In Support Of Quebec Student Protests

I feel strongly in support the Quebec student protests and agree “The issue is bigger than tuition fees. It is a question of re-establishing democracy. There is no democracy. We are closer to totalitarianism. Decisions are made without listening to the people.” !

National Post | News

Defiant Quebec students had announced the second of what they vowed would be nightly protest marches until the Education Minister “stopped being childish” and agreed to negotiate an end to their 11-week strike over tuition.

But the weather was not co-operating, and as the appointed hour approached Thursday night, a cool drizzle fell on a mostly empty downtown park designated as the meeting point.

Just as it seemed the action would be a dud, the park started filling with people sporting the red square that is the symbol of the student movement. The march began, the crowd swelled and soon they would number over a thousand as they took over major downtown arteries for the next three hours.

“À qui la rue? À nous la rue!” they chanted. Whose streets? Their streets.


Quebecers have never been shy about taking to the streets to air their grievances, but the student…

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2 thoughts on “In Support Of Quebec Student Protests

  1. The issue is world wide. When the “commoners” amass in such numbers, being listened to shouldn’t be the issue. Especially when it comes to the youth and our future. Good on you for sharing this Kim, thumbs up 100X over!


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