A Dream in a Dream: Shimmering Butterfly Glasses

A month ago, I introduced you to Sylvia van Bruggen , the muse behind the successful Playful Creativity website.   Sylvia’s mission is to guide you to bring out the playful side in all of us, by using art, creativity and Ego Busting sessions to enlighten us.   She also has her own Tarot Deck and creates poems which delights the soul.  Sylvia wrote a special story for me entitled The Bright Pink Backpack.  A gift I will always remember.

In her last dream, The Colorful Scarf, Sylvia is coming to terms with the joy of creating her life and the ego which tries to sabotage it.  She states:

I keep getting these ego messages that my quest is just stupid and I need to start behaving myself, time to get that out of my life!

You will experience the BREAKTHROUGH Sylvia had with this last dream!  I love progression!

Sylvia had a dream within a dream.  A first for me.  I have never experienced this type a dream so I went to my Facebook page to and asked the question.  To my amazement, many replied they have experienced this type of dream, so I got to work and did a bit of research.

A dream within a dream, according to the very successful website Dream Moods  is a:

..safer and more acceptable way to express material from your unconscious. The dream within a dream protects you, the dreamer from waking up. Such dreams often reflect a hidden but crucial issue which you need to acknowledge and confront.

The Dream

I didn’t sleep much last night, so this morning I lay down for a nap. I had a dream in a dream! It is mostly hazy, as all of my dreams lately are, they just drift away. I know however that when I need to remember something, I do.

Anyway, back to the dream of this morning. I was in Prague, solving a mystery. I do not know what the mystery was, but it was very mysterious, and I was damn good. Then there was a gunshot, I was hit in my left shoulder.

Then I woke up. I was very groggy. I pushed out of bed, and walked to Marco’s cabinet to get my clothes (should have realized I was dreaming then!), when I heard a sound in the house.

I walked down the stairs and saw nothing. Then I saw my cat Scotty, he died almost two years ago. I told myself: “I must be dreaming” and fell asleep again.

I woke up sitting in an airplane, a real Casablanca moment, very old rattly airplane. I was sad because of where I was leaving but very excited about my destination. I was rich. Wore a fur stole and had a beautiful hat, wore butterfly glasses that shimmered.

The Interpretation

Your dream reminded me a little of a Tarot reading… for some reason.. Like Past/Present/Future.. but the more I read it.. the more it seems that way however, you decide if this resonates with you.

In Prague (A place you’ve once visited with mom 25 years ago) solving a Mystery a damned good one to boot!  Makes much sense that if 25 years ago you were discovering a whole new city for the first time, this seems to be a reflection of “solving” the mystery of your life.. this whole new life you are experiencing.  This darn good one!! The search inside yourself was and still is a “passionate” one.. this is what I feel.. However somewhere along the line of discovering life.. you were shot down!! In the left .. left usually means unconscious repressed emotions.. I am wondering if 25 years ago.. you were stuck with something that you needed to de-clutter.  (the past)  Being shot down seems looks like your depression  (did you feel victimized at one point and confronted with something?), shattering all this passion and mystery…  thus you woke up in another dream…

..being pushed out of bed!  I hear “Wake Up!! Get up!!  Get up and into your life”
So you did! You rushed.. got dressed.. like we do in life..  however, there is fear .. Walking down the stairs seems to represent going to face “repressed emotions” this whole dream within a dream, as I stated from DreamMoods is a reflection of these repressed emotions.  You face your cat that almost died 2 years ago.. In our discussions you state:   “I was completely stuck then, the physical pain completely overwhelmed me..”

A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.–Maya Angelou

It seems these dreams are a reminder of where you came from.. You are reliving your life through these dreams.. Do you still have any doubts to where you are headed?  Or.. do you think these dreams came to push you further into your passionate life?  You hold the key to this question.

In The end..

You are living the life of your dreams..  The plane, represents a whole new destination and adventure awaiting you.. The plane is old and rattly, yet you do not seem to mind.. You do not seem so afraid anymore.. You are just going with the flow..  but more like.. you are experiencing this now..   Also.. the richness you are seeing, the grandeur, the wealth, the “fancy Elton John Glasses”  all seems to tell you that you are destined for this wealth and richness in your life..

