Being Taught by The Students: A Lesson in Democracy

I think Mr Bishop explains this movement better than I would if I had to put it in my own words.


Last night in front of the National Assembly hundreds of citizens arrived to protest the raising of tuition fees and the application of the draconian law known as Bill 78. I found the experience paradoxical. Behind us was the beautiful and impressive building that houses the Assembly. It stands on a hill overlooking the Old City. It should be the place from which laws promoting peace and good government emanate. In front of me hundreds of students, teachers, seniors, families, and visitors were gathered. They came in great numbers to register their disapointment and anger at an obdurate government which took far to long to open communication, and when that led to militant action, proclaimed a law that under-cuts the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It must be noted that over the weeks of marching during which there was no Bill 78 the students and their supporters marched peaceably. As…

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