Today – A Short Poem


j“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  Dr. Seuss

Today, when  tears begin to fall, release is near..

Release is near when you feel your heart ache and it is difficult to breathe…

Breathe in the  freshness and let the  staleness expire…

Staleness expires, and opens up your soul for love, and reception..

Reception of all that is coming to you…

All that is coming to you is the greatness we all deserve…

We all deserve to be recognized, valued and cherished…

Cherish what you have right in front of you…

In front of you lies the secret of your happiness…

Your happiness is not dependant on others…

Others do not define you, choose wisely those in which you accompany..

Accompany yourself on this journey and enjoy the adventure…

Because it is in the adventure which passion lies..

Lies are not to be told on this road, but the road of truth awakens…

Awaken to you heart and what it is telling you…

Tell yourself to release those tears which bind you today..

Today is that day!

Counting my blessings one at a time ❤

Finding Creativity in Nature’s Details

I learned that the real creator was my inner Self, the Shakti. …. That desire to do something is God inside talking through us”  ~Michele Shea

This morning as I sat looking at the blank screen, I asked my Goddesses above to inspire me to write something, ANYTHING.   The word which keeps popping in my head is creativity, and I thought out loud:

“Creativity! You want me to write about creativity?”

So, now, I must get creative… let the magical brain waves flow..

…and then I got to thinking of the walks I’ve been having with my mom this week, this led me to think about Spring!

It is true, those who know me, know I LOVE winter. Winter allows me to cocoon, to seek comfort, to find joy in the little things, however, it is the season of spring which inspires me most. Nature’s awakening never ceases to amaze me.  There is something quite creative about spring which makes me feel alive and empowered. Plus, this year, I am paying extra attention to this magical season by documenting the buds and birthing of the leaves, flowers and blossoms, by capturing the awakening on digital film.

(You can get access to my FB photos here, here and here. I hope the links work, let me know if they don’t)

Yet, spring, is not in all you see… it is about what you hear (the bird’s laughter), what you sense (like a cool breeze) and what you smell (those lilacs rock the aroma world!).  It is really paying attention to what is going on around you because it is moving at a very quick rate.  God (or whatever spirit you believe in) has put together this dance during spring, where birds, bees, buds, flowers and trees gently Waltz together to create this marvelous scene which captures my senses and brings out the need to create in myself.

For the past few days, every morning and every evening, I inhale the sweet smell of blossoms and lilacs, this event (and yes it is an event) lasts merely two weeks, but how wonderful to walk each dusky evening and breathe in the aroma God has created  which admittedly,  I wish I could put in a bottle for future use.  To me, this is creativity ..natural unfolding creativity…

Imagine if earth had its own form of “writer’s block”?  or decided it wasn’t producing sunsets for 6 months because it was depressed?  The world would be in shambles!!!

I just pulled out The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, looking for her take on creativity.. She writes:

“Creativity is God energy flowing through us, shaped by us, like light flowing through a crystal prism. When we are clear about who we are and what we are doing, the energy flows freely and we experience no strain.  When we resist what that energy might show us or where it might take us, we often experience a shaky, out-of-control feeling.  We want to shut down the flow and regain our sense of control.  We slam on the psychic brakes”

So imagine all the years spent stifling my creativity.. I was numb, restless and so hard to live with.  It was the death of me, inside, thus my depression roared even louder.

As I allow my creativity to flow, to be unleashed by the spring of life, I find myself feeling so alive, really, like a flower blossoming under May’s purple sky.  What surprised me during this process is how easy everything I need to create is already available. Camera, markers, magazines to cut, journals, blog, pens, paper and string.. ribbons, paint and buttons.. It is all THERE!  This is why spring amuses me so, it does not  need money or coaching to become or to grow..  Spring happens, it just is.  Spring.. is my muse.

How magical is that?

Julia writes:

“One reason we are miserly with our selves is scarcity thinking.  We don’t want our luck to run out.  We don’t want to overspend by anthropomorphizing God into a capricious parent figure.  Remembering that God is our source, and energy flow that likes to extend itself, we become more able to tap our creative power effectively.”