You are sad, because the little girl is saying goodbye to the rocks in the Bright Pink Backpack (no wonder you wrote that story for me.. it’s for you too!!!)  The butterfly glasses are the transformation in your perception! You see things in a whole new way.. Not like 25 years ago.. not like 2 years ago.. you see YOU!!

Sylvia’s Reply

“wow Kim!!! I nodded so often during reading this. Yes, the search is indeed filled with passion and joy, this life is so awesome!!! 25 years ago I was stuck in a life that wasn’t me. I worked in a field I loved to work in (IT) but disliked the pressure and the way the clients treated me.

I really feel the dreams push me to become this awesome woman. Push me past the last shimmer of fear lingering inside me. And then the image of wealth and riches is very powerful to me. I am still working through a lesson I learned as a child related to money. It is so tome to release this and be this fabulous ME!!!!”

The Colorful Scarf

Introducing Sylvia van Bruggen , author and creator of Playful Creativity. Sylvia’s mission is to aid in bringing out the playful side in all of us.  She also has her own Tarot Deck and creates poems which delights the soul.  Sylvia wrote a special story for me entitled The Bright Pink Backpack.  A gift I will always remember.

In her Manifesto she writes:

You were born to play. You were born to create every single day, dream up your life in a grand and magnificent way.

Sylvia came to me with this short, yet very insightful dream last week.   I was so excited when she told me I could post it here for you:

The Dream

I was on my way to my mothers house (as I am now too LOL). It was a very long journey, even bought ice cream from a stand next to the road.

Then when the bus arrived in my moms village, the bus took another road and I got off in front of an Indian store. It was very colorful and sitar music was on loud. I bought a belly dance scarf and put it on.

Then I walked along the water to the original bus stop. My mother and my sister were there, walking with their heads hanging and sad.

They must have heard my scarf because they looked up suddenly and waved 🙂

A bit of *mapping  

*Note on Mapping:  This is the first step in interpreting a dream.  I look at the important symbols.

  • Mom’s house : Body and spirit.. (motherly)
  • Long journey:  spiritual
  • Ice cream = reward
  • Bus at village: Transportation … takes a different route
  • Indian store: Colorful music LOUD!
  • Belly dance scarf: Play
  • Water to bus stop: inner journey
  • Mom / sister: hanging heads and sad/Superego
  • Scarf woke them up and they waved:  acknowledgement

The Interpretation

Childhood home.. Going back to your childhood home Sylvia, after such a long journey, makes me think of the journey you have made.. do arrive to your creative loving self.. Ice-Cream.. makes your inner child happy, thus this is a good sign that you are totally listening and loving yourself at this time.

The bus seems to be taking a detour… a stop over.. Just like in life we take the time to stop and try different directions. This place you are stopping at is lively full of color and music.. again a very good sign.. that you are heading in the right direction with your Workshop. The scarf may represent, according to Dreammoods, that you are learning to differentiate mind from body… I think this makes sense but in a way where play is important for your soul despite what your mind is sometimes thinking.

The fact that your mother and sister (female superego) are sad.. Is that your id (playful soul) may be disappointing your adult self or your adult self may not totally 100% believe this (your project or your playtime) is good. However, I think you are on the right track and I know for a fact that it is normal to doubt ourselves unconsciously once and awhile.

What Sylvia had to say:

Wow that is fantastic!!! I keep getting these ego messages that my quest is just stupid and I need to start behaving myself, time to get that out of my life .

Unseen Fury

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will find them gradually, without noticing it, and live along some distant day into the answer. ~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to Christiana and posted her dream:  Transparency  Christiana has the most unbelievable dreams, and her dreams are taking me places I have never been before.

This week’s dream comes after a period of “unease” for Christiana, and since then she’s on an upward trend. She is accepting where she is at the moment. I love Christiana’s way of loving and healing others she has a calling and I have experienced it first hand… So I want to thank her for allowing me, once again, to use her dream for this week’s Dream Friday.

In her words (her feelings before the dream)

“Although I do feel that I’m very lucky with the way we live, sometimes I feel that the kids and hubby neglect doing some little things that would make my life easier like picking their dishes and clothes…. and it is getting on my nerves.

