For the past few months I’ve been re-reading Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  It has been a blessing to have stumbled upon this book once more, and thought how appropriate it would be to  end this year, 2011, with the last entry of her book (December 31st).

This last bit has resonated with me so much, I decided to place an excerpt here.. so right, in my opinion, for many of us to move into the New Year.

“Pray your journey be a long one.  Savor the stops along the way.  They make the search marvelous.  Meaningful.  Memorable.  Find and honor our own pace.  There are still so many harbors to be seen for the first time.  you’re headed for someplace you’ve never been before.  Keep your thoughts held high. Let personal passions stir your mind, body and spirit.

Set your course to Authentica.  Legend has it that once your reach her shores, you’ll not leave the same woman.  FOr it you find this sacred isle, you will remember what you have always known. You will discover the woman you’ve always been.  No longer will you see things as they are.  You will see things as YOU are.  Through the parting of the mists where doubt and faith meet, you will see the authentic self is the Soul made visible.


So as 2011 ends and 2012 begins… The passage will not be felt, but the continuous movement towards my wise self will followed by light, forwarded by love and entered with faith so strong nothing will stop who I have become!

Happy Prosperous Journey into 2012 my friends.



Abundance in 20

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.  Wayne Dyer

There are days, like today,  when I start feeling “the lack” I sit down and amaze myself of the vastness of infinity… Have you ever done that?  Well as a Scorpio, I love to daydream.. LOTS!! Too much sometimes, yet there are times when it serves me best.  This time I did something different, I compiled a list of things which remind me how abundant we really are.  And how the Universe serves us daily.

I ask you to add to the list in the comment section.  Tomorrow I will post another 20 things with your ideas!  Here it goes.

When I think about abundance I think about….

1. Bird’s finding worms every morning to eat and feed their young…

2.  …plus they always find stuff to build their nest;

3. Every fruit and vegetable has tons of seeds which can make new plants which come with more fruit with tons of seeds;

4. Rain!

5. Leaves on a trees (especially in the fall, when I have to rake them…

6. …and the millions of helicopters on Maple trees that fall down in spring (they make new trees)

7. The dirt under my feet.

8. Hugs and kisses

9. Access to information

10. Music

11. Rice, flour and pasta (I can make millions of meals with harvest from no 3)

12. Beauty

13. Art

14. The presence of inspiration

15. Babies

16. Love

17. A field of wildflowers

18. And the seeds which plant themselves in the fall

19. The sun, the moon, the planets and the stars…

20.. And the vastness where they dwell…

Your turn!