Between These Two Unknowns – Dreaming about death

Birth and death; we all move between these two unknowns.

Bryant H. McGill

You wake up screaming, full of sweat,  and find  your screams mixed with uncontrollable sobbing.  Once you are able to finally focus on the sunlight coming through your window, you realize that you ARE awake, and it YES, it was just a dream.  Yet, you wonder, why you still feel afraid?  Why is the urge to cry lingering? AND why oh why is it so important you call the person you’ve just dreamed about?  You’ve just had the dreaded “death” dream:  You fear the worst.

I had that dream, almost 20 years ago I am sure.  I do not remember the details surrounding the dream, however, I remember seeing my brother (as if I was high up on a ledge observing him) walking through a parking lot, keys in hand, towards his car.  He looked like he was coming back from a work meeting, he was dressed in his suit (my brother, at the time,  had his own business in the works) and had his briefcase in hand.  He approached his car and as soon as he put the keys in the passenger door to unlock it, IT EXPLODED!!! He was dead!

I woke up at that instant crying so hard I almost threw up.  I immediately came back to my senses, but picked up the phone immediately! I was sure I had a premonition dream and I had to save my brother.  Obviously I didn’t, he’s alive and well today, however, why did I have that dream?

My daughter this week, as I mentioned on my Facebook Page, had a dream I died.  She was very upset, she said when she woke up to the point of crying.  In her dream, after I died and the feeling of loss subsided, she decided to go to the house where we lived in our dream and clean it up.  Once the house cleaned, she told me, she started making a list of things she needed to fix up (to take care of).  Then, she started getting ready to take a boat trip.  Her X step-father was in her dream, telling he it was time to get out of the house.  She said his voice was a reminder that it was time, not malicious.  She quickly got her bags, she said, after saying goodbye to her friends on the computer, and hurried to get out.  The boat ride was waiting.  End of dream.

Note my daughter has had a long term relationship with boats, especially as a young child.  She drew them often.  Sailboats in particular.  She was always standing in her boat on calm waters going ahead towards the sun. Thus, the boat symbolism is very personal to her.  It means, freedom, growth and smooth and safe sailing!  

Of course both my daughter and I experienced a bit of panic when she described her dream to me, BUT really do death dreams mean real death?


Often, when we draw the Death card in Tarot, we see the worst, until we read the meaning of the card.  In her Tarot book, The Dreamer’s Journal, Barbara Moore describes the Death card in her deck:

“This card can, but rarely does, refer to physical death, which is some comfort.  Death, though, whether physical or metaphorical, is not an easy experience.  This card implies the end of something, perhaps a job, a relationship, a situation, or an organization.  The actual ending will likely be hard, but once it’s over the cycle continues and something new will come. On the other hand, it may be a welcome closure, such as ending a bad relationship, quitting an unhappy job, or selling a house to get a new one.  On a spiritual level, this can mean a symbolic death where you eliminate old beliefs that no longer work for you and perhaps were holding back.  Death is usually hard, but it must happen before transformation or resurrection occurs”  p. 71

Basically, my daughter’s dream makes a lot of sense if you look at it.  She just finished her 3rd year in high-school, she’s taking charge of her life, she follows house rules more often than not, and is coming into her own!  She studies harder, works harder, makes wise choices, and to top it off, this year I told her that my nagging stops, and her choices begin!  

In fact, her dream is a positive one, where  as in she is growing up, learning to depend LESS on me and MORE on herself. This is a great sign or her maturity.  Another way to look at this dream, according to Craig Hamilton-Parker:

“If you dream about your mother dying… it could represent the death of the “motherly” side of your own nature” A more caring and maternal attitude MAY be needed, according to Hamilton-Parker. There may also be a hidden wish to be independent of the mother.

The dream about my brother, at the time, seems to mean about the same.  We were very close and depended a lot on each other.  He was always there for me, and I called him constantly when I needed something.  I think the urge to detach myself from him was in a way to A.  Become independent and B.  detach myself from my “jealousy”.  There was a time my brother’s success with EVERYTHING (women, clients, work, sports, etc..) was something I wanted (not the woman part mind you.. but you get the drift).  

Sometime it takes a big explosion to wake you up!

The next time you have the dreaded death dream.  Take a moment to gather your thoughts and write them down.  Look at what changes you have recently made in your life, or new plans coming up.  You may be experiencing troubles in your relationship, or looking to quit your job for a more interesting one.  Whatever experiences you are having, note the old adage: “out with the old and in with the new”!  

If you have had a death dream recently or in the past, jot it down in the comment section.  It will be my pleasure to help you find the meaning.

Have a great weekend!









