February a time for love… self-love

Without Valentine’s Day, February would be… well, January.  ~Jim Gaffigan

This Valentine’s Day will be different.  At first, I didn’t want to acknowledge it at all!  I wanted to sweep it under the carpet and pretend it is just another day.  However, I Kim M.A. Larocque loves anything that has to do with love, romance, and special occasions.  So this Valentine’s Day will be a courtship with myself.

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.  ~Thomas Alva Edison

I was handed two sheets of red paper from my therapist on Friday.  Those two sheets of red paper turned into paper hearts that I lovingly “sticky tacked” to my wall.  Looking at them reminded me of those Valentine’s we used to get in school. I remember patiently waiting for my turn to receive one and there were times, I didn’t… This made me very sad.  So, to please my inner-child I decided to go further with my project and make myself a huge card!

So, I took out bristol board, and paint, and used the cutouts as stencils.  I stated to create one heart out of white and red paint.. which turned out looking like this:

Then as I continued my quest to make myself a gift, my son jumped in and we painted until our hearts were content creating a masterpiece of love and delight:

Part of my journey into healing has been to rediscover my love for art, photography, words and play.  I totally get lost in wonder when doing these things and I hope one day to make art part of a regular routine when inspired to do so.  No more hiding this from myself.

The above is a dedication to self-love, and totally falling in love with me this Valentine’s day.  I will whisper sweet nothings in my ear, make myself a nice dinner, maybe even bake myself some chocolate cake.  I will sing myself a love song, write myself a love letter and maybe even share some of this new-found love with my children and all of you.. Actually I know I will share all this love I have inside.. because it is there.. waiting to be shared.. but first I need to stash away just a little for me…

I was thinking this morning, of the passing of Whitney Houston.  This brought me to listen to her song The Greatest Love of All!  If only she could have felt these words.. if only she could have breathed them in like air.  So today I am going to love myself even more… and will remember that I am loved..

Because she was loved.. yet it took her to leave this earth for her to truly see and feel the love that was surrounding her this whole time!  







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All I Want for Christmas is….

As the snow falls out my window, and I bombarded with nostalgia.  I love this time of year, because it is a time of birth, and a time of growth. It is also a time to reflect on what I really want.  I was brought up in such a way that giving was number 1!  And OH! how I love to give.. but like a child, I also love to receive.

This Christmas I wish for many things:  A new couch, a working dryer… and maybe some new clothes.. makeup .. things to make my life easier and my self-esteem soar.

Yet, really, what I really want for Christmas is love.  The kind of love I can only give myself.  The kind of love that would radiate from my being and settle into yours.  The kind of love that would allow me to get up in the morning with vigor and a sense of passion for the day.  That kind of love has been on my path for years, however, I never seem to be able to grasp it for long periods of time.

This action of self-love would benefit me and my children.  I want to be able to provide them with a mom that is always smiling and uplifting.  A mom that can encourage her children to be the BEST they can be.. and to love themselves as they are.

We are heading towards a new way of being.  We are emerging as souls and losing our egos.  The next generation of children must tap into this quickly as they are led by their peers..and I cannot stop them.  However, what I know for sure… is this Christmas.. I want to BE PRESENT with my kids..

So.. really all I want for Christmas is:  Peace!  … freedom from the shackles of guilt. to be able to rise above and be the star I was meant to be…

Wishing you a Merry Little Christmas…. and Happy Holidays!