Tequila, the ring, and a chair by a pond – Part I The Dream

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

I want to start this post by thanking my special guest Megan Monique for letting me delve into her dream this week.  I am truly grateful that she trusted me and allowed me to post this as my Dream Friday post.  Showing vulnerability takes a lot of courage.

When dreams are all over the place, often, we believe they make no sense at all.  We look at them and push them aside thinking maybe we ate too much pumpkin pie before bed.  What I do when I interpret a dream; I call mapping (I do not know if any other interpreter calls it this).   I pull out all the players (roles) and symbols (i.e. places or items) and map them out so I can have a clearer picture.  Often,  I must ask the dreamer questions to figure out what the symbol means to them, because symbols in dreams are rarely Universal although sometimes they are (I use a dream dictionary for reference only).  I rely mostly on my instinct and what I already know about a person.  Lets look at Megan’s dream:

The Dream

The dream started off with me going to Paris. I was going with a group of friends and just as the plane was beginning to pull up I decided I was too scared to go.  I claimed I didn’t have a passport and the boy’s house I ended up at is the one who picked me up. I had left my phone with one of my friends accidentally. The group was upset I didn’t want to go to Paris. The older sister was supposed to be going to, but had to come home when we had the releasing ceremony. She wasn’t happy about that. *Note to reader, you will discover, the dude,  the older sister, and the ceremony in context below.

I was with a guy that wasn’t Brian. I went to his apartment, we had sex and the next day I had to leave shortly after he went to work. I walked outside to put my things in my car and drove to a place where parents were and a two sisters. The entire time I felt a sense of paranoia. Like I was watching my back, waiting for something to happen. There was a group of people including myself, the two sisters and the parents. We travelled down a case of stairs that were steep and closed in. When we got to the bottom there was a small pond with a chair beside it. I had some things in one of my bags I was told it was finally time to release. One was a bottle of tequila, I feel like the other might have been a ring, but I can’t remember. I let these things go willingly. And then the older of the two sisters died but the younger sister could still see her. I think I could too. The older sister began warning me.

We went back into the house and I suddenly felt threatened by the father. Like I had done something to reveal a secret he had. I locked myself in the bedroom getting all of my things together to try and leave and he kept trying to come in. I think the ghost of the older sister had shared that he was hurting her secretly. The threatening went on for a while, but that is the last thing I remember.

At both places I went, the boy who I slept with and this house with the family – it took me FOREVER, like an hour for me gather my things up and when I carried my things, it was difficult to hold it all myself but no one offered to help. They were all not interested in helping me in any way.

The entire dream I felt hurried, misplaced, unwanted, disliked, scared, threatened and like I was hiding from something or someone.

At the end of the dream, I was singing at a concert on stage. It was like gospel music. There was a choir behind me. I felt like I was rockin’ it, but when I went to greet my family that was watching they seemed disappointed in my performance. I was surprised by their reactions.

Thanks Megan

Please see following post for interpretation. Thanks 🙂

Tequila, the ring, and a chair by a pond – Part II The Interpretation

Please note in tomorrow’s post Megan Monique gives

 me her take on the interpretation.


The Interpretation


Being with a group usually means you are merging various aspects of your personality. I see many players in this dream. Each and every one of them, it seems, represent a part of you, thus the merging.

In the beginning of the dream you resist going to Paris, making up excuses not to go with this group, right at the last-minute. As we discussed, Paris in your eyes is a cold, touristy place, and a place like anywhere else, so going there in your dream was not important to YOU yet important to others! Right? So I am wondering here, what is it in your life now, that you are saying NO to because you are standing up for yourself?

As you leave this group with the DUDE (that’s the name I gave him) you leave your only way of communicating with those you left. Leaving you vulnerable and scared.. Out of the loop.. Not knowing.. Disconnected.. Paranoid, like something really bad is going to happen: I feel deep-rooted fear in your life now.

