Workin’ it out Dreamstyle

The dream shows the inner truth and reality of the patient as it really is: not as I conjecture it to be, and not as he would like it to be, but as it is. Carl Jung

“The Practical Use of Dream Analysis” (1934). In CW 16: The Practice of Psychotherapy. pg. 304

A few weeks ago, a good friend in Cyber space was wondering why she wasn’t remembering her dreams. I explained to her we dream every night, however, we usually remember them we are open to receive the message and ready. I suggested she ask her spirit guides, Angels, God or The Universe to help her remember and took keep a journal and a pen beside her bed every night. The first couple of nights nothing happened, however, what followed was an amazing journey.

About Mel

Mel is a warm, dedicated and loyal friend. She has her ups and downs like many of us, and she is on a journey of self-love. She has children and a husband, and she lives in Italy. Originally from the UK, she moved to Italy in support of her husband’s career. She made the choice to do this while her kids were growing up. In many ways, she told me,  it has been a fantastic opportunity especially for her children who speak two languages now.

On the outskirts, in the little town, she loves the food, the wine and the wonderful places to visit, however, the integration into Italian society has been a challenge for Mel. She has been feeling her way in, and working hard at taking her place. Fitting in, even at our age, is never an easy task, yet she has come a long way since those first years.

The day before Mel had her first dream, she had just finished decluttering her bedroom. She said she sat on the bed for a while and cried… I told her: “Now is the time“. You will start decluttering in your dreams.” And guess what?? That is exactly what happened.

For the next few days, I will be posting a series of consecutive dreams. You will see, that in a span of about 2 weeks Mel (a good friend) has had 4 dreams, and I interpreted all of them. The themes of her dreams are based on self-love, empathy, loyalty, and acceptance. So… please come back tomorrow to see the 1st installement of “Workin’ it out Dreamstyle”.  Each dream will have a new title, and you will see Mel’s journey which occurred in her sleep.

Mels words

I didn’t ‘do’ dreaming until recently….. well that’s not strictly true. I can remember dreaming a lot as a child and as a teenager, but something had happened and as an adult I really didn’t dream much at all. I know Kim because we move in similar circles in cyberspace and I had seen other friends go to her with their dreams and the whole thing fascinated me. I wondered why I didn’t dream again. It felt like something that creative people did and so I asked Kim for advice. She told me to ask the Universe to allow me to remember my dreams and she also told me to try keeping a notepad by my bed so that if I did dream I could write down the details in it. I put both into action right away.

The other thing going on in my life was that I had a bit of an epiphany spiritually. I read a book called ‘What God Wants‘ by Neal Donald Walsch and this helped to solidify some of the things I had been struggling with in my life. I realised that MY world was how I saw it and I also realised that I could make myself feel or act a certain way by visualising it because everything within my reality was within my power. I could choose to fill my life with love and positivity or with sadness, regret and hatred.

I didn’t really connect these two things. I just felt they were separate strands at the time, and so I went off to bed telling the Universe that I would love to be able to remember my dream. I was amazed when I woke up and felt a real urge to reach for my notebook to write my first dream for years the next morning! I was so eager to tell Kim, not because I thought she could tell me anything about my dream, but just because, primarily, I was amazed that the simple suggestions worked so quickly!

I was confused by the dream though. It seemed very, very cryptic and I was relieved when Kim could offer me an interpretation that resonated so much and confirmed my spiritual growth and what I was going through in my ‘wakeful life’. It helped to underline where I was at and where I was going. After this first dream it feels like I can’t turn them off and they came (and are still coming!!) thick and fast and what follows here are my dreams and Kim’s interpretations (with a bit of extra information thrown in from me every-so-often when I felt that she needed it to be able to see the ‘whole picture’.) I really, really wanted Kim to feature my dreams for all to see here on her blog because I think that many more people are capable of picking up the messages which are all around us and, with the help and support of others as well as ourselves, we can understand where we are and where we going in order to live to our highest potential.

Mel Horrod

In tomorrow’s post, Mel has a dream about facing two sides of herself.   You can now find the first 2 dreams here and here.  Monday, Sept 26th we will continue with dream 3.

Sweet dreams