Wacky Writing Wednesday

I’ve been busy this week, so busy that I have had not a second to write for Muse. I am convinced my muse is on vacation in the Cayman Islands somewhere, because I feel the block. I hope to join my Muse soon, maybe share a drink?

What has kept me so busy?:

Summer Camp Fund!! 

My son’s Summer Camp Fundraiser for one.  I’ve been helping William promote his Fanpage The Camp Experience and building a website. I’ve been Tweeting and sharing, helping to get him sponsorships to get to Camp Amy Molson this summer.  WOW!  So much positive feedback, and we are so blessed with the support and sponsorships we have received so far.

In addition, I am offering free Doreen Virtue Angel Oracle Card readings straight into you inbox (for a week)  for any donation of $5.00 or more, and for a $25.00 donation you can choose between a free dream interpretation OR Oracle Card readings for a whole month! (excluding weekends).

YES!! The fabulous Christiana Kanaki, from Under A Sacred Tree, is donating all her proceeds from her Etsy shop this week to help fund my son’s camp experiences. You can find Christiana here or here.

For more on my son’s experience and how to give go to:  The Camp Experience, and click on Our Story.

Dream Interpretations:

I have 2 dream interpretations in my inbox. Although 1 is short, it seems to hold the key to my client’s next step into her journey.  So I want to take the time I need to focus on her dream.   All the dreams I receive are so amazing.  They all tell such a different story, yet, it remains, that these stories are truly a mirror of what is going on in our waking lives.

Writing Prompt!

Jennifer Shelton from FemCentral is hosting a writing prompt which is totally igniting my passion for writing, the thing is, this writing prompt is different (for me) than the ones she has hosted previously, and I am letting my imagination run wild.  I am almost done my first draft, however, I feel the need to tweak, pinch, and make it better.. It is due at midnight tonight.. I got to get rocking on the editing. WOO!

Giving a different perspective to a fairy tale is what this writing prompt is all about.  Jennifer writes:

“Tell the tale from another point of view – the one that seems to speak to you most pointedly or the one to which you have the most aversion.  It is not necessary to tell it from the perspective of the hero or heroine – even the pumpkin and the glass slipper in “Cinderella” have something surprising and unpredictable to say. If you are a woman, tell the tale as if you are Hansel lost with your sister Gretel in the woods; if you are a man, take Gretel’s point of view. Tell the tale as if you are the step-mother in Snow White, or are Bluebeard, or Rumpelstiltskin, or the king who wants gold spun from straw, the prince coming through the brambles to awaken Sleeping Beauty, or the Giant’s wife in “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

So without giving away the story, I can tell you that I am writing about Rapunzel.  Something in her tower is telling the story!

If you have time to try this out, the prompt is due today.  You can find the info here.

Creating, creating, capturing and creating!

I’m addicted to taking pictures and creating art with them on PicMonkey.  PicMonkey is free right now, so I am busy taking advantage of this service while it lasts.  I am considering paying for it once the free time is up, however, now my soul is busting with the urge to create create create.. so I am capturing close up, the world around me, and creating works of art.

I have a project I am working on for my photographs … So stay tuned! There is an Etsy shop in my future!

My happy happy loving Computer (laptop) 

Many of you know I have had tons of hiccups with my computer since last summer.  Some things seemed to have fixed themselves (God intervention I am sure).  Also this winter my friend Daniel was kind enough to send me a new power cord, since my other burned out literally, and my battery is totally drained.  Now, my connections USB, power, etc.. are starting to short out too, so I am looking for MORE divine intervention.  I love my Laptop and we really need it here for work and school!

This is my wacky Wednesday writing, hope you have an amazing day!

Tomorrow I will have an interview with Sarah Elle Elm, author of the new book Prismatic.


Guided By Spirit – Lucid Dreaming

lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden(1860–1932). In a lucid dream, the dreamer may be able to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment. Lucid dreams can be realistic and vivid. It is shown that there are higher amounts of beta-1 frequency band (13–19 Hz) experienced by lucid dreamers, hence there is an increased amount of activity in the parietal lobes making lucid dreaming a conscious process. (source:  Wikipedia)

Kelly Beversdorf is a longtime dreamer of mine (see below for all her dreams)  She shares her dreams regularly, however, I’ve found Kelly’s dreams to be more detailed and vivid, than most of my dreams or  those of my regular clients.  I did some research and found, in fact, without knowing, Kelly is experiencing the beginnings of Lucid Dreaming.  This can happen when one is in a meditative state, or in such a relaxed state (like almost falling asleep).

