Dreams Guide You Home

The light is what guides you home, the warmth is what keeps you there.  ~Ellie Rodriguez

As most of you know by now, interpreting dreams is a passion of mine,  I love to guide someone towards the interpretation of their dreams.  Something I have noticed, is everyone, at least once, has a house dream.  This type of dream  shows up in many forms: mansions, childhood homes, castles, family homes, cottages.  Some are often familiar, haunted, broken down, or  being renovated.  They can also be full, empty, colorful or falling apart.. so many types of houses in dreams, but what do these dreams mean?

Often, in my life, I have dreamed of Victorian Mansions or “castlelike” homes, with many many stories and secret passages!  Those are my most favorite dreams.  I love to discover new rooms which appear out of nowhere, like this one dream where I lived in this house and after years and years never knew there was an extra bedroom.  It was hidden in a small corner under the stairs.  The magical feeling I had discovering his in my dream  is a feeling I rarely experience awake. Thinking back now, did this room represent something hidden inside of me ready to be discovered?  Most probably.  It also could have meant I had hidden issues which needed to be addressed.  Another theory, which I do not dismiss, it that I once lived in that Victorian Mansion in a past life.  It is possible.. in fact, in dreams, anything can happen.

Yet, for today,  I want to focus on one aspect of the house in dreams, which is:  The House represents self.  Take this snippet I found on About.com:

For the psychologist Carl Jung, building a house was a symbol of building a self. In his autobiographical Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung described the gradual evolution of his home on Lake Zurich. Jung spent more than thirty years building this castle-like structure, and he believed that the towers and annexes represented his psyche.

I believe this is true in life, however, it also represents the reality of  some dreams.  If you look at the levels in a house, attic, main floors, basement, all these represent a part of “self” in dreams.  Although I am a true believer that each floor would represent what that floor means to YOU, there are general interpretations one could look at.  I would caution against generalizing, yet, these interpretations I use as a blueprint, like an astrologer would use the general meaning of each sign.

In the interpretation of The Mausoleum, I explained the different levels, according to Jung, by looking at the iceberg, the conscious mind or intellect represents The Attic, different rooms and main floors represent different aspects of self, or a specific aspects of your soul, mind or spirit, I tend to believe the mind is up there with the attic.  Consequently, the basement is where your subconscious mind and intuition live.

Yet, do not forget, these are general statements, as for some, basements may represent fear, loneliness or depression, and attics may represent the same.  So it is good to really look at the symbols in your dream and relate them to what they mean to you!

The house as a whole can represent safety, comfort and love.  Rooms, as mentioned above can represent a spiritual part of oneself.   In Jen’s dreams, A house is a home: Where the Spirit Lies you can see, if you refer to them, the comfort aspect is predominant, and one room in particular struck me:


The renovated room.  There is a room in you, some part of you that maybe you “forgot about”  (I think this room represents a part of you spirit) that was improved and decorated.. and you are willing to spend more time there now that you have discovered its beauty..

In Face In – Workin’ On It The house in Mel’s dream represented her:

This house represents the new you, your essence, the “new phase” you are shifting to. The upper part of the house is usually where your thoughts lie. The narrow staircase reminds me “narrow minded” or the parts of all of us that is like so. So that you hadn’t noticed the “narrow staircase” makes me think of “today” in life, you are “opening up” to new things. Being surprised of how big it is up there, is also you realizing that things are bigger than they seem..

In conclusion, the next time you do have a house dream, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is going on in my life right now?

  • How is this affecting my spirit?

  • What part of me is this touching?  Intellect? Spirit? 

  • Look for colors, shapes and how these make you feel?

  • Were you happy, excited or fearful? 

  • Who was in house with you? 

  • Was it empty, furnished or full of staircases?  

    There are plenty more questions you may ask yourself after any dream, however, remember to relate it to what is happening in your life, even the weirdest dreams have meaning:


Everything in the unconscious seeks outward manifestation…
– Carl Jung

As for me, I am hoping to return to my Victorian Home full of winding staircases, floors and gorgeous rooms.  And those secret passageways, those I can get lost in for hours!



If you have any questions about house dreams, please do not hesitate to contact me on my Facebook page (see left hand side bar and clic on LIKE) or email me at kim.larocque@sympatico.ca.  For dream interpretations go to Intuitive Dreams Readings tab above.

