Dreams: A Bridge to your True Spirit

“In forming a bridge between body and mind, dreams may be used as a springboard from which man can leap to new realms of experience lying outside his normal state of consciousness.” ~Ann Faraday


While writing last week’s DreamFriday post I began to  remember a time when I was not paying attention to my night dreams (very early 20’s and before).  I would have night after night of recurring nightmares, or crazy nonsensical dreams which would leave me upset most of the day.

Has this ever happened to you?

You wake up in the middle of the night all emotional and cannot seem to  get “that darn dream” out of your head?  Well let me tell you, I remember one day calling my brother a million times after I saw him go to his car, put in the key the door and blow up!  Yep, all that in my dream.  When I finally got ahold of him, I felt a sense of relief knowing he was safe.  I admit, that particular dream shook me to the core, I thought for a brief second it really happened, thank God it didn’t.  The meaning was something totally unrelated to my brother (in a sense).

With nightmares, don’t panic, but please write them down!

When you have a nightmare, it is important not to panic.  I realised, later on, that the dream about my brother had nothing to do with my brother dying in a mafia coup.  In this dream, my brother represented the successful, yang male in me, who was, at that time in my life, completely self-sabotaging. I was poor, in an abusive relationship, and I had to GET OUT!!

Dreams are not there to give you insomnia, there is a cure!

Dreams are really a mirror of what is really going on in your subconscious.  They are as real as the emotions which are deeply trying to harbor in a cave in your soul.  Dreams are the whispers of your true self desperately trying to get the attention you they deserve.  Because, in truth, the more you look into your dreams, the easier it is to be mindful and make the necessary changes in your life!

Have you noticed the more you ignore a nightmare, it becomes recurring?

This is often the case.  The more you ignore a certain situation in your life, the more violent and disturbing your dreams may become.  They are “urging” you to pay attention!   Again, when a recurring dream comes to you.  Look at the symbol and then relate it to what is going on in your life.

I kept on dreaming of planes crashing and me trying to avoid them by hiding in a corner of a barn somewhere.  These dreams happened again and again, UNTIL I spoke to my psychologist, who in fact studied Jung dream therapy, and we found that these planes represented my anxiety due to my parent’s divorce when I was 12.  These dreams do go deeper, however, I will not go into detail.  However, as soon as I figured out what the “falling planes” dreams were all about, they stopped! Thus, I was able to dig into that pain and heal it afterall.

The next time you have a dream which “boggles” your mind, or scares the crap out of you, look into the symbolism and patterns.  What comes up most often, and write what those archetypes mean to you.

You may find some peace and quiet the next time you go to sleep.

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Spaceships and Spiritual Journeys

Dreams sometimes come up all crazy.  We wake up with the “why the heck did I dream about that” feeling and often blame the craziness on the burritos we had before bed.  Not so!  Our most weirdest dreams often have the most important messages. 

Think about dreams as a puzzle with odd colorful pieces that do not seem to fit (and you do not have the original picture to work with).  Yet, as you work on your puzzle, you start to see a picture, and finally towards the end, you come up with something you would have never imagined.  

My job as a dream interpreter is to assist you in putting those pieces together, assist being the operative word, because, in truth, you DO have the original picture somewhere in your subconscious.

This week’s dream comes from Jen Land.  Jen is the founder of The Progressive Mama Revolution, she is a parent educator, mama, wife, and a homeschooler.  She spends most of her days with her children, and according to what I see in these dreams, I think it is time to spend a little time just with herself.  Find out what  an Alien invasion has to do with “me time” and more.

The Dream (s)

 (2)I looked out the window and saw this large silver strange orb shaped  “spaceship” hurling towards the earth. I started getting scared and worried and I ran to tell someone. When I went back to the door I saw people’s walking around outside and their stuff on the lawn. For a flash I thought that the crazy people were having a garage sale, but then I realized that the people were scrambling around getting their stuff together. Everyone was getting ready to get on the government buses that had pulled up outside. I knew that it meant we had to pack a small bag and go. We were scrambling around and trying to get clothes, pj’s and some small valuables. I was a bit sad and scared to be leaving everything. I wasn’t sure if I would see it again.