So the next time creativity urges you.  Next time you feel restless and insecure, or do not know which outlet to use.. Take a walk, in Spring, Summer, Fall or even Winter, and look at the details the Universe has created for you to take inspiration from.

“Look and you will find it — what is unsought will go undetected.” ~ Sophocles

As I walk to the water this evening with my mother, I will pray for all of us to find inspiration this Spring, and reclaim who we are meant to be..

AND lets figure out how to bottle the Lilac/Blossom scent!  I think we could make millions!

The Miracle Workers Handbook – Interview with Sherrie Dillard

Seven Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary

Last week, Sherrie Dillard wrote a guest post for Muse In The Valley, Nightly Encounters of the Divine Kind, in this post she discusses how Divine encounters often inspire and awaken us to new perspectives and possibilities that are like a passage in which transformation can take place. She states:

“One of the ways that we are spiritually guided, receive direction and help is through our dreams. Angels, Mary, and other spiritual beings and teachers come to us while we sleep. When the curtain of consciousness slips away at night, we are more able to allow and receive visits from the spiritual realm.”

Today, our interview is about her new book :  The Miracle Workers Handbook – Seven Levels of Powers and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary .  Find out what inspired Sherrie to write this book, some of her challenges, and favorite things.  Also, note that you do not have to be religious or spiritual to receive Mary’s message (as Sherrie notes).

How would you describe yourself in one sentence? 

Hmm …I’m a piece of light, a piece of dark and everything in-between.

You are a woman of many talents and gifts. How did writing become part of your experience? 

From a young age, I wanted to be an artist. In my early twenties I made my living as a fiber artist, weaving and painting silk. A car accident ended my short career. I love creating.  But, I never thought of myself as a writer. One day about eight years or so ago I was standing in my backyard and I had one of those intuitive, electrifying and get your attention moments. I felt a woman in spirit standing in front of me and more or less instructing me to write. I said to her okay “but what am I supposed to write about”? Soon after I received the idea that was to become my first book, Discover Your Psychic Type, I have been writing ever since.

You have written several books, including Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition, and Love and Intuition: A Psychic’s Guide to Creating Lasting Love what inspired you to write The Miracle Workers Handbook: Seven Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary

I feel like the book is a spiritual download of Mary’s energy. Many people who have read it have told me the same thing. As wo-wo as it sounds, I felt “ lead” to write it. I knew that my publisher would not accept the book.  I was going out on a limb writing about Mary. I can now say that I have been rejected by the Christians and by the Pagans. I had to find another publisher.

My books on intuition and psychic development have been selling well. In the world of marketing and book sales it was not a great idea to verge off this sure path. In this book I talk about developing divine intuition, synchronicity and communicating with angels and with Mary.  For some it is difficult to understand Mary as a nondenominational spiritual being, who we can personally connect with and be guided by in this way.

Can you describe your connection to the Virgin Mary?

Since childhood I have had a strong personal connection to Mary. Not in the religious way. I am not Catholic and did not grow up knowing Mary as a religious icon. Mary has come to me in times of pain and confusion, comforting, healing and guiding me.  She has been a guiding force in my work as a psychic and medium.

Is there a message in your book you want your readers to grasp? 

You do not have to be religious, spiritual, enlightened, good or wise to receive Mary’s grace and experience miracles.  When you invoke her presence, she is present. Within the events of Mary’s life there is a secret and powerful code that you can tap into. Her path is a blueprint for living within grace, synchronicity, intuitive awareness and the miraculous. It is fun and wonderful.

 What are the “7 levels of power”?

The seven levels of Mary’s life are, her virginity, the encounter with Archangel Gabriel, the miraculous conception, her pregnancy, the journey to Bethlehem, the birth of Jesus and her assumption.

The corresponding power associated with each level is: 
  1. Mary’s virginity: Symbolic of the pure essence within each one of us- our spirit, untouched, unaffected by the material external world.
  2. Encounter with Archangel Gabriel:  Our innate ability to intuitively connect with the angelic realm and with Mary through our divine intuition.
  3. Miraculous Conception : Our ability to receive divine ahha moments and invoke grace
  4. Pregnancy: Holding on to our inner truth, even when we do not yet see the outer evidence of grace at work in our lives.
  5. The journey to Bethlehem: Being guided by signs and synchronicities, becoming aware of divine direction.
  6. The Birth: Experiencing, noticing and acknowledging the miraculous as it makes its way into our day to day concerns.
  7. Assumption:  Activating the power of our spirit in the world, the emergence of our spiritual gifts- the ability to heal, experience visions, refine intuition and psychic awareness, become a channel of the divine

What books have influenced you the most? 

