Nothing is as it seems

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.  ~Anaïs Nin

Earlier this week I introduced you to Monica Wilcox. (scroll to the bottom of the page for all her info!)  She wrote a guest post for Muse In The Valley:   Where World’s Collide, recounting the dream she had of her mom after her passing.

Today, I am presenting you with a recent interpretation I did for Monica, allowing me to delve into her subconscious.  Could this be a visitation dream of another kind?

The Dream

I was going to a high school reunion type dinner (I have this thing about H.S. dreams, don’t ask) and realized my date was a boy I did not like and did not want to go with. I was wearing a beautiful white gown with black flowers but thought is was too little girly for the event and wanted to go home and change. As I am trying to leave to go home a man walks up with a bouquet of exotic flowers. He’s come to “save my night” and be my date.

Here is the interesting part. I recognize him as a good friend I’ve dreamed of before. He has recently broke up with another mutual friend who is dating another guy I know. He would like to start dating another woman I know but she is unaware of this and…. The point is I consciously realized that I not only know him and his whole story from past dreams but a literal cast of other people we both know. I knew as much about these people from past dreams as I know about my family and friends in life. I realized I had had the previous episode of this dream the night before and this was a continuation. Anyway, I get the continuation dreams a lot (like the story just keeps going on, it’s not repetitive) but I didn’t realize until last night how long and how in depth I knew these “characters”. It was kind of crazy. Have any of you experienced this?

The Interpretation

(Note:  I have never experienced this kind of dream. However, I am discovering that some of my clients do an am in full research mode! )

Monica, I was wondering, since you have many High School dreams, including this one.. Maybe there are things in your past… (or past lives) that is unresolved and now is the time to face them.  The boy you do not want to go with may represent that side of you who resists going (where no Monica has gone before!)  … maybe there is a bit of fear there.

In the dress I see black and white, yin and yang, male/female.. like/dislike…  Since you find the dress “too girly” I am wondering if this has something to do with your feminine side.. What seems too girly in your life now?  Or.. is there some male aspects of yourself which want to come out.. Because you do say “I want to go home and change”… Going home?  Is that back to your spirit?  Change?  What changes have you been making or want to make lately?

The man with the exotic flowers!  I see here:  expressions of love, deep love and far away places (spirituality maybe?) or.. another dimension you are playing with.  I think this man represents acceptance of this.. and helps you cross over to this place.. with unconditional love.  He can also represent that loving side of you who is ready and willing to change and move forward.

The fact that you recognize this man.. and all the cast of your dream.. leaves me to believe that this is “knowledge” that you already know..  (re:  above)  These people may have been on your path before and are all in your dream to remind you to where you are going.  You recognise what you already know!! and I think there will be more revelations to you in the next few weeks.  So keep me posted!

The message I got for you,  at the end, when I finished reading your dream is:

Everything is not all black and white!  (there is a huge grey area).. and Nothing is as it seems.. 

Monica’s Response

I’ve never had anyone interpret my dreams before so it’s a treat. I totally agree with your overall message: Nothing is as it seems. That could be the title. (thanks for the idea Monica!!)  I also feel like the “man” is a spirit I have known for a long time who comes and goes, we know each other’s history and he shows up to give me some support. Weather he is a living spirit who dream jumps with me or someone who is in spirit and comes to me from a spiritual plain…not sure. I will say that the majority of my H.S. years were filled with boys who liked me but I had no interest in. The boys I liked were usually clueless, shy, or not interested. Maybe there is a part of me that feels like I’m stuck with something I’m not interested in??? Thanks Kim!! This gives me a lot to think about.


Do you think Monica has a guide or a soul mate visiting her? Maybe souls she already knows visit her in her dreams, thus, the reason she is recognizing them? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for your awesome feedback!

Kim Larocque

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About Monica:  

Monica Wilcox is a regular contributor for, and Her work has been featured on McSweeney’ and in Parent:Wise magazine. When she’s not editing her first novel, she’s blogging about women’s issues, living green and everything woo-woo. She’s been advised to publish a dream journal. Until then you can find more of her nightly drama at

Crossing paths

The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along. -Rumi

This week I asked if any of you have experienced a visitation in any of your dreams.  (If you haven’t taken the poll yet, please go here.)  In the dream below, I truly believe the dreamer was able to access the energy of her good friend.  What do you think?  