Face Above – Workin’ on trust

Only as high as I reach can I grow,
Only as far as I seek can I go,
Only as deep as I look can I see,
Only as much as I dream can I be.
~Karen Ravn

This past week or so, my fascination for dreams and what lies in them, has grown even deeper.   Every time someone surrenders a dream to me, I am amazed and perplexed at the mysteries that lie within.

For the past few days I’ve posted consecutive dreams my good friend Mel has experienced over a two-week period.  These dreams came to her after much self-work and questioning.  You can read more about Mel here, and find dream 1, dream 2, and dream 3.

This final dream, is a short one, but the message is powerful.  In the end, it’s all about trust!   I want to give Mel a big thanks and a hug for letting me do this! 


The Dream

Last night’s started with me and my closest Aunty in a car together that I was driving. I said to her: ‘Did you lock up the flat on your way out?’ She said: ‘Well not lock it, I just let the door shut on its own. It locks automatically doesn’t it.’ I stopped the car. I was shocked. I felt panic. I said: ‘No. I need to go back and make sure the door is firmly locked. I know you’re right and it will more than likely be alright but just in case. I will pull into the main car park for visitors as it’s the quickest way to get up there as soon as possible. You will need to watch the car for me.’ She agreed although I was slightly panicked as my aunt cannot drive and so she wouldn’t be able to move the car if someone checked and realised I was parked in the carpark where I shouldn’t be. I went into the building which is like one of those baroque italian buildings with a concierge at the desk etc. I get the feeling I was in Italy. I started to rush up the stairs but realised I needed to go up seven flights of stairs and I was quite tired already so I pushed the button for the lift on the second floor even though the lift was quite slow. It finally came and I jumped in and got to my floor. I did discover the door to my flat was unlocked but when I checked nobody had been inside. I locked the door and felt better that I had stopped and checked for myself.


The Interpretation

Since you are driving the car Mel, it tells me that you are capable and working on navigating from one stage to another in your personal growth. Which is what you are doing in your life now. Your aunty represents the parts of you who IS strong, determined, family oriented and loyal. This is the second time loyalty comes into play, so being loyal to yourself is important. Especially these times when you feel you have trouble fitting in to your environment. Stay true to who you are!

You seem to not totally trust that part of yourself that is your aunty. You had to go back up and check the apt, when in fact, she felt all would be ok. When you did double-check (which took time and effort although you avoided the long hard way up Thank God) you saw that all was well. (like worrying for nothing which we all do at times)

The fact that you left her in the parked car a bit worried, leads me to believe that you seem to resist accepting to relax and just be and have fun. Go go have fun and do something for yourself. It’s so important.


Mel’s Response

I had to sit with this for the day and think about it. You are right about the trust part of things. I always doubt myself all the time! There are two sides of me. There is the part of me who is quite slapdash and forgetful and very much of MY family. The part that leaves the door unlocked and there is the careful, sensible part of me which fits in with me since I’ve left home. The part that I WANT to be ALWAYS. Does this make sense with your interp do you think. I think it adds another level on what you told me. This ties in again though with the part which doesn’t know how to relax and have fun. As you know I’m often not doing stuff but it’s not relaxing. I am still worrying about the stuff I ‘should’ be doing and not really having fun. I’ve practised doing stuff when and if I want, rather than doing stuff because I feel I have to and it’s really not easy. I don’t want to move from a place in myself of fear any more but from a place of love.

How do you think this fits in with your interp? I think it fits in rather well. Kind of like putting another sheet of acetate over a page with more information on it.


This journey of self-love for Mel and all of us, is a journey of a lifetime.  The dreams were only a small part of this journey, however, our dreams do act as a compass and give us insight to what lies beyond our waking lives.  Our dreams CAN and if you let them guide you, WILL take your hand a bring you to awareness. 

This is not the end for Mel, its just the beginning!

Love and Light

Zakaphorian Dreams Part I – The Dream

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.  Sigmund Freud

Welcome to my first published dream interpretation.  I have been interpreting dreams since my early 20s for friends and family using a method I learned by a psychologist and my intuition.  Recently, I started sharing my gift with online friends and found myself seeking to do more and more.  So, its with great pleasure I introduce you to my first dream.  



