When carrying your shoes starts to make sense

Many of you know Jennifer Shelton, she’s the awesome woman behind all the fabulous stuff over at FemCentral The Virtual Institute for Women.  For those who do not, clic over to her site, I guarantee she will rock your socks off!



This is her latest dream!  

I was napping in a used bookstore, when a famous author came in. An African-American man whose name I recognized but could not place what he’d written. I went in the bookstore bathroom, which was also a pharmacy (?) and noticed were sanitary napkins stuffed in a hole in the baseboard. Ending up driving a friend to a nearby town, so she could use a cheap pharmacy to get a prescription, and on the way back, my car was on the interstate, and I followed along beside of it, in the grass, carrying my shoes. I’d put down my shoes, run to see where the car was, and then, go back and get my shoes. Somehow I kept up with the car but at the end, in order to get back in the car (it was running off the road), I lost track of my shoes. I was quite upset. Then, I passed some people with Soviet flags and was upset that I’d forgotten how to speak Russian

The Interpretation

Its seems to me, that much of this dream has to do with your project(S).  Not only your book, but your site as well. (but also there may be a glimpse of your personal life going on here too). Since we’ve spoken I also see your dream has brought up your past education.  I suspect your were afraid you have forgotten what you have learned in order to use it now, however, you are coming to realise that what you have learned and experienced in the past is working for you now.

There is some angst and frustration though.  Forgetting your shoes, which are in your waking life necessary and valuable.. But I think the shoes represent your education: To you shoes mean something that is necessary, protective, comforting and practical, useful.. They are “valuable” to you. Without shoes she would be lost!!!  If I were to describe my education, I would use those words, and you also used “a necessary investment and expensive”!!! So is an education.  What this tells me is that you value your education and you want to start using it to your advantage.  Leaving your shoes behind was a HUGE frustration for you, so I am thinking… Maybe you do not believe that all these projects reflect your education and feel that maybe others would be disappointed like:  “Crap.. She got all this education and she is doing all this hocus pocus stuff! And trying to be a writer.. Who is she kidding?”  (Not that I believe that at all!  And I am just putting it out there!! Or maybe you are unconsciously saying this to yourself?)  Also.. The leaving behind part also reminds me of how you left a website or something like that behind last week?

You mentioned Martin Luther King when we spoke about the African-American Author.  MLK was an activist, you are an activist, to me he reflects what you are doing for women.. So it makes sense that he is walking in the used bookstore.. This used bookstore is a place to find old books that have already been written.  To me this represents what has already been written in you… What you already KNOW!! Which ties into the above (your knowledge is golden).  BTW you probably know this already but he is a Capricorn.. Interesting.

The bathroom with the tampons in the holes of the baseboard.  I see the tampons as FEMININE protection!  You are the voice of the female species right!  So these tampons were put in the holes to protect for something (but I am not sure what).  Where do those holes lead to? Is my question. Could someone be peeking in if those tampons weren’t there to protect?

The pharmacy:  A pharmacy is a place where we get things to heal ourselves physically.  First I see protection (tampons) then I see healing (pharmacy).  There must be something that needs healing within you.. Something you had to get your other self too (that friend).  She needs a cheap pharmacy to boot!! Healing that is inexpensive.  Who is this friend? Describe her to yourself.. What part of you does she represent?

The car:  At first you are in the car, in control, driving your friend… then suddenly you are on the interstate:  Busy busy and chaotic!  So you choose to walk in the nice soft grass beside your car.  Is this the safe route?  Or is this a good a comfortable route for you to take?  Both of these are good… If you need the comfy route in the grass in your life.. This is ok!!

The car, is related to you going back and forth for the shoes.  This is the part I find a bit more challenging to interpret.  If the shoes are reflect your education, protection and necessity.. The car is also that for you.  Yet, at one point the car is veering off the road and you have forsaken your shoes for the car?  What does that mean to you?  Has there been an exchange somewhere recently in your life, that you had to choose between 2 things that were important to you? Like as if you had to weigh the pro’s and con’s to decide?

The Russian tourists are strangers in your land and you are trying to communicate with them using something you have previously learned but temporarily forgotten…. I know you can probably tie this one in with the rest.

Jen’s Original Response: (uncensored)

“I don’t know that I’d connected all of this with my education but I do see that now. And, my website that I left behind was a more traditional site, that really highlighted my academic work. Ah, the tampons in the hole in the wall. The hole was already there, so whomever decided it would be useful to go ahead and use that space. Kind of like me starting FemCentral! I did it b/c there was a “hole” in my life. There were two other people in the dream (besides the African-American author) AND they were the two women who were laid off when I was. So, yep, there’s that connection too! My career transition is quite unexpected and my parents have frequently said, “I can’t believe you got this expensive education and you’re working as an astrologer.” Bingo

The art of interpreting dreams cannot be learnt from books. Methods and rules are good only when we can get along without them. Only the man who can do it anyway has real skill, only the man of understanding really understands.

“The Meaning of Psychology for Modern Man” (1933). In CW 10: Civilization in Transition. pg. 327

With love