The Dream

My dream last night was very strange. I dreamt that I was hanging out with a guy I have not seen in at least 10 years. He is about 6 years older than me. We met such a long time ago when I was 9. (I’m now 37). It was a short dream – we were laughing and talking and goofing around. He grabbed my ankle/foot and said something like “wow, you must be an athlete!!” (perhaps referring to my disproportionately skinny ankles). I laughed and said “not even close, but I hope to be an athlete someday.” We were then suddenly sitting in the backseat of a car and he was lying down with his head in my lap and I was playing with his hair like we were the closest friends. My mother was sitting next to us and smiled. That was pretty much it. I woke up missing him terribly and wishing we were still in touch.

Some background:

– I have been overweight since about the sixth grade and was the victim of bullying for several years. I am trying to change my mindset and get healthier/lose weight.

– The guy I dreamt about: his name is Dan – we met at church and were not very close – mostly because he was so much older. I always admired him and enjoyed his company very much, and thought of him as the older brother I never had. He was a prankster and liked to annoy me, but had a heart of gold and I knew he cared about me. I haven’t seen him since his wedding several years ago. Honestly, I didn’t realize I had a huge crush on him until at the end of his wedding when he and his wife were dancing – it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was devastated we were not together. This reaction completely shocked me and I was severely depressed for days. I still don’t know if I was really “in love” or just had a crush – or if my feelings were associated with my nostalgia dating back to when we first met at church (see below).

– the church we met at: a huge issue and theme of my life – it was a very strict, conservative, “born again” Christian church – we attended both the church and the associated school for about 2 years. It was cult-like and the pastor/leadership was very hypocritical. It was very traumatic and played a large part in shaping my life.

“When you connect with someone so deeply there is a chance they may come to cross your path again… even in your dreams.” Kim Larocque

The Interpretation

It seems this “guy” is a part of you.. He represents the aspect of you who can keep you company and give you comfort. We all can be co-dependant at times, and enjoying our OWN company can be a difficult task.. however when we do reach the point of being able to comfort ourselves and give ourselves “self-love” we are on a path of enlightenment. Since you are losing weight and changing things in your life.. It seems that you can reach this encouragement within yourself.. by using this energy of “the guy”.

Dreaming about him grabbing your ankle may mean… you are trying to “grab” a sense of direction in your life.. Ankles keep our legs and feet attached and give us flexibility to walk! So it could also mean.. “Standing on your own two feet”.

What have you been feeling lately about your life now? That is a question I would ask myself.

“You must be an athlete”! Are you working harder at exercising lately? Are you proud of your accomplishments? You do have hopes that you acknowledge in your dream.

Being in the backseat of a moving car with the guy in your lap.. seems like such a loving time.. Like you are taking care of no one else but each other, and letting life take you for a ride.. It sounds like surrender to me. Letting go.. Maybe letting go of the pain you suffered together at the church/cult. Letting go of the past.. letting yourself ride the journey of life so that you can move forward.

The fact that your mother was there smiling …. Seems to me that there is complete approval.. It’s ok to do what you are doing.. Your mom represents that parental side of you. The fact that she was smiling leads me to believe that you are ready to let go.. that its ok.. that there is unconditional love there for you.

Side note: I was doing research about twin souls they are also called Divine Compliment.  I think you both may be able to call on each other in your dreams when you need a dose of unconditional love.


Hi Kim! This analysis blows me away. So much of this resonates with me. The idea that he showed up in my dream to comfort me is so, well, comforting! I had a Reiki session on Saturday-although they are usually very peaceful and relaxing, I experienced a lot of anxiety and actually had a panic attack. I think my experience with this church was the start of my anxiety disorder. It is possible he appeared in my dream as someone who understands (although, the dream was before the Reiki session).

I think it also makes sense that he represented myself-like I was acknowledging the transformation I am undergoing in my life. I’ve always thought of my extra weight as a suit I wear representing the pain I’ve built up and carried throughout my life. My extra weight is not “me”, but something I will release when I don’t need it anymore. Maybe he was telling me it’s time to let go?

Thank you so much for this interpretation, it’s really profound and amazing. You are the best!!

What do you think about this dream?  Could you add anything?  Please use to comment field below  to share your experiences or thoughts.

Looking forward to delving deeper into the Mystical realm.