A female government official showed up in my house and said we should try to gather up stuff and get on the bus, they would be taking us to a hotel. I told her that my friend had said she had hoped that if we were ever visited by people of another planet that they would be more evolved, and thus very peaceful, loving people. The government women replied “I doubt it. That silver part you saw, that was a war shield.”. I remember thinking “Oh shit.” and getting really worried. I wondered what the unknown people would do once they realized that the ship crashed here. Even if the government surrounded and contained the ship, the “space people” would worry about what happened to their aircraft.

I continued to scramble and get stuff together when my thoughts turned to my parents. I knew the officials wouldn’t allow me to make a call so I snuck away in a closet and called my mother quickly. I was crying then and told her that I loved her and dad so very much. I just kept saying it over and over. She was somewhat calm and said they were going to get on a bus too. She was worried but reassuring. I hung up and I remember thinking I probably should search for my wedding ring. I found it and put it on. I saw a handful of jewelry that I had made and felt a bit wistful that it may be lost forever. I scrambled out of the room and went to find my husband. I was worried about the kids. The last thing I remember is asking my husband to be sure that we have everything, everything we needed for our kids.

This dream is interesting to me because the week before I had a dream involving people from another planet. I don’t ever remember dreaming of the same subject so close together. I don’t remember much,but here is what I do remember.

(1)I was at home and my parents were with me. I looked out the window and I saw a black cloud coming up from the earth and headed our way. I knew it was something from another planet. The black cloud was bits of strange black dust. I was searching and searching for duct tape. We had every other type of tape- but no duct tape! I was telling everyone that we had to tape up the windows, doors and vents so the black stuff wouldn’t seep inside. I kept saying we can’t breathe this stuff!! Dad can’t breathe it!!! (he has c.o.p.d. in real life). The the dust turned orangey yellow and was spinning outside our house. Then I woke up.

The Interpretation

There are common themes in both dreams, so lets look at those symbols individually:

Looking out window:

Windows are usually a place where we go and contemplate the world.  The fact that you are looking out the window in both dreams, leads me to believe that you may be contemplating your life as a whole: – your outlook, your faith, and where you are going.  Looking out windows may also mean, intuition, and soul searching.

Space ship/UFO/alien substance coming:

When I think of UFO’s, spaceships, and black substances .. I think of the unknown, wonder, mystery and even spirituality.  You are drawn to something that is “out there” but “out there” I think is drawn to you.  It could also represent your spiritual journey.

You are in your house:

Houses in dreams usually represent “self” and different rooms usually represent different aspects of self.  In your dream, your house is your safe zone.  Where you raise your children and teach them.  Security and protection.  Shelter!


I feel your parents in this dream represent shelter, love and protection.  Your mom represents comfort.. also she is your “feminine”  the side of you who is nurturing.

What is interesting is in the first dream, you needed to “keep ugliness from entering your house” and in the second dream you were “forced in a way” to escape your environment.

We must look at both to see what your dreams are telling you.

HYWEL JONES, CULTURA /SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARYIn dream 1 (the second one you wrote me) you are with your parents (protectors), looking out the window when I big dark cloud of yuck is coming.  It seems to me that your outlook on life is being challenged, and dark clouds here seem to represent: depression, anger or lack of support.  Do you feel anger or frustration in which you are fearful of expressing?   You knew this was something that was coming from another planet (alien and foreign to you) you also felt this would be something that would threaten your family.  What do you think is causing this anxiety?

Whatever it is, you most definitely do not want it in the house.  You do not want these feelings to inhabit you in other words, you do everything to keep them out, not fearing for your dad.  