I also believe Kelly experiences a visit by a Spirit Guide:

I consulted Monica Wilcox, from FemmeTales, and she states:

I would say the Indian woman is a spirit guide and appeared to show that she is with her. It strikes me that the dream if very much about how to position yourself for survival/enlightenment and maybe this guide came to show her that she is supporting her in this. I would recommend at the end of the reading that Kelly try and connect to this woman in meditation. 

 Take a look:  

The Dream

I’m hanging out with Leah and her brother Jonathan. Jonathan is telling me about surviving in all different U.S. climates. He said by sleeping in certain positions you can survive longer in extreme weather, something to do with gravity and our bodies energy system. He referenced that a Native American tribe traveled to every region of our country studying these survival sleeping habits and found successful results in every region but ours (the Ohio River Valley). Jonathan showed me one of the sleeping positions:  if you sleep with your head pointing towards a large body of water (lake or ocean) you will avoid having cold damp feet, thus not getting sick. He was telling me this in a very serious tone and way as if my life depended on it. He said the reason the Native American tribe was so unsuccessful in surviving in our area was because of our inconstant weather patterns.

We are sitting on my bed in my room and I notice there is a young Indian woman looking out my window. She is dressed in a brown dress, length is above her ankles, she has long beautiful black straight hair(its shiny), her hair is in pig-tails. The dress is made from animal hide. She had a thin leather head band on with a few small feathers standing up. She looked straight at me…into my eyes with her big brown eyes. She pointed her finger over her lips like she was wanting me to keep this a secret between us. I don’t know if Jonathan even saw her? While she is standing there Jonathan keeps talking about all the different sleeping positions…and demonstrating them. Its looks like Cirque De Soleil going on in the background while the Indian Woman and I locked eyes for what seemed like hours. When she disappeared I asked him to clarify what this tribe didn’t find a survival sleeping position for this area? He said he wasn’t sure, but suggested they didn’t make it here or they didn’t survive because of the constant unpredictable weather.

I’m walking down a familiar street. The full moon is out.  It is HUGE and it is beautiful: the kind of moon that literally takes up the entire sky. The fall leaves are at their most colorful, red, orange, yellow, purple, burgundy, golden, rusty orange, light greenish-yellow, and they are all sparking in the moon light. They are lit up like Christmas lights, and the street I’m walking down is lined up with big strong beautiful old trees with magnificent leaves. It’s like one of those light tunnels you might see during a Christmas light show in a park…but picture it as trees with every fall color you can imagine lit up by the moon. AMAZING!!! I’m walking through the tunnel of glowing trees and I see these 2 old snobby people complaining about everything & anything in the middle of this tunnel. These 2 people reminded me of the people I use to work for in an art gallery in Arizona last winter. I pass them, but they ask me where they can leave this tunnel. I tell them to figure it out themselves because I’m enjoying myself in this place, and ask them to stop stealing my joy. I keep walking on down the street/tree tunnel.  I get to an opened path way. So it’s not night-time any more, but day.

The sky is slightly overcast…very light gray skies high in the sky…not the looming clouds you’d see if there was rain coming. At the end of this path is a valley not a steep valley but a gentle slop. It’s very grassy, soft ground and there are people all kinds of people happily playing. It’s like a giant play ground for everyone not just kids…even dogs & cats are there having fun(in peace). There are buildings…brick buildings around the play ground they are a golden color with big windows. I see a parking lot…which is full of cars except one spot. All of the sudden the sky opens up…and rain comes down gently hitting my face, hair, and I start walking down the hill toward the play ground. People aren’t really alarmed…some go inside but some stay out in the rain. I see Jonathan pull into the one open parking space with Leah in the passenger side. They wave at me…their arms are out of the car windows waving big waves at me…”happy to see you” waves. I get to the car quickly and easily, I noticed in the window’s reflection the moon is still out full, huge, and beautiful…it’s behind me. Leah and Jonathan mention how cool and rare it is to have rain with not clouds and with the moon out. Okay I’ll add that the time prior to this moment I didn’t realize the moon was out…I thought it was the sun shining through the clouds which was making it so bright. I was WRONG! I agreed and smiled at them happy to share this awesome moment with my two friends. Jonathan takes his foot off the brake and the car rolls slightly over the black top into the grass, leaving mud tire marks and he ends up getting the car to back up and on the black top…no harm no foul!

The Interpretation

We discussed briefly this dream the other day.  I am convinced, that you were in a meditative state or lucid dreaming.  There are too many details in this dream to be a “conventional dream”

These dreams can still be interpreted, however, I think there is a higher power at work in this dream.  The traditional symbols are there Friends, places etc. however, there is, I am sure, a spirit guide (Native Woman) telling you a secret.. or showing you this dream to give you a message.

