Who looks inside awakens

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He who knows others is learned;

He who knows himself is wise.

~Lao-tzu, Tao te Ching

Since I started #dreamfriday I’ve been interpreting women’s dreams.  When a man asked me if I could look at a recent dream which disturbed him, my stomach twisted in knots when I said yes.  I had never officially interpreted male dreams, thus I didn’t know what I was getting into!  Over the years, while listening to men talk about their dreams, I noticed men often dream of violence or sex.   So when John (not his real name) sent me his dream, I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to deal with it.  So… I decided to do what I always do and go with my knowledge and intuition.

Here are the results:

The Dream

I was watching the news with my mom. It showed a young girl and guy (about 21 years old) that were in some kind of distillery or something (there were barrels). They didn’t know each other, but they were making small talk and the girl jokingly told the guy to shut up… the guy then said (with a smile, but you could tell he was pissed off) “YOU shut the fuck up!” then he lost control and punched her in the face, knocked her out. My mom and I became upset seeing that, we couldn’t believe it.

Then the 2nd scene, the girl was walking out to her car and the guy saw her again, and for some reason just lost his mind — grabbed her, broke her arm (I saw and heard the arm break), broke her hand, and at the sight of that I just freaked out. I was really upset. Then I woke up.

The Interpretation

What I am seeing here maybe something that is deep-rooted in your

Subconscious (happening in a dark cavish place with barrels)  Each barrel may contain a repressed memory or just “stuff” that has been with you for a long time.

Most people, women and men, at some time in their lives deal with male and female sides of themselves… you probably know this already, but it’s coming up in your dream. The fact they are strangers leads me to assume this may be either new, or newly resurfaced issue.

What I see here, is you are sitting with your mom (superego).  Note:  the superego is usually the “parental” part of you,  so in this instance,  your mom.  She actually represents  that part of you in this dream.  The superego equals:  morals, judgements, parental control.   So basically you are watching this happen and not liking this at all!  In your waking life?  Where are you judging yourself or questioning yourself?

The two young adults also represent a part of you, most probably the id (which represent hidden desires, wishes and dreams) .  You have 2 which 1 is yin and the other is yang.

Basically, it seems you are dealing with your male side trying to dominate and oppress your female side.  It really wants to push it way down and not let the yin come out.  Your male side takes it to the point of really hurting this female side.  I would question:  How can I find balance between my yin and my yang and still feel whole?  Does this make any sense?


I had a really disturbing, violent dream that bothered me for days. Kim worked her Jungian magic to show me the facets of myself were represented by the characters in my dream, and how the violent events of the dream applied to a very real struggle I have experienced in waking life. I realized my subconscious was sending me a message to integrate and heal — thanks to Kim’s wisdom and insight, I now understand that message and have begun the healing process.

Men and women may dream differently…

… but I discovered that I do not have to interpret them differently….. because our minds, men and women’s minds, are always trying to speak to us when we sleep, and its up to us to listen to the message.