Plus I did get anxious and fury and was in a hurry to finally connect with my guides and find and work on my path.. I saw everybody else doing it and was left behind….”

The Dream

We brought our dog to a dog spa… (we do have a little dog) to have a hair cut and a bath. The place looked quite dark and small, like an old downtown apartment… but it had a back yard which actually looked like a greek forest (not so green and wild like the Black Forest!!! – mostly with pines, that had thrown some of their needles forming a nice brown carpet…). I gave the dog to the “reception” and went back with the rest of the family, that being my parents, too! We were sitting on some picnic wooden tables there, relaxing.

Then we changed scene and were at my parent’s house. They had the newborn baby of a cousin of mine (!!!) with the eldest sister being 2 years old. This looked really strange to me, in that how could my mom take care of a newborn and why on earth did the mother leave it there… It was a huge baby, really over-sized and almost ready to walk and I was really worried because they let it on its car sit but it was moving a lot and was ready to fall any time… The eldest sister, however, although two yrs,  looked much younger… like having a problem… Can’t remember much of the rest…

Going back to the dog spa… although it felt we were always there, as we were sitting there and waiting, I saw my father coming staggering (in real life he can’t walk alone due to the strokes and Alzheimer’s) but walking alone, until he fell on his knees, but still without any help… this was really frustrating and I went back to the reception to ask when our dog would be ready… They told me there was a minor delay and then I got furious, telling them that we’ve been waiting for more than a day there (!!!) with my father who had a problem and couldn’t stay longer (I made them watch him as he was staggering) leaving behind two babies that couldn’t help themselves…

The Interpretation

Your dog is your companion, and after discussing with you this morning, I think it represents a part of you that is loyal, communicative and full of unconditional love. In your dream you take your dog in for “self-care” a spa! When I think of a spa.. I think of a beautiful place to be pampered where everyone is paying “attention” to you and giving you care. Yet, this spa is mall and dark.. with a black forest back yard.. which leads me to ask.. Are you trying to take care of yourself but only finding it dark devoid of space? Do you need attention from those around you? Family, kids or husband? Are you feeling a bit lonely? The forest, to me, represents space that is expanding but still not clear. Clutter is around! Maybe, you should move away from where you are meditating.. Is your “enviroment” now assisting you in your growth? Do you see beauty?

You return to your family and find them relaxing at picnic tables… this turns into your parents house! Parents, in dreams, often represent the superego! The superego often tries to suppress the needs of the id (which is child) … These two children are, in your opinion, mistreated in a way.. You wondered how “mom” could take care of a newborn? Are you wondering how yourself can really focus on taking care of yourself? Then there is the oddities with these children: One being larger than it seems, and the other being smaller that it seems.. Then I am thinking.. Is the baby an endeavor or project that seems overwhelming for you and you fear you will not carry it out? On the other hand, there is a child who is smaller than her age.. are you having problems with something that should be easy for you? I think there are two things like this in your life.. and your are avoiding taking care of them for these reasons!! Tend to them.. do not let the Superego win!!!

Back to the spa… waiting.. You seem to be waiting for your dog to be ready.. you get frustrated because your father is not well.. you must get out of there !! FURY! Do you think your father represent’s that side of you that is “struggling” right now? Do you feel that you are staggering at times? Trying to get up but feel you fall down? The fury you feel.. can it be those feelings you shared with me that you feel jealous sometimes of other people’s progress? (Note: This was a good thing Christiana admitted. Often we all get to a point in our journey where we wish we were blossoming faster) I think maybe so… You want you (the dog) to be “ready!!” ready ready ready!!

I’m seeing many sides of you in this dream… what I think now Christiana.. is that you need to tend to those babies.. Those babies .. can represent you, projects, things that you love.. but most importantly.. be gentle with yourself.. allow yourself to have a “spa day” even if it is in your own bathtub.. allow yourself to be exactly what you are.. tend to what you love.. and you will know when you are “ready” to move to the next step!.


“Dearest soul, you have helped me so much with shedding light in ways I could never imagine!!!”