This secret has to do with Survival and paradise.. the inner paradise one can feel when at one with the Universe.  The valley seemed to me to be heaven.  Where all is at one and at peace.  Even the moon arriving through the rain is a moment of pure bliss..

Your friends, to me, represent unconditional love, support and help.  You can call on these friends anytime to help you to feel that you have a purpose here that you are trying to fulfill, and they will be your soul partners to cheer you on!

I totally love the Native Woman. I truly believe she is one of your spirit guides whom you can call on when needed.  I feel she has been there a long time by your side, and feels you are ready to receive this information about eternal life and the peaceful paradise you can have right here on earth.

She also appears to comfort you and to let you know that your past lives were not all negative, that there has always been people along your path who have loved you and supported you.. every single lifetime.. and she gave you a glimpse of heaven.. But its a secret.. between her and you.. The rest of the secret is only for you to discover..

John here seems to be in your dream to give you tips into “survival” into your new life.  Your life of being on your own, and being ok!  I think the “outdoorsy” way he is speaking about, is letting you know, that you have ways you can act and be, in order to always be safe.  Sleeping positions remind me of the basic needs.. when we are children, the foetal position is what keeps us safe.. even today when we are sad.

And your life does depend on this information.  If you choose a life of unconditional love and support for yourself, like Leah and John give you here.. you will live a life of purpose.  This tribe will make it.. because you will let yourself be guided into the right position.. (this also may be a tribe of a past you’ve once lived)

The tunnel of glowing trees (as you describe) gave me an overwhelming feeling of happiness.  This place, where you are in total bliss, allowed you to tap into yourself despite the snotty negative women.  This place resides within you.  You can tap into it whenever you feel there is negativity around you.. this is your “higher self” your spirit.. Go there often.

The moon, which according to Dreammoods,  represents some hidden, mysterious aspect of yourself, this makes total sense to me because it even comes out during a rain shower.  This mysterious aspect of yourself.. still needs to be discovered (secret of the Native woman).. and its up to you to find it!!! ( I think your course with Jen will help with this)

The parking lot being full except for one place:  I feel this place is left open for you.. for you to find your niche (the mystery)…

Your friends represent all who are cheering you on this path.  You can connect with them too when you feel down or disappointed.  I am cheering for you too.. and so are all the positive influences and people in your life.

The Valley represents the old and the new.  The valley with the gentle slope seems to represent the passage into this new life.. this new way of thinking, and a place to feel sheltered and protected.. or the need to feel sheltered and protected.

This dream / vision is powerful and very spiritual.. I could probably find more and more meaning, however, I think the secret is for you to discover.

You can catch Kelly’s BIO and dreams here  and here.

NEW:  Kelly’s Response to this interpretation:

She is most definitely open to other dimensions, as guides, worlds and twin souls come to her in her dreams!   Fascinating.

For more info on how I interpret dreams go to my readings page.

Love and light to you


Where Worlds Collide – By Monica Wilcox

This week we are talking about Visitation Dreams.  On January 19th I posted a poll asking you to vote if you had any of the following dreams:  Visitation, guides, angels etc.. 35% of you answered you’ve were visited by a deceased loved one.  According to Ryan Hurd, in his article, Visitation dreams: When the Veil between Worlds is Thinthere are common traits in visitation dreams.  I will list these at the bottom of the post for you to read.

Today I feel honored Monica Wilcox shares her experience with us.  She describes in her absolute best writing and style the visit she received after the passing of her mother:

Don’t tell me worlds aren’t clashing every day. Realities are always slamming into one another. Just look at what happens when I close me eyes and slip back to:

My Childhood Home 

Only it’s empty: no furniture, no art work, no organized piles of crap waiting to be dealt with. Just squares of sunlight stretched in long diagonals across the taupe carpet. That’s mighty peculiar since I haven’t been home, in like, forever. Didn’t we sell this house once upon a time?

My mom, with my father behind her, are the only things filling up the empty. She’s all smiles, looking refreshed and younger than I ever knew her. So heaven is the universal spa. Just look what 4 years has done for my mother.

We embrace and I feel her; the way her body used to fit into mine, her unconditional love for me, her individual energy. I’m suddenly all emotional and mystified, “Why are you here? You died,” I stammer.

“I never died, Monica. That’s a mistake,” she assures me.

Can you see it now; how one swirling world collides into another?  One truth crumbling away at another truth as huge chunks of reality become obliterated by the friction. There is the reality where I scattered my mother’s aches across a Wyoming mountainside the day before I plunged into a deep pit of grief.

And Then There is This Reality 

“I never died. I never died. And now I’ve come back.”

I’m so thrilled by this heavenly act of contrition that I start babbling and crying all over her.  My heart shatters into a thousand bits of gratitude. God made a mistake? I was right all along, she wasn’t supposed to die.

