Earth Hour – A Celebration of Darkness

At the moment I write this, Earth Hour is sweeping across Asia!  It is already happening and I feel it!

For the past 3 years, my family participates in Earth Hour.  This year, more than ever, we are all looking forward to it.  It is like a Holiday in our household.  Even my daughter’s best friend is disappointed she cannot stay tonight as she remembers our celebration in the dark from last year.

Honestly, all we did was shut the lights, light some candles, and sat around just talking and living in the darkness.  I had bought some special non electric lead lights, and put them on around the home, giving it a divine feel.

Really just turned off everything?  What is so special about that?  

Well, let me tell you, I think Earth Hour has a very special feeling to it.  Earth Hour feels like we are “collectively” doing something to change the world.

1 hour? How does that work?

Well think of it this way, on New Years Eve we check around the world to see how everyone brings in the new year with lights and fireworks and partying.. Earth hour, we collectively connect by turning out the lights.

Feels spiritual right?

Right!  I feel very spiritual during Earth Hour.. I feel at one with everyone, and last year, I even got a bit angry with my neighbor for having his “emergency bright light” on! It was literally shining in our window!!! It defeats the purpose, but I let it slide:

No light will ruin my darkness!

Which means, not everyone will be participating in Earth Hour, yet knowing that even big companies shut off their lights, whole cities go dark, and it is celebrated around the world.. Well Hell YA!! I’m doing it ..

To feel closer to change.. I’ll do anything..

Even shut the lights..

Oh.. and yes.. I get to use my NEW AirWick candle that changes colors! WOO!

Happy Earth Hour! 











The Power of a Crystal Ball

Ever wonder what the experience would be if we could see exactly what was going to happen in our lives before it happened? Although this idea sounds tempting, I think it would be to our detriment.  To have a glimpse of our lives a few years ahead is possible when we take the time to visualise and work towards those goals.  However, to see what is going to happen ahead of time would be like knowing the ending of a book before you actually crack the binder.

I remember when I was a teenager, my best friend Laurie gave me the book Black Beauty for my birthday.  I remember the orange cover and the gorgeous picture of a black horse on the front.  As I was perusing the picture, my friend turns to me and says:  “The horse dies at the end!”.  I looked at her in shock and probably told her profanity.  I never read the book… it went in a box to charity.

The future is called “perhaps,” which is the only possible thing to call the future.  And the only important thing is not to allow that to scare you.  ~Tennessee WilliamsOrpheus Descending, 1957

When I look back at the past 10 years.  I see how, if I even had a glimpse of my future at the time, I could have jumped off a bridge.  I arrived here in my town homeless.  We were in a housing crisis, and there were no apartments available for a single mother of 2 young children (3 and 5).  At the time I was on Welfare because I made the conscious choice of raising my children at home.  I had decided that, since I was a single parent, that being there for them was important.  Luckily my friend took me in for 2 months until we found our own place.  Blessed I was then, blessed I am now.

Today, treading through these treacherous waters of depression, I also see the grace in all of this.  We are back to a single parent unit.  I am more often home than at work (taking care of myself), and I have choices to make.  The guilt I am working through is enormous.  Self-care has been such a challenge to me.  Voices in my head “You should do ANY job to provide for your children”  “What are you doing writing instead of answering the phone when work is calling?”  If only I could have seen in a crystal ball that I would be feeling this way… if only…

… yet, the crystal ball would have shown me a woman crying in her bed devoid of self-worth.  A woman who thought she did not deserve great things, great friends and a job that she loves.  A woman who wants to live her passion, and do what it takes to find that passion.  A woman who has so much to give to this world..  Yet doesn’t know how to do it!

The crystal balls has been accessible all along.. its been the visions I hold so dear, that appear out of nowhere and come to me right before I fall asleep.

… this vision of despair is not the same vision I had when I was 4.   When I was 4 I saw in my mind people of all ages, race and religions holding hands to make a chain around the world.  That vision is truth:  We are all one and we are all connected.  That, my friend, is the only vision I need to hold on to.

My mother, out of love and care, told me that day:  “Kimmie you cannot change the world” .. I cried myself to sleep that night at her disbelief.  Yet I know today, even without seeing what’s going to happen in the next 10 years of my life:

      With no disrespect to my mom… “Yes I can MOM… yes I can..  And I will!… In fact.. I think I have already started!!!”

…and the winner is!!!

We are wired to be successful if we follow the path of our North Node, so the Universe will keep throwing opportunities at us that lead us down that path. If we refuse to go, though, out of fear or a desire to stay comfortable, we become
miserable. –Jennifer Shelton

Yesterday and today I had record views of my blog, in total 70 of you clicked on the link on FB or Twitter and although only 17 of you voted.  I am very very very happy with the results.

It was 50/50 between Northward Bound and Muse In The Valley so I decided to keep both.  I really think these titles are appropriate at this time.  I am about to embark on a totally different path.. Something I have not tried before.  It may seem the same to some at first, however, I know that what I have been fighting in the past is persisting in my life.

I have a circle of sisters I really need to thank.  You know who you are 🙂  Stay with me though.. I’m pretty scared and it’s a long walk to the valley from the summit.

I hope you all visit more often, and keep in touch… because I am .. Northward Bound… Muse in the Vally!

Vote for the new title of my blog! YAY

“A change will do you good”  Sheryl Crow 

I have brainstormed all morning to find a new title for my blog.  My perception of certain things have changed, and although I still believe our thoughts can become things, I know there are just some “things” we cannot deny and must accept.  So, please take my poll to help me choose a new title.  🙂   Merci!

If ever you vote “None of the above”  please let me know why and give me you idea! Thanks!