Crossing paths

The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along. -Rumi

This week I asked if any of you have experienced a visitation in any of your dreams.  (If you haven’t taken the poll yet, please go here.)  In the dream below, I truly believe the dreamer was able to access the energy of her good friend.  What do you think?  

The Dream

My dream last night was very strange. I dreamt that I was hanging out with a guy I have not seen in at least 10 years. He is about 6 years older than me. We met such a long time ago when I was 9. (I’m now 37). It was a short dream – we were laughing and talking and goofing around. He grabbed my ankle/foot and said something like “wow, you must be an athlete!!” (perhaps referring to my disproportionately skinny ankles). I laughed and said “not even close, but I hope to be an athlete someday.” We were then suddenly sitting in the backseat of a car and he was lying down with his head in my lap and I was playing with his hair like we were the closest friends. My mother was sitting next to us and smiled. That was pretty much it. I woke up missing him terribly and wishing we were still in touch.

Some background:

– I have been overweight since about the sixth grade and was the victim of bullying for several years. I am trying to change my mindset and get healthier/lose weight.

– The guy I dreamt about: his name is Dan – we met at church and were not very close – mostly because he was so much older. I always admired him and enjoyed his company very much, and thought of him as the older brother I never had. He was a prankster and liked to annoy me, but had a heart of gold and I knew he cared about me. I haven’t seen him since his wedding several years ago. Honestly, I didn’t realize I had a huge crush on him until at the end of his wedding when he and his wife were dancing – it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was devastated we were not together. This reaction completely shocked me and I was severely depressed for days. I still don’t know if I was really “in love” or just had a crush – or if my feelings were associated with my nostalgia dating back to when we first met at church (see below).

– the church we met at: a huge issue and theme of my life – it was a very strict, conservative, “born again” Christian church – we attended both the church and the associated school for about 2 years. It was cult-like and the pastor/leadership was very hypocritical. It was very traumatic and played a large part in shaping my life.

“When you connect with someone so deeply there is a chance they may come to cross your path again… even in your dreams.” Kim Larocque

The Interpretation

It seems this “guy” is a part of you.. He represents the aspect of you who can keep you company and give you comfort. We all can be co-dependant at times, and enjoying our OWN company can be a difficult task.. however when we do reach the point of being able to comfort ourselves and give ourselves “self-love” we are on a path of enlightenment. Since you are losing weight and changing things in your life.. It seems that you can reach this encouragement within yourself.. by using this energy of “the guy”.

Dreaming about him grabbing your ankle may mean… you are trying to “grab” a sense of direction in your life.. Ankles keep our legs and feet attached and give us flexibility to walk! So it could also mean.. “Standing on your own two feet”.

What have you been feeling lately about your life now? That is a question I would ask myself.

“You must be an athlete”! Are you working harder at exercising lately? Are you proud of your accomplishments? You do have hopes that you acknowledge in your dream.

Being in the backseat of a moving car with the guy in your lap.. seems like such a loving time.. Like you are taking care of no one else but each other, and letting life take you for a ride.. It sounds like surrender to me. Letting go.. Maybe letting go of the pain you suffered together at the church/cult. Letting go of the past.. letting yourself ride the journey of life so that you can move forward.

The fact that your mother was there smiling …. Seems to me that there is complete approval.. It’s ok to do what you are doing.. Your mom represents that parental side of you. The fact that she was smiling leads me to believe that you are ready to let go.. that its ok.. that there is unconditional love there for you.

Side note: I was doing research about twin souls they are also called Divine Compliment.  I think you both may be able to call on each other in your dreams when you need a dose of unconditional love.


Hi Kim! This analysis blows me away. So much of this resonates with me. The idea that he showed up in my dream to comfort me is so, well, comforting! I had a Reiki session on Saturday-although they are usually very peaceful and relaxing, I experienced a lot of anxiety and actually had a panic attack. I think my experience with this church was the start of my anxiety disorder. It is possible he appeared in my dream as someone who understands (although, the dream was before the Reiki session).

I think it also makes sense that he represented myself-like I was acknowledging the transformation I am undergoing in my life. I’ve always thought of my extra weight as a suit I wear representing the pain I’ve built up and carried throughout my life. My extra weight is not “me”, but something I will release when I don’t need it anymore. Maybe he was telling me it’s time to let go?