“Where have you been?” I ask. I can’t understand where she has been all this time; like a Columbian vacation gone bad. Does she know what it’s done to my father? My father! He must be overjoyed to have her back now. He’s been so lost without her. Now they can go back to the way it was and continue on.

But while she was lounging at the Pearly Gates Spa, everything here, at the house has changed.

“Oh no Mom! We got rid of all your clothes and your jewelry…we’ll have to ask everyone to give everything back. Here…,” I tug her wedding ring off my finger and offer it back to her, “here’s your ring back.” How could we have given away her whole life like that; within weeks of her death? As if there was no chance she would want it back? There is a long list of personal things I’ll never find, like her blue ceramic cookie jar she made in her first ceramics class in the ‘70’s. Does Goodwill have long term storage? I’m inexplicably mortified to have done this to her.

She curls my fingers over the ring, “It’s not mine anymore. I have a new life now. I’m no longer married.” She’s practically glowing, like a woman in the deep depths of a bottomless peace and… knowing.

Good gravy! She’s returned from the dead to divorce my father and build a new single life. Next thing she’ll tell me is she’s bought a cute condo in the big city and a sexy black Beamer. My mother has gone into a full-blown re-life crisis.

Yes, worlds are colliding.  And I’m stuck between them. My mother IS here before me, as fully as she ever was, AND yet…she is not.

“I still have your brass bed and we can get back your antique hutch but your bedroom set and your couches and some of your photos…we just couldn’t keep nineteen albums worth of pictures.”

She puts her hands on my shoulders. She’s got that look of sympathy in her eyes. The last time she looked at me that way I was fifteen and heartbroken with a bad crush. It means there are things she understands that I do not. I hate that look.

“Honey, I’ve moved on to another place.”

“Do you think we can get the school to hire you back? I’m sure they can find a teaching position for you.”

She hugs me again, whispering in my ear, “If you only knew how EASY all of it really is. If only I’d have known I wouldn’t have been so darned stressed out and worried scared.”

That’s easy for her to say. She died and then God realized He’d made a mistake and brought her back and now she’s a retired divorcee moving to some beach in tax free Costa Rica.

I awake, curl up and cry. Why did my subconscious do that to me? Why couldn’t my mind grasp that my mom was communicating to me from another place. I have a thousand questions I wanted to ask but all I could think about was hunting down her damn embroidered pillowcases. It’s like my conscious mind could not get itself around the possibility of another reality.

No. Don’t tell me world’s aren’t colliding. They are colliding every night.

Monica Wilcox is a regular contributor for, and Her work has been featured on McSweeney’ and in Parent:Wise magazine. When she’s not editing her first novel, she’s blogging about women’s issues, living green and everything woo-woo. She’s been advised to publish a dream journal. Until then you can find more of her nightly drama at

Common Traits of Visitation Dreams

Taken from the article by Ryan Hurd, on Oct. 29, 2009

Meanwhile, ordinary people around the world continue to have visitation dreams that greatly affect them.   Some say the dreams actually change their lives forever. According to Kevin Kovelant, a consciousness studies professor at JFK University, visitation dreams often have these features:

  • The dream feels more real than the usual dream: more clarity, focus, and steadiness of mind.
  • A “felt sense” that the person is really them, not just  a memory. “That was grandma – I know it was her.”
  • Very little plot: usually the dream narrative consists of the interaction between the dream ego and the figure of the deceased person.
  • Strong emotions are commonly reported: love, forgiveness, anger, fear.
  • A “physical” touch between the spirit and the dreamer, usually a hug or a reaching out.
  • The deceased dream figure often looks younger and healthier than when they passed on.
  • Sometimes accompanied by the feeling of “weight” or “presence” on the dreamer’s bed.

Dreamworker Robert Moss breaks down visitation dreams into 13 themes. Here’s my favorites from Moss’s interesting book The Dreamer’s Book of the Dead.


So tell me.  Have you experienced a visitation dream?  Let me know in the comment section below. Also, do you have thoughts on what happened here between Monica and her mom?

The Colorful Scarf

Introducing Sylvia van Bruggen , author and creator of Playful Creativity. Sylvia’s mission is to aid in bringing out the playful side in all of us.  She also has her own Tarot Deck and creates poems which delights the soul.  Sylvia wrote a special story for me entitled The Bright Pink Backpack.  A gift I will always remember.

In her Manifesto she writes:

You were born to play. You were born to create every single day, dream up your life in a grand and magnificent way.