Your dad probably represents the “male side of you” .. the more independent, strong, protective side.  In general, since you are an at home mom, the male tends to “get out” of the house more.  Are you feeling if you “breathe in” this anxiety, fear, or anger, you may get hurt?  In your life now, what are you avoiding?  Or.. is there toxicity “drama” coming in your home that you are trying to keep out?

The duct tape is interesting.  Because it is so versatile, and seems to fix everything.  No other tape will do in your dream!!  Think about what you are trying to “hold together” in your life now.  Whatever it is, you are most adamant to protect yourself, not wanting it to “seep inside” of you.  

The dust in your dream turns orange-yellow… you associated the colors to:  Jupiter, sand, hot, sun too hot and uncomfortable .. so as the darkness changes shape (depression, anger or fear of something) you begin to feel more and more ill at ease.

On to the 2nd dream:

You are again looking out the window, contemplating, observing… It seems your intuition is on high when you see an ORB SHAPED SILVER SPACESHIP hurling (with great force) towards earth.  The Earth could mean you you are seeking connectedness.. the fact that this UFO (something mysterious, foreign and scary) is coming right for earth leads me to believe that you fear something will come between your “connectedness”.  Do you feel grounded right now in your life?  

Seing a “spaceship” usally means your spiritual journey or purpose.

Are you seeking or contemplating changing your life somehow?  Do you feel the need for something else, alone time, quiet time? 

Silver, according to dreammoods.com symbolizes:

“the moon, intuition and the feminine aspects of yourself. It signifies tranquility and understated confidence.”

This seems to connect with the rest of your dream, intuition comes up  A LOT with these symbols, so what is your intuition telling you lately?  What are the red flags?

As the dream continues, you have these scared and worried feelings, you run outside to warn people, you wish to protect them.  Although it seemed they were having a garage sale (getting rid of stuff) you quickly see they were gathering what was important to take with them.  So if you look at the metaphor, what is it that you are willing to let go of in your life, and what is it you want to keep?  There is definate true sadness there, as you are afraid if you let go, “you will never see it again”  Although in real life, letting go is healthy, and you can always go back to whatever, if and when you take the leap I know you are dreaming of!!!

You are getting ready to evacuate:  I have a feeling the dream above, anger, sadness, guilt maybe, you are subconsciously, with this dream, getting ready to release, share your truth, and evacuate feelings of what is worrying you.

The government busses, symbolize, in my opinion, authority, and passiveness.  Not to take the busses would go against authority, and taking them is passively.. going with the flow.  BUT don’t take this wrong, its all about self-preservation.  You are trying to preserve what you already have.   Going to a hotel seems to represent a need to escape from daily life.

You were hoping, I guess, that these feelings you are experiencing would be “kinder and gentler” with you.  That it would be easy to release.. however, the woman in your dream says “she doubts” it.. and that the Silver part is a “war sheild”.  Well Jen, that is YOUR war shield.  I could see it right about your solar plexus, protecting you, again from feelings that may be arising, or projects, or alone time you may need right now.  I think it is time to remove the shield and allow for some self-loving your way..  What or who  in your life do you wish to be “more evolved, peaceful and loving”?  Ask yourself this question.

I am quoting you here:  

“I wondered what the unknown people would do once they realized that the ship crashed here. Even if the government surrounded and contained the ship, the “space people” would worry about what happened to their aircraft.”

Now if the ship represents your spiritual journey, and the unknown people (aliens) represent an unknown aspect of yourself or feelings, then you are worried about what is going to happen to you if you do not listen to your instincts.. you say you have many little worries.. so maybe this dream is to help you look at each and every one of them seperately so you do not feel you have the “world on your shoulders”

You can tell, from your dreams, that family is of utmost importance to you, your marriage too since you think of “putting on your ring”.. You go to your mom for reassurance, your mom represents all that is nurturing unconditional inside you.  You needed to let your parents know how much you love them.. do you know how much you love yourself?  

You want to make sure your family has everything they need, to give yourself permission to do what you need to do, this is why you insist this to your husband in your dream.

