Face It – Workin’ on It

 Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead.  ~Mac McCleary

Last week I was featuring a series of four dreams.  I introduced you to the dreamer Mel here, plus I featured a dream on Thursday here and Friday here. 

On her journeyMel has faced herself in the first dream, and began the task of ridding herself of clutter which still lies in her.  At times, during self-love work, we may become impatient.. wanting things to “work itself out” right away!  I think the following dream represents Mel’s courageous choice to do such work, however, she must give herself time, gentleness and love.


The Dream

This dream had me in a supermarket queue. However it was like nothing I’ve ever seen in Italy. All the people were queued in one line and when a checkout became available you moved over to your checkout. I was about three away from the front of the queue. Holding quite a heavy basket and feeling my usual mix of impatience and fear that someone would somehow push ahead of me and I would have to stand my ground. However what happened was the two people in front of me said: This is stupid. One queue when there is all that space and they moved off to join queues where the checkout wasnot yet free but soon would be. I then felt panic. Do I do what they had done or do I risk losing my space if other people behind me decide to do it even though it didn’t feel like what was expected. In the end I rushed to another checkout in a fluster. I complained a bit to the checkout girl that I felt that the other people had broken the rules and therefore I felt I had to or lose my space and the supermarket should really organise the system better but she just smiled at me. I tried empathising with her and saying ‘I bet you get people complaining all the time in your line of work?’ but still she kept smiling at me. I don’t remember anything after that.

The Interpretation

Dreaming of a supermarket seems to represent a place where you get what you need.

It may be that emotional or physical needs are not being met, and this is a place to get them.

The dreams seems to be repeating the “patience” theme. Not that you want to be first, but for once you do not want to skip and lose your turn! Its very important to you to stand your ground and NOT lose your place, or youself. You have your heavy basket, which is to be, burdens or emotional baggage that you desperately need to unload. You become very impatient in your dream (and you have admitted to being impatient in your life) and you long to assert yourself!!! What you do not realize though, that once the two people in front moved to the next line, you were NEXT in line!! But you worried anyways, and panicked.

It also seems to be (and I know) you are questioning yourself about your purpose and your place in real life.. So this dream makes much sense.

It seems you fear others getting there before you! I say take your time, and move through this flow you are living.. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now!!! J You wont lose your place if you are kind and patient with yourself.

In the end of the dream, the cashier (she’s you again) is doing exactly what you did in the previous dream: She’s empathising with you and smiling J Keep on smiling Mel! Be patient and kind to yourself and you will get there!

Mel’s Response

Oh wow Kim! Do you think this is to do with making the changes I want to in my life too? Maybe I don’t need to do everything at once. Thank you so much!  I think we need to remember that we can’t force anything.  Things will only come to us when they are ready to come. However, when you don’t have patience this can be especially hard but we need to remember I think, that, the Universe isn’t going to let someone jump ahead of us unless they really need to be there first. ♥


Letting Go of Attachment

Think about any attachments that are depleting your emotional reserves. Consider letting them go.
Oprah Winfrey

Today was a day to let go!  To surrender.. to live.. to breathe!

Just for today I did not worry.

Just for today I did not anger.

Just for today I cried a little…

I cried when I let go of the attachment to the expectation of how things may turn out to be.

Today I lived!

Loving my attachment jar!

When I did the ROOTED course with Megan Monique.  I created an attachment jar.  In that jar, I put all the expectations on how I wanted things to go… When I do put on paper and release it to my jar.. All worries are lifted.. and guess what?  Things end up pretty much turning out just fine.. sometimes even better than fine!  So.. Let Go!!


Manifestation.. sometimes its just that easy!

I woke up this morning all groggy and whatnot.. I quickly reminded myself before falling asleep last night that I had to set my intention before getting up.. sooo…

I said: “Today I am going to have a great day with the “grade 5 class from hell” everyone is talking about!”

No no no.. that wont work… rewind and restart: “Today I am going to have a great day with the kids, they are calm, responsable and helpful children”

Thats it. I Got up .. got dressed… got my son up (almost .. he was still in bed when I left) and went to class. I met their teacher as she was picking up her pencil case to go to her meeting. She said: “Have a nice day.. but.. hmm… they are, or can be.. well.. kinda “bad”!

I quickly changed that sentence in my head and repeated the intention I made early in the morning before I left…

Well guess what?

I had an amazing morning with the kids. They worked so well they finished their work ahead of time.. so after recess I allowed them to play quiet games, read or draw. One student said to me: “I don’t know why.. but usually our class is bad with subs..” Then turning to her friend she says: “Don’t you agree she is the best sub we had all year?”

I smiled… and chuckled.. they didn’t even have a clue.