Unseen Fury

Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books that are written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will find them gradually, without noticing it, and live along some distant day into the answer. ~Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to Christiana and posted her dream:  Transparency  Christiana has the most unbelievable dreams, and her dreams are taking me places I have never been before.

This week’s dream comes after a period of “unease” for Christiana, and since then she’s on an upward trend. She is accepting where she is at the moment. I love Christiana’s way of loving and healing others she has a calling and I have experienced it first hand… So I want to thank her for allowing me, once again, to use her dream for this week’s Dream Friday.

In her words (her feelings before the dream)

“Although I do feel that I’m very lucky with the way we live, sometimes I feel that the kids and hubby neglect doing some little things that would make my life easier like picking their dishes and clothes…. and it is getting on my nerves.

Plus I did get anxious and fury and was in a hurry to finally connect with my guides and find and work on my path.. I saw everybody else doing it and was left behind….”

The Dream

We brought our dog to a dog spa… (we do have a little dog) to have a hair cut and a bath. The place looked quite dark and small, like an old downtown apartment… but it had a back yard which actually looked like a greek forest (not so green and wild like the Black Forest!!! – mostly with pines, that had thrown some of their needles forming a nice brown carpet…). I gave the dog to the “reception” and went back with the rest of the family, that being my parents, too! We were sitting on some picnic wooden tables there, relaxing.

Then we changed scene and were at my parent’s house. They had the newborn baby of a cousin of mine (!!!) with the eldest sister being 2 years old. This looked really strange to me, in that how could my mom take care of a newborn and why on earth did the mother leave it there… It was a huge baby, really over-sized and almost ready to walk and I was really worried because they let it on its car sit but it was moving a lot and was ready to fall any time… The eldest sister, however, although two yrs,  looked much younger… like having a problem… Can’t remember much of the rest…

Going back to the dog spa… although it felt we were always there, as we were sitting there and waiting, I saw my father coming staggering (in real life he can’t walk alone due to the strokes and Alzheimer’s) but walking alone, until he fell on his knees, but still without any help… this was really frustrating and I went back to the reception to ask when our dog would be ready… They told me there was a minor delay and then I got furious, telling them that we’ve been waiting for more than a day there (!!!) with my father who had a problem and couldn’t stay longer (I made them watch him as he was staggering) leaving behind two babies that couldn’t help themselves…

The Interpretation

Your dog is your companion, and after discussing with you this morning, I think it represents a part of you that is loyal, communicative and full of unconditional love. In your dream you take your dog in for “self-care” a spa! When I think of a spa.. I think of a beautiful place to be pampered where everyone is paying “attention” to you and giving you care. Yet, this spa is mall and dark.. with a black forest back yard.. which leads me to ask.. Are you trying to take care of yourself but only finding it dark devoid of space? Do you need attention from those around you? Family, kids or husband? Are you feeling a bit lonely? The forest, to me, represents space that is expanding but still not clear. Clutter is around! Maybe, you should move away from where you are meditating.. Is your “enviroment” now assisting you in your growth? Do you see beauty?

You return to your family and find them relaxing at picnic tables… this turns into your parents house! Parents, in dreams, often represent the superego! The superego often tries to suppress the needs of the id (which is child) … These two children are, in your opinion, mistreated in a way.. You wondered how “mom” could take care of a newborn? Are you wondering how yourself can really focus on taking care of yourself? Then there is the oddities with these children: One being larger than it seems, and the other being smaller that it seems.. Then I am thinking.. Is the baby an endeavor or project that seems overwhelming for you and you fear you will not carry it out? On the other hand, there is a child who is smaller than her age.. are you having problems with something that should be easy for you? I think there are two things like this in your life.. and your are avoiding taking care of them for these reasons!! Tend to them.. do not let the Superego win!!!

Back to the spa… waiting.. You seem to be waiting for your dog to be ready.. you get frustrated because your father is not well.. you must get out of there !! FURY! Do you think your father represent’s that side of you that is “struggling” right now? Do you feel that you are staggering at times? Trying to get up but feel you fall down? The fury you feel.. can it be those feelings you shared with me that you feel jealous sometimes of other people’s progress? (Note: This was a good thing Christiana admitted. Often we all get to a point in our journey where we wish we were blossoming faster) I think maybe so… You want you (the dog) to be “ready!!” ready ready ready!!

I’m seeing many sides of you in this dream… what I think now Christiana.. is that you need to tend to those babies.. Those babies .. can represent you, projects, things that you love.. but most importantly.. be gentle with yourself.. allow yourself to have a “spa day” even if it is in your own bathtub.. allow yourself to be exactly what you are.. tend to what you love.. and you will know when you are “ready” to move to the next step!.


“Dearest soul, you have helped me so much with shedding light in ways I could never imagine!!!”