Also, I see in this dream that you are carrying BAGGAGE, lots of it, enough that is takes you long to gather it up and continue on your path every time. So, my question is: What baggage are you carrying in this life which is slowing you down? What still needs go?

I see there are two things here you let go willingly!! YES! Your dream helped you with this.

1. You let go of Tequila.. I think Tequila represents regret, and self-sabotage. Have you made intentions of letting this go lately? Or maybe you are doing this unconsciously. If not.. Its time to let go of any regret, fears which will lead to self sabotage. Also, the fights with Brian! What are the issues about.. What are you NOT saying to Brian today that you cannot say without the Tequila!!! ?? I think letting go of the Tequila in your dream will help with communication with him from now on!

2. The ring: Rings usually mean commitment and loyalty. Do you feel that you need to let go of some of the commitments that you made? Would letting them go make you feel “unloyal”? Because if so, give yourself permission to do so if it’s not calling you anymore.

The fact that you let these go after you went down a narrow steep path leads me to believe that the journey of letting go is scary, and mixed with some narrow-mindedness (resistance)… (which we all have).. Maybe open up to the idea of letting something go that no longer serves you.. Could be past hurts, past friendships.etc.. The fact that you went down to do this leads me to believe this is deep-rooted!

The good news is both the pond and the chair mean you need some quiet time to yourself.. .a time to reflect on this situation going on in your life.. Time to contemplate to relax. I think whatever is that is tormenting you, scaring you right NOW, can be resolved with some good old-fashioned reflection and meditation.

Once the baggage let go in the pond, the older sister dies. This leads me to believe a part of you has died, the angry Tequila chick!!! Like I said, letting go releases the anger (cause the older sister was angry a few times in this dream)..

Then she WARNS you. Your inner child (id) and EGO (you) both hear this.

FATHER (parental figure) is angry because you unleashed a secret. Warning ! Warning ! You get scared of this part of you.. You are hiding from this part of you that holds a secret of some sort. Does everyone in your real family know exactly what you do for a living? Do you hide your real talents from them? Do you feel like if everyone knew the Real MEGAN MONIQUE They would judge you? I will ask this question but don’t feel insulted.. Is Brian supportive of all that you do? Or does he think (or someone in your life think) You should go out and get a “real job” ???

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned,
so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”
~Joseph Campbell~

Because you feel hurried, misplaced, unwanted, disliked, scared, threatened etc.. Seems to me someone is your real life or YOU are putting pressure on yourself..and judging yourself. STOP THAT!!! Because in the end you are singing happily with your choir. The choir, I truly believe represents all those who do support you, and most importantly the part of you who believes in yourself.. Alas, yet again, you meet disapproval.

Who disapproves? Who is not supporting you in your new endeavours? Who are you hiding your true self from?

As we discussed, I think your North Node is calling you. We’ve discussed these North Nodes many times with Jennifer Shelton. Maybe she can clarify further, and give you another perspective.

I found this description of your North Node here:

North Node, Libra South Node (found on northnodeastro for the purpose of this interpretation)

Your Aries North Node Soul wants to find its courage. It wants to be excited, to explore, and even to be stressed out— if that’s what it will take to bring forth the independent and courageous side of you! Courage is the high road for Aries, and it’s what we do each time we step up the plate and “show up” whether we feel like it or not. Courage is what we need to have to survive and to be a pioneer. You are the natural survivor, pioneer, entrepreneur and sacred warrior of the zodiac.

However, if you wish, ask Jennifer at FemCentral to see what role your North Node  and South Node play in this dream, because I have a feeling they do..

Jennifer is the  founder of FemCentral, where she also works as an astrologer, intuitive coach and instructor.

I really loved interpreting Megan’s dream.  There is so much more I discovered while writing this post.   I hope you enjoyed today’s #DreamFriday.  Please come back tomorrow.  I will be posting Megan’s feedback. 

Sweet dreams