Easter to me is…. life

Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.

~S.D. Gordon

What amazes me about spring is how everything seems to come back to life. Every bit of nature awakens…no longer dormant from the long winter. Even the birds seem to come alive to sing their songs of love. Neighbours come out of their homes frantically cleaning every part of their yard, and throwing out things from their homes no longer needed. Those things, in turn, may go in a garage sale, and they too regain life and energy because someone else saw their worth.

So speaking in terms of Easter and resurrection, this: “the renewal of life” is what Easter/Passover mean to me. As a child born in a Catholic family, I’ve always embraced stories from the Bible and put them into contexts I could understand. This religion my parents passed on to me is not something I practice; however, I take with me great stories, which help me on this journey I am on today. Passover broken in two is pass over… and to me this means moving on, turning the page, and renewal. Both Easter and Passover to me, have similar messages to pass… over!

It is no wonder the egg, the flower and the rabbit (fertility and rebirth) have become symbols this time of year, their reference to abundance and life ring true. Our children can believe that nothing remains stagnant and everything is there for them in the palms of their hands, and by just planting one seed… everything can multiply a million times.

In this short post, to those who celebrate life, take time to review about what this time of the year means to you and please feel free to share with me.

Happy Sunday! Happy Easter! Happy Renewal Day! Happy Life!! Happy Spring!