The jewelry, you feel will be lost forever, what does that represent.  Do you still make jewelry, do you wish you had more time for creativeness, not with the kids, just for yourself?

I truly sense something inside you is calling you.. or urging you.. like just to have some “Jen” time.. Alone “Jen time”.



A house is a home: Where the Spirit Lies.

Many of you are familiar with Jennifer Shelton. She’s the awesome woman behind all the fabulous stuff over at FemCentral The Virtual Institute for Women.  She works as an editor, writer, and webmaster. She is an astrologer and teaches undergraduate, online classes in global cultures for Franklin University. Jennifer is  also a freelance writer and a mom,  and is currently working on a book about Suffragist Lucy Burns.

Jennifer came to me a couple of weeks ago with succinct dreams about “houses”.  Recurring dreams happen often when we really need to pay attention to something really important.  Dreammoods.com state:

“Recurring dreams are quite common and are often triggered by a certain life situation, transitional phase in life or a problem that keeps coming back again and again. These dreams may recur daily, once a week, or once a month. Whatever the frequency, there is little variation in the dream content itself.”

“The frequent repetition of such dreams forces you to pay attention and confront the dream. It is desperately trying to tell you something.  Such dreams are often nightmarish or frightening in their content, which also helps you to take notice and pay attention to them.”

Jennifer noted, that in most of the following dreams, she felt “panicky”.  Obviously, her dreams are really asking her to pay attention.  As you will see below.

The Dreams:

Dream 1:

My son  and I were out and about, and we run into my friend. He goes home with her to play with her kids, and I return to my house. After a while, I realize that I don’t know when or where to pick up my son and that I don’t have my friend’s phone number. I start to panic a little, when she pulls into my driveway with him. She said she wanted to see my house. Then, we both notice that down at the far corner of my land (I have an acre), people have set up chairs and decorations for a party. I am LIVID. No one asked me about it, although, if they had, I wouldn’t have minded. I run down to the corner and start dismantling all the stuff. I see a bunch of bottle rockets laid out and pick them up and break them. One neighbor sees me and gets mad.

Dream 2:

My son  is over at a friend’s house playing. We have just moved into a much smaller place, not much bigger than a camper. I miss our old house. The mother of my son’s  friend has told me that her family is moving, and she offers to give me some of her old furniture. I realize that I don’t know what time to pick my son up from his “play date.” About that time, he comes home.

Dream 3:

I wander into the “wing” of my house that I always forget about (there is no “wing” in real life). I see that it’s been decorated and furnished. The guy who did all this work on my house is still there. I thank him for everything and say that maybe I’ll spend more time in that area now. And, I ask why he’d spend so much money on a house he doesn’t own. He replies, “oh, now that I’ve spent all this money on your house, I’ll be suing you to get ownership.”

Dream 4:

I look out the front door and see a saber tooth tiger sitting in the street. It looks cartoonish, like the one on Ice Age. I open the door and quickly get all my cats to come in the house. A strange cat comes in with them. And, I also see two baby, black bears. I pick them up and notice how soft and cuddly they are. I bring them in the house and try to figure out what to do with them. While deciding, they burrow under some clothes on my floor. Very playful. I figure I will have to call Animal Services for help. Then, I look out my front door, and a very large bear is looking in. I assume it’s the cubs’ mother. But, the tiger is right behind her, and they start to fight. Next thing I know, my door is partly open, and the tiger is partly in my house. I get behind the door and with much physical effort, get it to shut. I relock and bolt it. But, that doesn’t work! The weight of the bear and tiger keep making the door open. So, I get furniture and place it on front the door. Dream ends.

The Interpretation

In dream 1 and 2. I feel it is safe to say that your son represents your “inner child” or “new project” which is your pride and joy!  In both dreams, you seem to panic over the fact that you have maybe neglected some aspect of your “inner child” or “project” and this scares you.  