Thank you so much for this interpretation, it’s really profound and amazing. You are the best!!

What do you think about this dream?  Could you add anything?  Please use to comment field below  to share your experiences or thoughts.

Looking forward to delving deeper into the Mystical realm.

Mystical Dream Poll

I am recently looking into different types of dreams.   Lately I have received requests to interpret dreams which are taking me into another realm of dream interpretation.  In order to increase my knowledge and to give better feedback, your experiences and answers will be truly helpful.

If you answer yes to any of these questions, would you please be so kind (no obligation) as to comment below your experience.  You can also drop me an email:  @ infullbloom_138@hotmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to answer my poll:

Before answering ponder this from:  Manchester Paranormal

What is a Visitation Dream?

Simply stated, a visitation dream is a dream in which a paranormal entity interacts or communicates with a person. Most visitation dreams are the result of a deceased human being. Some claims involve angelic or demonic entities – albeit much less common.


Tornadoes, Elevators and Daniel Craig? Go!

Introducing Julie Seibert, the owner of Reawaken Your Brilliance    a Web TV Radio/Talk show available online.  You must check her out.  She came to me with a dream last month really thinking she was crazy! However, most dreams do not make sense until we really look at them. I invite you to take a look.

The Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was in Miami (never have been, knew that was where I was). Was with a younger man. Liked him, but I was much older, We were at his condo. We are walking down and there is an area where you can eat that is glass right against the ocean. I see the waves are starting to look menacing. We go up towards the elevator. My intutiion says dont go. I can see a twister forming in the ocean. We punch #s and go up and up and all the way to the top which isn’t where he lives and then suddenly start going down and stopping. I think I am going to die, get stuck (I have a fear of enclosed places. When I am very stressed I don;t like being trapped in elevators, etc.). We go down very fast and I see water leaking in the elevator. I think we are being swallowed by ocean.

We get out of the elevator and the waves are coming after us. My friend is worried about me–he thinks I’m going to die, but for some strange reason I know even though I am about to get pummeled I am going to be okay. So, get gulped up by the water and am okay. Then I see that twister again. And the guy is like what is a twister and I am like that thing and point to it….It then starts to come towards us, so we run by the elevator and hide from it. It is like a person–looking for us and does a little dance until it finds me and starts to come after me and then I wake up.

Now, what is interesting is that the night before I had this dream and I am with Daniel Craig. We are in a room and I say hold my hand I’m scared. He does and is very gentle with me. He is filming an independent movie and we have become close. Some movie stuff and then we are hiding from others. Then the next thing we remember we are rock climbing and I get stuck on this area. The only way I can see is up and I am afraid. And stuck. But then all of sudden he shows me how to get around. I can climb down towards him and get around the tall rock.

Yesterday, I went to the bank about refi as I need to. The guy had coloring like Daniel, so I thought that was help from my guardian angel., But, in the dream I really thought Daniel represented my soulmate. And it was a message, he is coming and he will help you–just feel very alone now, wanting someone.

What I thought was interesting was this feeling of hope the night before and then last night, this dream. I should also add I have been depressed for about two weeks–but it is like a fog that desended upon me and is starting to lift./ Have been depressed in the past, but for the most part have worked through that, so this was very surprising.

The Interpretation

I believe, as does Carl Jung, dreams are a mirror of our subconscious  mind thus, mirror what we go through no matter how crazy the dreams seem.  The symbols in the dream are usually what they mean to you. I rarely go to a book, but will on occasion research for reference.  Also, there are also “roles” in your dreams.  The Id, The Ego and The Superego.  Those 3 roles often represent a part of you.

The id:  The child – wishes, desires, playfull and sometimes seem spoiled.
The Ego:  yourself in the dream
The Superego:  Parental, morality, judgement etc.

Recurring Dream from my Childhood by Caleb Lin

I often refer to my intuition and to similar dreams I have had or interpreted in the past. All this put together is called mapping.  I map out your dream, with all the symbols, meanings, roles etc.. and then to put them together like a puzzle. So here it goes.

I am going to start with the Daniel Craig dream since it came first.