So many, I like the writings of the Saints, Rumi, Emerson, Joel Goldsmith, Caroline Myss and The Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda is an all-time favorite.

What are you currently reading, or what was the last book you have read?

I usually read a few books at a time. I have been reading the Hunger Games trilogy and the poems of Hafiz (What a combination)

What projects are you working on now? 

I am writing some articles about Mary and thinking about maybe hosting a radio show. Undecided, but I am also leaning toward writing about the how intuition can change our lives and help us to heal.

What do you find challenging about writing? 

I love the writing. It is the marketing of books that is a challenge for me. Publishers expect authors to do a lot of promotion on their own. I do not feel as if I am very good at this.

You are a psychic/medium, does this affect your writing in any way?

Absolutely, most of what I write I receive intuitively- I still have to work with the information but most of my ideas come through me, grab me and don’t want to let me go till I write them out.

Now for some fun questions:

If I were to walk into your office or writing space, what would I find? 

Lots of window, quiet, my computer and a chair.

Name the song which describes you the most? 

Tough one….maybe the Cosmic Game by Thievery Corporation

If you could be an animal, what would you be? 

A bird or dolphin- I love the water and the skies

Name 5 of your favorite things: 

Walking in the woods

Being close to water or swimming

My family

My dogs

Giving readings

Let us know how we can purchase your new book: 

Most Bookstores and online at: and Barnes & Noble 

Thank you so much Sherrie for sharing you insights with us at Muse In The Valley.  I wish you all the best on your journey with your books, and future projects.  It is such an honor and blessing for me to have you here.


Sherrie Dillard is an author, psychic-medium, counselor and teacher. Psychic since childhood, she has been a professional psychic for over twenty years and has clients in Europe, Latin America, South America, Australia, Canada, the Middle East as well as the United States. Featured on television, radio and print for her work a psychic detective and medium, Sherrie has used her psychic abilities to uncover information in murder and missing person investigations for police departments in California, North Carolina and Florida, most notably working with the Raleigh NC police detectives, in solving the Stephanie Bennett cold case murder. She has taught intuition development classes at Duke University and her passion for the fusion of intuition, spirituality and conscious self growth have made her a popular speaker and teacher at retreats and conferences both nationally and internationally. Sherrie holds a B.S. In Psychology and M.Div. In New Thought pastoral counseling. Originally from New England she now lives in Durham N.C. She is an avid, swimmer and can be found wandering along the rivers and mountains of the area with her two dogs.

Abundance in 20

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.  Wayne Dyer

There are days, like today,  when I start feeling “the lack” I sit down and amaze myself of the vastness of infinity… Have you ever done that?  Well as a Scorpio, I love to daydream.. LOTS!! Too much sometimes, yet there are times when it serves me best.  This time I did something different, I compiled a list of things which remind me how abundant we really are.  And how the Universe serves us daily.

I ask you to add to the list in the comment section.  Tomorrow I will post another 20 things with your ideas!  Here it goes.

When I think about abundance I think about….

1. Bird’s finding worms every morning to eat and feed their young…

2.  …plus they always find stuff to build their nest;

3. Every fruit and vegetable has tons of seeds which can make new plants which come with more fruit with tons of seeds;

4. Rain!

5. Leaves on a trees (especially in the fall, when I have to rake them…

6. …and the millions of helicopters on Maple trees that fall down in spring (they make new trees)

7. The dirt under my feet.

8. Hugs and kisses

9. Access to information

10. Music

11. Rice, flour and pasta (I can make millions of meals with harvest from no 3)

12. Beauty

13. Art

14. The presence of inspiration

15. Babies

16. Love

17. A field of wildflowers

18. And the seeds which plant themselves in the fall

19. The sun, the moon, the planets and the stars…

20.. And the vastness where they dwell…

Your turn!