I had my first dream late 2007; I was very depressed and in dark place emotionally, mentally, spiritually. I remember asking God (like I always do) to watch over my soul mate. It made me feel less lonely inside. One night in 2007, I had a great vivid dream about this really handsome guy: tall, dark hair, big shoulders and arms. He looked intimidating but he really was a warm snuggly man. He had angular facial features (cheek bones, nose, chin, and eye brows). He wore black (t-shirt, jeans, shoes) the jeans were baggy but not falling off the butt, the shirt was tight but comfortable, and the shoes were leather work shoes. What stuck out in my mind the most were the tattoos he had: There was one on his back that was covered up by his t-shirt (it’s a representation of a life changing event he told me in my dream), but there were these wing tips or horns sticking up out of the color of the t-shirt. There was another tattoo down his left arm it was long narrow rectangular shape (it’s on his bicep), but the rest of it was covered up (it’s a religious meaning tattoo; he shared that with me as well). I know about the meanings of the tattoos because I saw them and asked about them in my dream.

Frequently I have dreams about this guy in all kind of situations: for example one dream I was having an emotional breakdown sitting in a bath tub just crying and screaming. He was there just very calmly and supportively sitting by me not saying anything…just letting me get it all out. The bath tub was white, the walls where a tan color, the tile was white/gray marble, and the towels were red. I remember I was feeling…completely exhausted by everything on every level (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc…) He was just there quiet and not judgmental…very loving energy. The relationship I had with this guy was deeply intimate, committed: a friendship, partnership, lover, and very intense.



Last November(2010) I wasn’t feeling very good after I had an intense energy healing session with a new client on a Tuesday night and I was completely drained the next day along with back pain. The problem was that my client’s energy got intertwined with mine and was stuck, which was stressful experience for me. Thursday I got an experienced friend to help me be released, and by Friday I was a total zombie. I felt very much like I did back in 2007. Friday night I was half watching TV, which is very rare for me to do by the way? I ended up watching Ghost Adventures (never heard of this show before…let alone the people in it). I noticed the tattoo on one of the guy’s neck and thought nothing of it until a few days later. There was a flash…light bulb of OMG that’s the tattoo the guy in my dreams has! I frantically looked up the TV show I was watching to find out who was on it. I saw a picture of the guy (his name is Zak), he had the arm tattoo…looked freakishly the same as the tattoo from my dreams. There was Zak and that neck tattoo the guy in my dream had. The research I have done on Zak informed me that his back tattoo is actually symbolic of when he was partly possessed during a paranormal investigation in Povalia Italy. In my dream I only knew the guy’s back tattoo symbolized a life changing event in his life. It’s interesting to me how I noticed his back tattoo the day after I had my own “possession”, since his tattoo symbolizes a time in his life when he was in a similar situation. Zak didn’t get his back tattoo until 2009…I had a dream about this guy with a very similar looking back tattoo it in 2007?!! Every time I see Zak’s back tattoo I get chills all over as you can imagine.


Just a little note about me before I go on I’ve always wrote out character traits or things in a guy that I like and value in a long term partner.  As I’ve watched Ghost Adventures and learn more about Zak, and so on. I notice that the list I wrote of character traits in my soul mate that want or wish for(those things  I wrote a long time ago) reflect Zak’s traits, likes, dislikes, hobbies, and so on match up with Zak’s traits, likes, dislikes, hobbies. To me this is just way to freaky to ignore or pass off as a coincidence. It’s not just that either “other things” happen without any rational explanation such as: over the 4th of July weekend I was very tired, emotionally at a breaking point (I worked 60 hours that past week) and the house was a mess. I stepped in a cat hair ball, and I was getting pissed off, frustrated, cranky to the point of tears…someone re-tweeted Zak’s tweet about how his last 24 hrs were shitty and he actually stepped in his dog’s pee. I don’t follow Zak on facebook or twitter, due to my work schedule I can’t watch his shows any more. Somehow by an act of a higher power things like this happen. Another time something similar happened one day my cell phone was sitting in my purse at work locked up and turned off. I turned it on, there was a picture of Zak…Random things like that happen. That is why I’m getting to the point of needing clarity or something, because this isn’t just some freak event….not a coincidence type of deal.


