Where The Butterflies Go – Heather Grace Stewart

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”  ~Rabindranath Tagore

Butterflies have been my “sign” lately.  I have them everywhere:  On my windows, as jewelry, on shirts, as stickers, letter stationary on my journals and even clothes.  Just the other day I received a free box of kleenex from my local grocery store, and on it, YES butterflies.  When my friend was shopping for her first house a few months ago, she showed me the one they put an offer on,  and on the front door’s glass window, there were 4 butterflies etched in the glass.  I told her it was a sign she would get the house.  One butterfly for each child (there were 4 going from biggest to smallest).  She’s moving in next weekend!  Also,  My children have recently made me Mother’s day cards and gifts with butterflies on it. Show’s they know their mama.

Last week , when Heather Grace Stewart ,-a fellow Montrealer, author and poet, approached me about the release of her book Where The Butterflies Go, on Kindle, I had to say YES!!  On March 29th, Heather graciously answered a few questions for Muse In The Valley, she was my 2nd Author Of the Week, which in fact became a weekly event due to the enormous success of the interviews.    ( You can read our interview here.)

Where The Butterflies Go is now on Kindle for $2.99 with half the proceeds going to UNICEF!

However, for 3 days only:

Thursday June 21st, Friday June 22nd, Saturday June 23rd it will be free!

You can get it through Amazon.com just click here!

Natasha head reviews Where The Butterflies Go, she writes:

“The first part of the collection, aptly entitled Pain, takes the world face on. Heather’s words trigger sadness, loss and incomprehension, but, these very same words, also inspire hope. This is, in itself, a testament to the quality and strength of her craftsmanship.  The poem ‘Golden Days’, stands out strongly for me.  It’s final lines, looking back to the release of the collection from now, almost rings of prophecy…..

There are dark clouds/Across this Canadian sky

The second part of the book, simply entitled Growth is where you can really see the voice of the poet evolve. The questions that so many of us have; the where, the why of this world, tackled head on with no fear and honest pen.”

~Natasha Head, for The River Review

FREE stuff is always fun, if I had a Kindle I would be right on it!  So go, get Where The Butterflies Go while they are free of charge, and share this WONDERFUL NEWS with your friends.

Love and light

If you feel it.. set it free!

“The cloud is free only to go with the wind. The rain is free only in falling.”
Wendell Berry

Its just one of those days where there is a lump in my heart bringing up tears of sadness. All I want to do is cry! It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride these past couple of days. Nothing serious, however, a bunch of little things are coming back up in me and I’m really trying hard to embrace them. Sadness is a normal human emotion, and I have always been able to embrace it. It is the pain underneath the sadness, which I have trouble dealing with.

For some sadness is pain, but to me there is something bigger hiding inside. You know the hurt you feel in your chest? I have to feel it and ride it out, because these past couple of years I’ve been trying to suppress that pain, which in turn has causes me grief. I get panic, anxiety, digestion problems…etc.. All that craziness for blocking the true feelings that reside within my soul.

I was talking to my father the other day. We were discussing my brother who suffers from bi-polar type II. My brother is a grand example of someone who suppresses the pain, which comes with challenges in our lives. He went from riches to rags in a 10-year period. It is very difficult for us to communicate with him, and let him know, if he only acknowledged is pain, all the little pains he has suffered in his lifetime would be a thing of the past. Yet, he wont… he wont continue his therapy, he wont continue seeing his doctor and he has blocked all family from his life. BLOCKAGES!! Thus, he remains sick… L

That is when I told my dad I refuse to block anymore. Crying is ok, screaming is ok, being angry is ok, being sad is ok, being happy is ok, and being excited is ok.. You get my point? All emotions are ok.. As long as we can see, hear and feel these emotions, we are on the right track. So today.. I give myself permission to feel. To feel every emotion which wants me to listen.

I listen.. I feel.. I unblock… In addition, if I need to talk to someone.. I do.. I reach out.. I love .. I feel loved.

I told my dad that day: “Dad I am strong because I can cry” he said “Yes you are my favourite daughter. I am proud of you!” J

…. And so it is….