Give Like Oprah: Top 5 reasons why you should give your favorite things to those in need!

Volunteering at the food bank this past month gives me this deep sense of fulfillment.  Yet, I cannot help but cringe every time I have to pass old moldy cheese or an almost rotten tomato to the person in front of me.  I agree “waste not want not” but do we really have to pass a bag of lettuce that is wilting inside?  What is that telling the person who is receiving?  That they at the bottom of the food chain, and they get scrap? This feels wrong to me.

This holiday season, many of you will be giving to food banks.  This time, why don’t you give things you and your family love to share:

  1. Give fresh!  As mentioned above, receiving a wilted lettuce leaves the person feel less than worthy.. Nothing says “you matter” like brand new stuff!  So buy the fresh produce and why not throw in your most favorite dressing while you’re at it?
  2. Give generously!  Looking in your pantry for that can of tomato soup that’s been sitting on the shelf for a year?  Why don’t you make a list of your favorite canned soups, like Chunky or Progresso for example, and buy 10 cans of those!  On top of providing good veggies these soups contain protein too!
  3. It really is the thought that counts.  If you are providing a gift basket for a family with children.. ask the parents what the kids love to eat and do not often receive.  Forget the Kraft Dinner (they eat that all year). Give good cereal, meat coupons, or even McDonalds  Gift Certificates or your favorite family hang out.
  4. What is your favorite toothpaste, soap and detergent?  Giving the best for a change will make people feel loved.  Really.. who doesn’t love the thought of washing their clothes in Tide? or even taking a bath with LUSH bombs?
  5. Last but not least, the Holidays are a time when families cannot afford much for gifts.  Today a woman entered and had nothing for her grandchildren.  If you can, adopt a family, and pass all your family favorites on.. this way, the family may have enough left over to give to their children or grandchildren.  Because, giving is my favorite thing to do, and I would not want to deprive someone of that feeling.

So there it is!  What favorite things to you love to pass on over the Holidays.  Write them down below and this year, our favorites, will make someone’s life just a little brighter!

Happy Holidays