Whimsical Writing

Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depth of your heart; confess to yourself you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

For the first time today, I am calling myself a writer.  I’ve been writing since I was able to hold a pen.. (and just maybe longer than that, but that is another story for another day) ..the act of writing gives me great joy.. I remember in grade 4 just copying texts after texts loving the feel of the pen or pencil on paper.. shaping my letters just so..  I must admit, I love everything “stationary” from pretty paper, to colorful fine tip markers.. I have a love for paper and pens…

As I got older, my grade 6 teacher gave us a task to start keeping a journal to improve our French writing.  I started the journal that week, and I have never stopped.  The ironic thing about this, is our teacher, never followed up on the project.  Never asked to see what we have written, so my French journal turned into an English one.

I must have over 50 books filled with stuff I have written, besides all the pieces of cardboard and loose-leaf I doodle poems on.  Most of my writing stems from personal experience.  My moods, my life, my journey.  I not written many stories, although my English teacher in University said I was top of his class when it came to essay writing.

I am not a really good “focused” writer, however, I do focus when I write.. Does that make sense?  I do not  pay attention to perfection as much as I pay attention to the feeling, the emotion or the message I wish to convey.  I write like I talk, and talk like I write.  Like this writing experience is one long journey into diaries.

As I write, and read other’s writing, I see the importance of proof-reading and editing, although I do not spend as much time doing so as I should be.  If I wish to be published someday, I must find focus and remember who is reading me.  I remember my teacher in University telling me.  “Who is your audience?  Remember them as you write.  Be considerate  of the audience you are writing for.  It can change the form of how you write.”   Thus, if I am  writing for a group of CEO’s  I wouldn’t be writing the same way as I  would for, lets say, a group of nuns!  .. Yet, I do not write for CEO’s or NUN’s do I?  Maybe, maybe not!

What I know for sure at the moment, is, yes I write for you!!, but most importantly, I write for me.  It gives me this enormous freedom to write.  To tell a story… even though it is non-fiction.  Will I even write fiction one day?  I don’t know.  My son seems to be the one with the greatest ability in the family to write from imagination.  Myself, I usually write what comes from my heart.

Its like I have this need to put it all down on paper (or screen) to tell the world I am here!! Maybe this is just EGO and all this will change one day…

But I do hope, in the meantime, you enjoy my musings.. because I certainly do.

Happy Writing!