Sylvia came to me with this short, yet very insightful dream last week.   I was so excited when she told me I could post it here for you:

The Dream

I was on my way to my mothers house (as I am now too LOL). It was a very long journey, even bought ice cream from a stand next to the road.

Then when the bus arrived in my moms village, the bus took another road and I got off in front of an Indian store. It was very colorful and sitar music was on loud. I bought a belly dance scarf and put it on.

Then I walked along the water to the original bus stop. My mother and my sister were there, walking with their heads hanging and sad.

They must have heard my scarf because they looked up suddenly and waved 🙂

A bit of *mapping  

*Note on Mapping:  This is the first step in interpreting a dream.  I look at the important symbols.

  • Mom’s house : Body and spirit.. (motherly)
  • Long journey:  spiritual
  • Ice cream = reward
  • Bus at village: Transportation … takes a different route
  • Indian store: Colorful music LOUD!
  • Belly dance scarf: Play
  • Water to bus stop: inner journey
  • Mom / sister: hanging heads and sad/Superego
  • Scarf woke them up and they waved:  acknowledgement

The Interpretation

Childhood home.. Going back to your childhood home Sylvia, after such a long journey, makes me think of the journey you have made.. do arrive to your creative loving self.. Ice-Cream.. makes your inner child happy, thus this is a good sign that you are totally listening and loving yourself at this time.

The bus seems to be taking a detour… a stop over.. Just like in life we take the time to stop and try different directions. This place you are stopping at is lively full of color and music.. again a very good sign.. that you are heading in the right direction with your Workshop. The scarf may represent, according to Dreammoods, that you are learning to differentiate mind from body… I think this makes sense but in a way where play is important for your soul despite what your mind is sometimes thinking.

The fact that your mother and sister (female superego) are sad.. Is that your id (playful soul) may be disappointing your adult self or your adult self may not totally 100% believe this (your project or your playtime) is good. However, I think you are on the right track and I know for a fact that it is normal to doubt ourselves unconsciously once and awhile.

What Sylvia had to say:

Wow that is fantastic!!! I keep getting these ego messages that my quest is just stupid and I need to start behaving myself, time to get that out of my life .

Crossing paths

The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along. -Rumi

This week I asked if any of you have experienced a visitation in any of your dreams.  (If you haven’t taken the poll yet, please go here.)  In the dream below, I truly believe the dreamer was able to access the energy of her good friend.  What do you think?  

The Dream

My dream last night was very strange. I dreamt that I was hanging out with a guy I have not seen in at least 10 years. He is about 6 years older than me. We met such a long time ago when I was 9. (I’m now 37). It was a short dream – we were laughing and talking and goofing around. He grabbed my ankle/foot and said something like “wow, you must be an athlete!!” (perhaps referring to my disproportionately skinny ankles). I laughed and said “not even close, but I hope to be an athlete someday.” We were then suddenly sitting in the backseat of a car and he was lying down with his head in my lap and I was playing with his hair like we were the closest friends. My mother was sitting next to us and smiled. That was pretty much it. I woke up missing him terribly and wishing we were still in touch.

Some background:

– I have been overweight since about the sixth grade and was the victim of bullying for several years. I am trying to change my mindset and get healthier/lose weight.

– The guy I dreamt about: his name is Dan – we met at church and were not very close – mostly because he was so much older. I always admired him and enjoyed his company very much, and thought of him as the older brother I never had. He was a prankster and liked to annoy me, but had a heart of gold and I knew he cared about me. I haven’t seen him since his wedding several years ago. Honestly, I didn’t realize I had a huge crush on him until at the end of his wedding when he and his wife were dancing – it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was devastated we were not together. This reaction completely shocked me and I was severely depressed for days. I still don’t know if I was really “in love” or just had a crush – or if my feelings were associated with my nostalgia dating back to when we first met at church (see below).

– the church we met at: a huge issue and theme of my life – it was a very strict, conservative, “born again” Christian church – we attended both the church and the associated school for about 2 years. It was cult-like and the pastor/leadership was very hypocritical. It was very traumatic and played a large part in shaping my life.

“When you connect with someone so deeply there is a chance they may come to cross your path again… even in your dreams.” Kim Larocque

The Interpretation

It seems this “guy” is a part of you.. He represents the aspect of you who can keep you company and give you comfort. We all can be co-dependant at times, and enjoying our OWN company can be a difficult task.. however when we do reach the point of being able to comfort ourselves and give ourselves “self-love” we are on a path of enlightenment. Since you are losing weight and changing things in your life.. It seems that you can reach this encouragement within yourself.. by using this energy of “the guy”.

Dreaming about him grabbing your ankle may mean… you are trying to “grab” a sense of direction in your life.. Ankles keep our legs and feet attached and give us flexibility to walk! So it could also mean.. “Standing on your own two feet”.

