Pragmatic or Care Free?

If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.  ~Toni Morrison

I’ve been thinking outside myself a lot lately.  Not being able to settle down yet to meditate for long periods of time.  I do manage to journal short sentences, sit for tiny periods to breathe, and read a little.  I am looking for answers… I think I spend too much time looking for answers.  I do not know why I need to know everything at every moment.. this has been a struggle most of my life.. even as a child.

Around age 8, I once sat on an egg to see if it would hatch… I was so curious about how chickens form that the urge was too strong for me to resist.. Alas!! the egg broke on contact… Which leads to me ask:  “When I seek to know the answer right away.. does the egg break?”  I mean, even if I sat on that egg for days.. it would have never hatched right?  Yet, if I were a hen and that egg had been fertilized, then, eventually, I would have a chick.

So.. how does this apply in life?  Well I am not a hen.. I am human.. so maybe looking at things that are out of my control is not something I want to do. Obviously I cannot be what I am not.   What I want to do, is really trust what I already know and work with that.  I am on the verge of declaring to the world what I already know.. and admit this to myself.  I am on the verge of letting the hens lay eggs, and allowing myself to do what I want to do, what I am meant to do.. but I need a plan.

I am not much for planning.. for some silly reason.. Plans scare me.  Maybe because, many times in my life, things didn’t go according to plan… (very disappointing).  Yet I know, when I set goals, I can achieve them.. it HAS happened.

Surrender!  Surrender is one of the most challenging things one can do, but once one experiences surrender, the journey is much more enchanting.  So for today, I will surrender all my questions to the Universe, and devote my time to being ..  just be.. yet allow myself to set a few concrete goals and see where life takes me from there.

I guess it’s all a balance between being pragmatic and care free!  WOH!

Love and blessings


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Beware or Be Aware

Beware of missing chances; otherwise it may be altogether too late some day.

Franz Liszt

be aware


The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.

Henry Miller quotes

There is a debate in some word forums on the net.  Do beware and be aware mean the same thing?

Obviously one: be aware, refers to our spacial surroundings, and beware is a warning.  However, taken into context, I see how the use of the words be aware, can drastically change how one approaches something  scary.  Beware of the spider tells you the spider is dangerous and may or may not kill you!  Be aware of the spider lets you know there is a spider around, but you can work around it if you are AWARE of its P8200067presence.

Which brings me to today’s post.  This weekend, Uncle David, took the children to Les Cascades De Rawdon

I was quite apprehensive at first, because I was in no mood to be beach bum that day, and I was letting my children go somewhere they have never been before. I tagged along anyway to take pictures, but David led the way to the rocks.  The first sign one sees going down is: (it says access to rocks is forbidden)

I’ve been trying to teach my children (and myself) to be AWARE of their surroundings.  Sometimes, especially in this IPOD tech age, I see kids blindly crossing the street, or carelessly riding their bikes with headphones in their ears.  They are not always aware of the cars or people around them, and sometimes accidents happen.

Everyone going down the stairs never stopped to look at the sign, they just trotted on down fearlessly walking towards the rocks to find a place to perch themselves to sunbathe and maybe swim. My children were going off on their own it was then I pointed to uncle David and yelled “Follow his lead, stay with David!”  They changed direction and met up with him.

The next half hour was quite scary.  Although I was looking from above (didn’t stay down) I could not see my children Swimming forbidden!anymore. I could see David’s white hat, but no kids.  After awhile my eyes caught a glimpse of their tiny bodies and I saw they were swimming.   My mind was screaming (BEWARE of the current) but obviously they didn’t hear me.  Then, not 10 minutes later, the first thunderclaps came along with the dark clouds above.  Rain started falling and people were all coming out of the water and off the rocks to climb back up the stairs to safety.

… but NOT my children.

I saw David grabbing his stuff and carefully walking the rocks towards the stairs, but NOT MY CHILDREN!   My children were in their own bubble, and unaware of what was going on around them.  They didn’t see the clouds, they didn’t notice the people leaving, they were swimming like fish away from where they should be heading.  They were on an adventure!  All the way on the other side of the lake/chutes.  I was panicking! They obviously weren’t.. not by then but…

When the kids finally took a minute to look around and saw thatP8200068 David was gone from his spot, they later told me, they were scared.  They didn’t know which way to go for safety as they were too far from the shore they came from, but close enough to another shore “The Private Campground” (see in pic the little log house).   R took his car to see if he could drive to the other side.  He got there and the children were starting to head back towards me and David.  My daughter panicked. She was stuck on a rock and too scared to go either way anymore, the current around her was strong..  Her friend coached her down and the kids finally found their way to R as he was frantically waving and screaming to get their attention.

They got up.. They were safe!

All the signs say BEWARE, but everyone ignores the signs.  Isn’t better to be AWARE of what is going on around you?  The children obviously would have seen David and the crowd leaving the rocks and making their way back to safety.   In our own lives, are we always AWARE of what is going on around us? I know I tend to go into my bubble at shopping malls and accidentally bump into all kinds of people and things.  As adults do we really pay attention to:  BEWARE?

I think most of us do, but when 100 or so people are doing the same dangerous thing at once, we tend to say OK, well that’s not so bad, let’s go!   Yet, would you enter someone’s yard if you saw this big  sign:  BEWARE of dog? I don’t think so. Who wants to find out the hard way what resides on the other side of the fence?  Especially if you hear its incessant barking!  Those things we pay attention to.

So, what makes you pay attention?

Thinking of this story, what moment in your life did you get hurt or miss out on something big because you did not pay attention to the signs?

Let me know in the comments below..

As an added note:  Our dreams are signs, they manifest because we are NOT being aware of what is going on in our real lives.  If you have any dreams you want me to check out.  Send me an email:

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