A Different Image – A New Perspective

Originally posted on April 26th 2011

Astronomers always work in the past; because light takes time to move from one place to another, they see things as they were, not as they are. ~Neale E. Howard, The Telescope Handbook and Star Atlas, 1967

I was having a conversation on Twitter with Jennifer Shelton this morning, about my 12-year-old son being disappointed when he found out he was not a water sign. She is doing a series this week:  Fire, Earth, Air & Water? Which element/s are you? As my son and I were reading her post, he sat there in disbelief when he found out he was an air sign. You see, ever since my son was born, he has been obsessed by everything water. He swam for the first time at 7 months while just holding my fingers, he had a huge fascination with Mermaids and their myths (and not just Ariel) thus; he would fly toilet paper around the house delightfully yelling, “Look at my Mermaid Fish”. Even today, he loves his baths, and spends the summer in the pool or in the lake. Wil tells me often “Mom, I love water, it makes me feel free… when am I going to get to see the ocean?”

Last year, when Wil began tampering with astrology he started asking questions about his sign (Aquarius) he, because of the “aqua” in Aquarius, thought he was a water sign. We never really looked up the element so assumptions we made… until yesterday.

What I am conveying here is, sometimes,  we go through life thinking we are something when really something completely different, it is all in how the EGO perceives things.  This does not have to be negative, au contraire; it really is a positive if you look at it on a perspective of discovery. Jennifer stated to me this morning during a twitter conversation:

He very well could have a moon or rising sign in water, or his sun could be in Aquarius but in a house ruled by water (4, 8, 12)

Which is most likely the truth, thus his love for water..

…. today he can start looking at himself on another angle… by uncovering the traits of the Element of Air and combining them with his love for water.

Air signs, according to Jennifer’s post, do not like exercise, they are the intellectuals of the Zodiac, are excellent researchers and good communicators. Thus, my son can have a field day discovering all these new traits (which he already has) by developing them in a completely new way.

Maybe one day, you will find him in the deep blue sea researching marine life, and communicating his findings in a HUGE way…

A mom can always dream right, but most important, I encourage my son to dream for himself 🙂

So… what sides of yourself have you not yet harnessed?

Not only in an astrological way, but also in a spiritual sense?