What have you been feeling lately about your life now? That is a question I would ask myself.

“You must be an athlete”! Are you working harder at exercising lately? Are you proud of your accomplishments? You do have hopes that you acknowledge in your dream.

Being in the backseat of a moving car with the guy in your lap.. seems like such a loving time.. Like you are taking care of no one else but each other, and letting life take you for a ride.. It sounds like surrender to me. Letting go.. Maybe letting go of the pain you suffered together at the church/cult. Letting go of the past.. letting yourself ride the journey of life so that you can move forward.

The fact that your mother was there smiling …. Seems to me that there is complete approval.. It’s ok to do what you are doing.. Your mom represents that parental side of you. The fact that she was smiling leads me to believe that you are ready to let go.. that its ok.. that there is unconditional love there for you.

Side note: I was doing research about twin souls they are also called Divine Compliment.  I think you both may be able to call on each other in your dreams when you need a dose of unconditional love.


Hi Kim! This analysis blows me away. So much of this resonates with me. The idea that he showed up in my dream to comfort me is so, well, comforting! I had a Reiki session on Saturday-although they are usually very peaceful and relaxing, I experienced a lot of anxiety and actually had a panic attack. I think my experience with this church was the start of my anxiety disorder. It is possible he appeared in my dream as someone who understands (although, the dream was before the Reiki session).

I think it also makes sense that he represented myself-like I was acknowledging the transformation I am undergoing in my life. I’ve always thought of my extra weight as a suit I wear representing the pain I’ve built up and carried throughout my life. My extra weight is not “me”, but something I will release when I don’t need it anymore. Maybe he was telling me it’s time to let go?

Thank you so much for this interpretation, it’s really profound and amazing. You are the best!!

What do you think about this dream?  Could you add anything?  Please use to comment field below  to share your experiences or thoughts.

Looking forward to delving deeper into the Mystical realm.

Tornadoes, Elevators and Daniel Craig? Go!

Introducing Julie Seibert, the owner of Reawaken Your Brilliance    a Web TV Radio/Talk show available online.  You must check her out.  She came to me with a dream last month really thinking she was crazy! However, most dreams do not make sense until we really look at them. I invite you to take a look.

The Dream

Last night I dreamt that I was in Miami (never have been, knew that was where I was). Was with a younger man. Liked him, but I was much older, We were at his condo. We are walking down and there is an area where you can eat that is glass right against the ocean. I see the waves are starting to look menacing. We go up towards the elevator. My intutiion says dont go. I can see a twister forming in the ocean. We punch #s and go up and up and all the way to the top which isn’t where he lives and then suddenly start going down and stopping. I think I am going to die, get stuck (I have a fear of enclosed places. When I am very stressed I don;t like being trapped in elevators, etc.). We go down very fast and I see water leaking in the elevator. I think we are being swallowed by ocean.

We get out of the elevator and the waves are coming after us. My friend is worried about me–he thinks I’m going to die, but for some strange reason I know even though I am about to get pummeled I am going to be okay. So, get gulped up by the water and am okay. Then I see that twister again. And the guy is like what is a twister and I am like that thing and point to it….It then starts to come towards us, so we run by the elevator and hide from it. It is like a person–looking for us and does a little dance until it finds me and starts to come after me and then I wake up.

Now, what is interesting is that the night before I had this dream and I am with Daniel Craig. We are in a room and I say hold my hand I’m scared. He does and is very gentle with me. He is filming an independent movie and we have become close. Some movie stuff and then we are hiding from others. Then the next thing we remember we are rock climbing and I get stuck on this area. The only way I can see is up and I am afraid. And stuck. But then all of sudden he shows me how to get around. I can climb down towards him and get around the tall rock.

Yesterday, I went to the bank about refi as I need to. The guy had coloring like Daniel, so I thought that was help from my guardian angel., But, in the dream I really thought Daniel represented my soulmate. And it was a message, he is coming and he will help you–just feel very alone now, wanting someone.

What I thought was interesting was this feeling of hope the night before and then last night, this dream. I should also add I have been depressed for about two weeks–but it is like a fog that desended upon me and is starting to lift./ Have been depressed in the past, but for the most part have worked through that, so this was very surprising.

The Interpretation

I believe, as does Carl Jung, dreams are a mirror of our subconscious  mind thus, mirror what we go through no matter how crazy the dreams seem.  The symbols in the dream are usually what they mean to you. I rarely go to a book, but will on occasion research for reference.  Also, there are also “roles” in your dreams.  The Id, The Ego and The Superego.  Those 3 roles often represent a part of you.