I’m obsessed with finding out what is going on and what is triggering this strong connection to me with a guy I’ve never met in this life time. Earlier this year (2011) is when this obsession came over me to figure out what this means, what is going on, and so on started. I have been trying to figure it out through astrology, asking my spirit guide/God, and talking with my friends. I just can’t seem to figure it out…


This dream has changed my life since last November…I feel like I’m losing my mind. I just can’t ignore it or pass it off as “nothing” any longer. Kim please help me out, and yes I still have dreams with the guy in them at least a couple times a week.

Kelly Beversdorf

See below for Part II –  The Interpretation + The Astral Intepretation by Jennifer Shelton


Zakaphorian Dreams – The Interpretation

There are times when in a dark place in life, one can manifest signs or people in waking dreams. For example, I was at a huge crossroads in my life. Just got fired from my job and was contemplating this ridiculous idea of going to University to get a Teaching degree. I was 25 at the time, and had no money. I couldn’t see how getting in University, after working 8 years in insurance, would be possible. All I had was a High School Diploma. Then one night, I was watching Late Night With David Letterman (on an American Channel/I live in Canada) and all of a sudden the screen went dark, and this add appeared: “Concordia University, Real Education for the Real World” the screen returned black and it was back to David!!! I was in SHOCK!! I had never experienced that sort of “sign” in my life. I took it quite seriously and 4 years later that I had my  Teaching Degree specializing Early Childhood education.

This is a good example of what is happening in this dream, however, it seems to take it quite further. I have never experienced this before (with a person on t.v. who is real). I did some research on Zak, but most importantly his tats. On his arm he has the celtic cross. See meaning here On his wrist he has a tattoo which he declines to talk about because it represents his “dark side” and he said something about Dracula.

The Tatoo on his back is of a gargoyle or winged demon. Those horns were really wingtips as you describe.

Before you started having dreams about “Zak” you mentioned asking God to take care of your Soul Mate. I am assuming this Soul Mate also has the list of characteristics you wrote in your journal about the man you want to attract? Am I correct? If so, “Zak” seems to be the representation of this guy.. , but most importantly, Zak is also the representation of all those qualities in YOU!! If you get what I mean. People in our dreams, like in real life, are also a mirror of ourselves.. You can create, in you, what is in Zak.. Whatever depression you were going through Zak was sent to help you through it. Meaning.. You can also count on yourself for comfort too!! Yet I also have a hunch it goes deeper than that… However, since I do not know you personally it makes this interpritation a bit more challenging.

Ok.. So.. The part where Zak manifests on tv excites me too. I get the shivers. Spirit can come to you in many ways: Radio, tv, songs, billboards, friends, poems.. Animals etc… When spirit or angels or God wants to tell you something and one is very tired (depression) he goes at it with a bang. (I’m speaking from my intuition here). Maybe Zak is a Soul Mate in a past life, I guess Jennifer can touch on that subject more deeply. However, what I know for sure, that if you look at the dreams, and the tat meanings all relate to a spiritual path with God. He’s the rock and the support you need in this life: Your faith in God! Zak is the manifestation of all the support, strength, and love you need.. Zak also has a dark side, which, does not come through in your dreams except for the “term” intimidating. Maybe, you know, with Zak around, nothing can hurt you! Do you see that?

Here is Jennifer Shelton’s Astral Chart Intepretation:

The only strong past life connection that I see is his Saturn to your sun. You’ve been obsessed with him before, also, from afar. I sense that maybe he was a leader in your community or tribe or clan; perhaps you tried to do something to win his approval, to get him to notice you. (And, you may have been a male in that incarnation.)

Something about what he does and who he is – you want to be. He’s your golden shadow. And, with that Saturn being conjunct your present North Node, figuring out how to bring out that Shadow in  yourself will help you to evolve and fulfill this life’s purpose.  See what you like about him – and work to cultivate that in yourself.

I see the Saturn sun opposition (strong) and a more minor aspect between his Jupiter and your Mercury, which reinforces that interpretation I had about Saturn, as does the more minor aspect between your sun and his Pluto. To be a karmic connection, it needs to be an outer planet aspecting a personal planet.