering-

when all I hear is the grinding creak of

the chain of the swing against the hooks

and the evening songs of the mockingbirds

my porch swing becomes a time machine,

with arms of gentle breezes,

wrapping me in yesterday

back and forth between memories

and I let it carry me

to the times when I sat with her

rocking the day away, watching birds

and drinking sweet iced tea on

hot summer days, with not a care for

much of anything at all except

what we might have for supper

and like the slow drifting clouds,

time and those hungry, empty spaces

travel- passing by in fleeting wisps

just beyond the reach of my fingertips

KL:  Thank you!  I almost felt as if I was on that swing!

KL:  I am in love with the book cover. Tell us how you came to choose this particular image. What does it mean to you?

KE:  As much as I would love to, I cannot take credit for the cover. Jessica Kristie and the WGP graphics team are responsible for this beautiful piece of artwork! I was ecstatic when I saw it for the first time. the tire swing was such a perfect choice. And blended with the snow, it really sets the mood and hopefully will allow you to appreciate the warm words that await you inside.

KL:  What are your future projects?

KE:  I am currently working on a new poetry/prose manuscript. Magic in the Backyard puts you into moments, my memories and introduces you to who I have known and loved with nature as a backdrop. My new book will be more of a personal journey into who I am. How these people and memories have affected me. I can only relate the content to that of Sylvia Plath as it will ride along the lines of the darker side, just into the gray.

KL:  5 things you would like to accomplish in the next 5 years?

KE:  Nothing is ever set in stone for me. Never has been. Who I am changes often; my idea’s, my desires, my views, my journey so to pick out five specific things would just pull on the reins.

KL:  Do you have anything you wish to share with aspiring writers? Any advice?

KE:  Everyone who knows me, knows my answer to this. Just keep writing. Write about anything and everything, any chance you get. Let your pen replace your television. Get everything on paper – leave something behind – the most remembered things in history have been words.

KL:  Last but not least, how can we purchase your book when it comes out the first week of April?

KE:  You will be able to purchase Magic in the Backyard from, (Barnes & Noble) as well as the Barnes & Noble Booksellers and other major book retailers in your area beginning the first week of April. Direct links to the purchase pages will be posted on all of my social media sites as well as my blog, so be sure you are following me!



Website –
and of course you may always keep updated on my book along with all the other wonderful WGP books and authors by visiting the website at

Good luck with your book Kellie!   Keep us up to date with your new projects!  


5 thoughts on “Magic In the Backyard – Kellie Elmore

  1. Awesome interview ladies! Kellie…can’t wait to buy your book, and you know how much I love that cover! Busy day in the real world for me…my apologies for not visiting sooner! I’m off to share 🙂


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