Pragmatic or Care Free?

If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.  ~Toni Morrison

I’ve been thinking outside myself a lot lately.  Not being able to settle down yet to meditate for long periods of time.  I do manage to journal short sentences, sit for tiny periods to breathe, and read a little.  I am looking for answers… I think I spend too much time looking for answers.  I do not know why I need to know everything at every moment.. this has been a struggle most of my life.. even as a child.

Around age 8, I once sat on an egg to see if it would hatch… I was so curious about how chickens form that the urge was too strong for me to resist.. Alas!! the egg broke on contact… Which leads to me ask:  “When I seek to know the answer right away.. does the egg break?”  I mean, even if I sat on that egg for days.. it would have never hatched right?  Yet, if I were a hen and that egg had been fertilized, then, eventually, I would have a chick.

So.. how does this apply in life?  Well I am not a hen.. I am human.. so maybe looking at things that are out of my control is not something I want to do. Obviously I cannot be what I am not.   What I want to do, is really trust what I already know and work with that.  I am on the verge of declaring to the world what I already know.. and admit this to myself.  I am on the verge of letting the hens lay eggs, and allowing myself to do what I want to do, what I am meant to do.. but I need a plan.

I am not much for planning.. for some silly reason.. Plans scare me.  Maybe because, many times in my life, things didn’t go according to plan… (very disappointing).  Yet I know, when I set goals, I can achieve them.. it HAS happened.

Surrender!  Surrender is one of the most challenging things one can do, but once one experiences surrender, the journey is much more enchanting.  So for today, I will surrender all my questions to the Universe, and devote my time to being ..  just be.. yet allow myself to set a few concrete goals and see where life takes me from there.

I guess it’s all a balance between being pragmatic and care free!  WOH!

Love and blessings


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Santa to me is…

My request this Holiday Season, was to write a letter to Santa. Asking him for whatever it is you wanted: From world peace, compassion, to the next IPAD or that “thing” you’ve eyed at the store. I The point of this excercise was to pour your heart out or even get mad at him for that “thing” you really wanted but never received.  

Making Christmas wishes is not only for Children, I find when I write my letter to Santa, I feel surrender happening.  

This first prompt is not a letter but description of the writer’s beliefs and profession of faith:  

Santa to me is:   by Sherry Barrett

When Kim posted this I was not sure how to go about it or what to say, so here is my thoughts on it.

Interestingly enough I do not remember writing letters to Santa as a child, wonder why. God is my source so I would pray to him for world peace and to rid the world of famine and to help every child to have love and a safe place to live and grow up and to stop the pain I was living in and that no child would be hurt as I was. So many prayers sent to God through those formative years and still to this day, knowing that God can handle everything far better than I could and would eventually make good out of the bad and bring about healing as I have watched it all unfold holding on through it all to the time when I would shine forth as gold as He said. Been quite a journey thus far and I look forward to the continued healing and what I become in and through it to be a better person and help others to do so too.

I remember seeing sleigh tracks and hoof prints on the lawn as a neighbor I later found out tried to make it look like Santa had come, I remember going to see him in the mall, we had out picture taken once with Santa, and I remember getting gifts that were from Santa as well. I remember my older siblings finding the gifts that were hidden away and knowing their was no Santa who brought them. I remember the church buying us gifts from the special tree as well to make out Christmas special.

Santa to me was like God as He could be everywhere and know everything and so I believed in him and prayed to God. As I said I was a deep child and thought alot about things and so figured in my ming thatwas how it worked I guess.

Thankful for the memories and the gifts and the Spirit of the Season.

Sherry Barrett