You allow your son to leave and play, which leads me to believe that you trust this project or your inner child, and yet you are “panicky” because you feel you do not know how or where to pick him up?  Do you feel, in your life now, that something has been “left out” which you feel needs tending to?  (money, job out of the house)

In dream 1, your friend, asks to see your house.  In all these dreams, I am sure your house represents safety, comfort and security.. but it also goes deeper that.

Your neighbors come and think they can have a “party” on your lawn without your permission.. Who are they to tramp all over your “property”.. and come without being invited.  I guess this relates to what you were saying in the group, where neighbors and friends do not think it is “wise” to think you can make money solely on FemCentral

Now that I think about it.. Femcentral being your brainchild.. your son you must provide for .. it makes much sense your son represents this.. It is clear to me now.

I think your friend represents the curiosity side you have about you.  You are curious to go deeper into your house (which represent your basic needs and security) Could also be the curiosity to dig deeper into your “house” of spirit. (faith)

Those bottle rockets you crash.. you are livid that some people are treading on personal space.  I think you are releasing negative energy in your dreams.  It is that simple. Plus, I feel that if people would kindly ask you about his “project” you would be really happy to talk about it.

The neighbor being angry may represent those who do not believe in what you are doing.. or that side of you (EGO) that needs busting!

Dream 2

You move into a smaller house.. feeling constrained I am sure.  Do you feel undervalued in some way?  The fact that your son is out again, leads me to believe the same thing is happening here that you were experiencing in dream 1, but this time he returns on his own. A few minutes of faith, and you would have been blown away!  Because your son will always return.

You miss your comfort and sanctuary, which makes sense to me more now that you explained this in our conversation.  What can you do now in your life to bring back that sense of security?

Dream 3

Renovated room.  There is a room in you, some part of you that maybe you “forgot about”  (I think this room represents a part of you spirit) that was improved and decorated.. and you are willing to spend more time there now that you have discovered its beauty.. (was it an ugly place before?)  What does it represent to you?  

A male did this work for you (male side?) and now he wants to take it away?  AHA! I just got it.. you the yang.. Built this room, and you the yang, wants to “OWN” it!! Get it!! OWN Femcentral.. OWN that this is your life purpose.. OWN IT!! OWN IT OWN IT!! It is not a negative thing, its something you choose to accept now.  And the book research too!

The wing may also represent the need for a wider perspective.

Dream 4

Dream 4 was a bit more tricky because there are many animals in there. So I did a bit of research.

Cats:Cats in dreams represent feminine power. Cats also deal with esoteric knowledge, and spiritual guardianship. White cats represent hightened spiritual awareness. Black cats signify hidden secrets or hidden powers within the dreamer. Wild cats encourage us to exercise our will power more. Tame cats indicate a place of comfort in our lives. See Cat (domestic) symbolism here.
Bears:Bears are symbols of calm, stoic strength. Bears also indicate a time of introspection. If you are dreaming of a bear sleeping or hibernating, this is a message to do a little soul searching before you present an idea to the world. If a bear is chasing you, this means you are avoiding a big issue in your life, and it is time to deal with it. If the bear is standing up, this is a sign you need to defend your beliefs. More bear symbolism here.

I see the saber toothed tiger as a wildcat and tiger. The tiger represents feminine power.   It is, according to Avia’s site, a solar animal representing sun, summer and fire.  God of Wealth and safekeeper.

So why is the Mama Bear fighting with the saber tooth?  Defending your rights against the God of wealth?

Are they there to protect or take away your feminine power?  This I think you should look more into with the information I have provided.  This part is up to you to figure out, we can discuss.

Jen’s Response

For  the bear versus Tiger – I’m scared that following my dream/intuition will hurt my son  in some way. You know, it’s all well and good to risk my personal economic livelihood but I have my child  to take care of too!  Or thinking that i can’t possibly make enough money to survive without a “real” job?  Thank you so much. The interpretations were brilliant as always!

Do you have a recurring dream you want to share?  Post it below in the comment section.  For more info about me and how you can receive a dream interpretation from me click here and here.  Thank you!