You tell me that Daniel Craig represents your Soulmate to you. I have no doubt in my mind that he does.  However, I also think he represents a part of you which is NOT the id or ego, but the Protector.  I had someone have a very similar dream about a celeb (see dream here) whom she believes is her soul mate.  This soul mate is there to tell you that you can have all these qualities that you love in this person in yourself.  You have taken yourself to the bank, and asked for refinance and I think your intuition is dead on where you know you  will get the help needed but maybe not in the way that may be obvious.

You see with Daniel you ask for help!! You ask him to hold your hand.  Yet you say you are hiding from others and that he’s filming an independent movie!  Which makes me wonder Julie, are you hiding this refi thing from some friends or some family?  If this refi doesn’t work out.. Have you thought of asking for help?  Do you see that language.. INDEPENDENT .. Daniel totally represents that independent /self-employed person.  So keep an open mind when it comes to asking for help from outside sources!

I know too well this feeling of climbing then feeling stuck.  I love that all you could see is up (prayers) and then get help to come down (answer to prayers) You had faith in Daniel and he guided you down.  Have faith in yourself, others and the Universe.  They will also guide you down, so that you can finally feel grounded.

Dream 2

It is obvious both dreams are connected.  Like I said in our email exchange, both involve men, feeling stuck and help.  I also see a common theme of getting up or down or away from something.  Your depression and anxiety are represented by the bad weather and the tornado.  In my life, anxiety is often represented by storms and tornadoes in my dreams.  So since you’ve been feeling the veil slowly coming off in waking life, the gentle Daniel Craig dream shows this.

Starting off in sunny Miami is a great way to start a dream.  Although you only can know what significance Miami is to you!  To me it’s a familiar and popular vacation spot and wher many flock to visit during the winter.  I also think of CSI or MIAMI vice when I think of Miami.. So ask youself what Miami means to you.

You are with a younger guy, who again represents a part of you, but this time NOT the protector.. I think he’s the ID.  The younger side of you.  This guy is attentive but not as attentive as Daniel.  In this dream you bypass your instincts by going to towards the glass restaurant.. I had to look this one up.. Rooms surrounded by glass may mean you are putting an invisible barrier around you.. (could be that veil) or it could mean you need clarity or a combo of both.

What I see here in all that chaos.. Going up then down fast.. Waves tornadoes, feeling stuck.. Etc.. This is your anxiety. The thing you fear is chasing you.  What is that fear?  What is it you need to acknowledge in your life right now?  Could it be fearing the loss of control if you lose your house?  Or something in that manner?  Again, do you need to ASK for help here Julie in this situation?

Is seems to me that you are in great distress at this part of your dream.. Which leads me to believe that this is affecting you in your daily life right now.. Feeling stuck, choked, can’t breathe!

The fact that you come around in your dream and KNOW you are going to be ok.. Is self-comforting.  Because, truthfully, you know deep down that no matter what happens .. Everything IS going to be ok.  You have that tool at your disposal.

THE ELEVATOR:  Going up the elevator may represent your success and how you feel you’ve accomplished in life, going down can represent feeling grounded.. Coming down for awhile to assess the situation you are in.

Have you been contemplating a change in the way you do your show?  Have you been looking for new sources of income?

The fact the tornadoish person is chasing you at the end of your dream leads me to believe that maybe, you are hard on youself.  I think that particular tornado is like a bully!  Trying to put you down.. You know all that negative self talk we do? ..

In conclusion, I think both dreams are connected, that you have listened to your wise self / soul mate Daniel Craig.  You may need to reassess your situation with the refi (have a plan B) if it doesn’t work out.

Continue to be kind, loving and gentle with yourself.  Be Daniel Craig.. Hold your own hand and go!

A “Shout Out” from Julie Seibert

I have to give a huge shout out to Kim Larocque for an amazing dream reading/interpretation. Right off the bat she noticed patterns of what my dreams were trying to tell me. She then asked what certain symbols meant for me before giving me my final analysis! I was BLOWN AWAY. I have been hiding needing a refinancing of my home (I’m embarrassed) and was afraid to ask for help…She nailed that, among other things. What I really appreciated was her encouragement and gentle way of explaining what the dream was about and what I needed to pay attention to….