The id:  The child – wishes, desires, playfull and sometimes seem spoiled.
The Ego:  yourself in the dream
The Superego:  Parental, morality, judgement etc.

Recurring Dream from my Childhood by Caleb Lin

I often refer to my intuition and to similar dreams I have had or interpreted in the past. All this put together is called mapping.  I map out your dream, with all the symbols, meanings, roles etc.. and then to put them together like a puzzle. So here it goes.

I am going to start with the Daniel Craig dream since it came first.

You tell me that Daniel Craig represents your Soulmate to you. I have no doubt in my mind that he does.  However, I also think he represents a part of you which is NOT the id or ego, but the Protector.  I had someone have a very similar dream about a celeb (see dream here) whom she believes is her soul mate.  This soul mate is there to tell you that you can have all these qualities that you love in this person in yourself.  You have taken yourself to the bank, and asked for refinance and I think your intuition is dead on where you know you  will get the help needed but maybe not in the way that may be obvious.

You see with Daniel you ask for help!! You ask him to hold your hand.  Yet you say you are hiding from others and that he’s filming an independent movie!  Which makes me wonder Julie, are you hiding this refi thing from some friends or some family?  If this refi doesn’t work out.. Have you thought of asking for help?  Do you see that language.. INDEPENDENT .. Daniel totally represents that independent /self-employed person.  So keep an open mind when it comes to asking for help from outside sources!

I know too well this feeling of climbing then feeling stuck.  I love that all you could see is up (prayers) and then get help to come down (answer to prayers) You had faith in Daniel and he guided you down.  Have faith in yourself, others and the Universe.  They will also guide you down, so that you can finally feel grounded.

Dream 2

It is obvious both dreams are connected.  Like I said in our email exchange, both involve men, feeling stuck and help.  I also see a common theme of getting up or down or away from something.  Your depression and anxiety are represented by the bad weather and the tornado.  In my life, anxiety is often represented by storms and tornadoes in my dreams.  So since you’ve been feeling the veil slowly coming off in waking life, the gentle Daniel Craig dream shows this.

Starting off in sunny Miami is a great way to start a dream.  Although you only can know what significance Miami is to you!  To me it’s a familiar and popular vacation spot and wher many flock to visit during the winter.  I also think of CSI or MIAMI vice when I think of Miami.. So ask youself what Miami means to you.

You are with a younger guy, who again represents a part of you, but this time NOT the protector.. I think he’s the ID.  The younger side of you.  This guy is attentive but not as attentive as Daniel.  In this dream you bypass your instincts by going to towards the glass restaurant.. I had to look this one up.. Rooms surrounded by glass may mean you are putting an invisible barrier around you.. (could be that veil) or it could mean you need clarity or a combo of both.

What I see here in all that chaos.. Going up then down fast.. Waves tornadoes, feeling stuck.. Etc.. This is your anxiety. The thing you fear is chasing you.  What is that fear?  What is it you need to acknowledge in your life right now?  Could it be fearing the loss of control if you lose your house?  Or something in that manner?  Again, do you need to ASK for help here Julie in this situation?

Is seems to me that you are in great distress at this part of your dream.. Which leads me to believe that this is affecting you in your daily life right now.. Feeling stuck, choked, can’t breathe!

The fact that you come around in your dream and KNOW you are going to be ok.. Is self-comforting.  Because, truthfully, you know deep down that no matter what happens .. Everything IS going to be ok.  You have that tool at your disposal.

THE ELEVATOR:  Going up the elevator may represent your success and how you feel you’ve accomplished in life, going down can represent feeling grounded.. Coming down for awhile to assess the situation you are in.

Have you been contemplating a change in the way you do your show?  Have you been looking for new sources of income?

The fact the tornadoish person is chasing you at the end of your dream leads me to believe that maybe, you are hard on youself.  I think that particular tornado is like a bully!  Trying to put you down.. You know all that negative self talk we do? ..

In conclusion, I think both dreams are connected, that you have listened to your wise self / soul mate Daniel Craig.  You may need to reassess your situation with the refi (have a plan B) if it doesn’t work out.

Continue to be kind, loving and gentle with yourself.  Be Daniel Craig.. Hold your own hand and go!

A “Shout Out” from Julie Seibert

I have to give a huge shout out to Kim Larocque for an amazing dream reading/interpretation. Right off the bat she noticed patterns of what my dreams were trying to tell me. She then asked what certain symbols meant for me before giving me my final analysis! I was BLOWN AWAY. I have been hiding needing a refinancing of my home (I’m embarrassed) and was afraid to ask for help…She nailed that, among other things. What I really appreciated was her encouragement and gentle way of explaining what the dream was about and what I needed to pay attention to….